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Commodore International Ltd, has announced that they are currently having
financial difficulties which may result in bankruptcy or other 
liquidation procedures unless sufficient additional funding is found.

The Wall Street Journal reports (3-28-94) that for the second quarter
Commodore has lost $8.2 million, or 25 cents a share. Revenue fell to
$70.1 million from 237.7 million. Commodore stock fell 12.5 cents
to $3.00 in NYSE trading. Stocks closed thursday at .75 per share.

Associated Press reports that, "The company's net worth turned negative
during the fiscal year that ended last June 30 and it has since had two
more quarters of losses."

Suppliers have limited credit to Commodore and some have filed suit. 
Commodore is now trying to negotiate a restructuring plan with creditors,
including those that have sued the company. There has been no reports as 
to the nature of the suits.

The New York Stock Exchange has halted trading of Commodore stock, and
stock will remain halted while NYSE reviews Commodore's eligibility
for continued listing. Hock Tan of Commodore told Reuters that he didn't 
know when CBM would be able to resume trading.

AR wasn't able to reach anyone at Commodore today for questions.


New CD by Sidewinder
                    F U T U R E   S H O C K          
                    -------- <<2>> --------          
              71 MINUTES * 15 TRACKS * %100 AMIGA  
   Announcing the relase of a new CD by SideWinder...  
Taking over a year to create.. Produced by Eric 'SideWinder' Gieseke in
1994 using the Commodore Amiga 2000.. This CD has a variety of 
High Energy Dance TECHNO/RAVE,Ambiant Tribal and Synth Pop/Jazz styles, 
for over 71 minutes of digital electronic music....
The CD is called FUTURE SHOCK 2 and is not available in any stores.
Using new and unique digital sampling methods for Amiga.. 
along with the very latest in Amiga Sound enhansing hardware.. 
such as the Sound Expander by Apogee Technologies,CD Audio quality
is in brilliant,hi-fi Stereo unlike any previous Amiga recording..
Mixed down to digital master in a Professional Recording Studio
Cover Art Created and rendered by Zak Jarvis..
Rendered and modeled on Amiga 2500 and A1200 Computers using Imagine 

   2048 x 1366 resolution
 * Limited Edition first 1000 individually signed and numbered
 *  PRICE: $12.95 + $2.50 S&H 
    Outside USA/CANADAN $12.95 + $5.00 S&H
 *  For direct orders send check or MO's in US funds to :
    Payable to Eric Gieseke,                     
    8611 Cape Valley 
    San Antonio,TX
    78227 USA       tel +210.675.7592    
 *  VISA MC DISCOVERY orders call our New York distributer : 
    INTERNATIONAL 718-321-0998