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%% Famous Amiga Uses (updated)                        by David Tiberio %% 
%%                            %%

    List of Famous Amiga Uses (updates) compiled by David Tiberio.
    Compilation Copyright 1994 Area52. All Rights Reserved.
    Originally published in the Amiga/Toaster Online Reference Manual.

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    Area52, 6 Lodge Lane, East Setauket NY 11733 USA.
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    New updates for March 21 1994.

    This compilation may be distributed and published freely, in whole
    or in part, so long as you give credit to the author, David Tiberio.

    Motorola, Inc.
        Used to broadcast data to various production plants.
        Used in fabrication, test floor, and burn-in areas.
        Control room consists of various Amigas and Toasters.

    Ramsund Orlogsstasjon, navy base, northern Norway.
        Amiga 3000 and Scala used for internal television broadcasting.

    Rutgers University, New Jersey.
        Rutgers Video Yearbook created using Amigas.
        Used for desktop publishing for order forms, video covers, etc.
        Produced by KnightVision Productions.

    Slovene National Television, Maribor, Slovenia.
        Amiga controlled video wall.
        Amiga produced computer game on videowall.
        Amiga produced opennings and commercials.

    "Studio 3", Polish Television, channel 25.
        Video Toaster used for video effects. Also used for commercials.
        Airs Saturday and Sunday 6pm-7pm.

    University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida.
        Student ID's digitized and printed using networked Amiga 2000's.

    WMGM NBC in Wildwood/Atlantic City, NJ, Bill Camarota, Art Director.
        Graphics used in newscasts, promotions, and station identification.

    Wolverhampton Wanderers FC, soccer club.
        Two large Amiga controlled video walls.

    World Financial Center, New York City, New York.
        Information kiosks controlled using Scala.