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%% CIS Conference with GVP and Nova Design                             %%

(MarkM/MOD) Great Valley Products is on of the largest developers of Amiga
products.  They have produced hard disk controllers, accelerators, video
related  hardware and software, digitial sound samplers and  they are the 
publishers of Nova Design's ImageFX Image Processing package.
 I would like to welcome:
      Steve Peoples - GVP Marketing Manager
      Gary Nush - GVP Product Manager
      Kermit Woodall - Nova Design
      Tom Krehbiel - Nova Design
      Bob Fisher - Nova Design
      Rusty Mills - Warner Brothers Animation Director
 We will start with a prepared opening statement by GVP and a
 prepared statement from Nova Design.
 This is a formal conference.  In a formal conference you must follow 
some simple rules:
    1.  You must be silent unless call upon by the moderator.
    2.  To ask a question you must type ? and wait to be recognized       
        by the moderator.  The moderator will notify you with a
        private message indicating you are next in line to ask a
        question.  Try to have the question already prepared so
        that the flow of the conference is quick and smooth.
    3.  Once you ask your question end the question with the
        letters 'GA' indicating 'Go Ahead'.  This tells the moderator     
        and the guests that you have finished asking your question.     
    4.  Once the guest has answered the question, you have the
        option of typing a ! to indicate that you have a followup        
        question or comment.  Please wait once again to be
        recognized by the moderator.
 This conference is being recorded and will be made available in a 
downloadable form usually a week after the conference.  You should  be
logged in at 2400 for the best savings while online.
 Enjoy the conference!  Be sure you hang around for the whole conference, 
as often times vendors give things away!  THE GIFT GIVING COULD HAPPEN  AT
 -- End of Formal Intro --
 I would like to start with GVP's opening statement. GA

(<GVP>Steve P.) Welcome from GVP!
 Thank you all for coming this evening.
 We are rather excited about the opportunity to interact with
 all of you through the CIS Forum.
 Just to get up-to-date, we have recently launched
 the following products:
 EGS-28/24 SPECTRUM - Our 24bit RTG (ReTargetable Graphics) Card.         
             It includes the customer paint program, Spectra Paint
 TBCPlus        - Our entry in the Time Base Corrector
                  The Plus is a 24bit framebuffer/grabber and
                  special effects generator.
 A1230Turbo+ SeriesII & A1291 SCSI Kit
                   40 & 50MHz o3o accelerator for A1200s with room for    
                   32MB RAM.  The A1291 is a full DMA SCSI controller.  

Coming soon.......

 A4000 G-Force o4o/40
                 - The much-anticipated 40MHz accelerator
                   and multifunction
                   board for A4000 and A3000 owners.  Available options
                   include a RAM board for additional 96MB of fast DMA
                   memory and a SCSI II FAST DMA controller.
 DMA Audio Card    Unnamed officially, this card inserts in
                   the A1230's DMA slot.
                   Provides 16bit 48KHz playback and
                   sampling in  a multitasking
 ImageFX 2.0       Exciting new developements for this
                   acclaimed Image processing
                   software.  Ask tonite for details.
 Thanks again for joining us.

(MarkM/MOD) Nova Design.. do you have a opening statement?

(<ImageFX> Kermit W.) We have no formal opening statement on ImageFX. 
We'll be  happy throughout the night to anwer your questions regarding
ImageFX 1.5  or the upcoming release of ImageFX 2.0.   As Gary said, feel
free  to ask about new features, effects ... anything that comes to mind. 
Rusty Mills from Warner Bros is due to show, but is not yet online.  When
he arrives you can ask him about Warner's use of ImageFX in the FOX 
animated series; Animaniacs!

(MarkM/MOD) I want to thank all of you gentlemen for joining us tonight. 
I would like to ask GVP a question...

(<GVP> Gary Nush) Glad to be here.
(MarkM/MOD) GVP:  How soon before the release of the A4000 accelerator? 
(<GVP> Gary Nush) We're producing boards at the factory now.  Units should
 begin shipping before the month ends...

(<IAM>dale) Is SCSI included or optional?  What controller chip?

(<GVP> Gary Nush) SCSI is optional; we're using an NCR chip.

(<IAM>dale) Which connector?  Active or passive termination?

(<GVP> Gary Nush) Probably Active, but the PCB can support both as an
(<GVP>Steve P.) There is also a RAM optional module.  2 SIMM slots
included and  6 more on the option.  And you can have both the SCSI and
the RAM.  They're not mutually exclusive.

(<IAM>dale) Standard SCSI-II connector (like on 4091)?

(<GVP> Gary Nush) Yep, the stylish looking one. :-)

(Mike Smith) Tell us about IM/FX 2.0 !! I already love 1.5!ga

(<ImageFX> Kermit W.) OK...there are literally hundreds of new things
coming  in the new release...

(<ImageFX> Kermit W.) (actually, it's up to two hundred today. :)  We're
adding more painting tools... more loaders, savers, previews  - more
modules of all types.  There are many new effects being added,  such as
Minimum, Median and Maximum filters, Ripples, Twirls, and  Lens Effects. 
Feel free to ask for specifics.

(<GVP> Gary Nush) BTW, A formal press release is in the works and should
be  released in the near future, listing the new features in more detail 
than this  conference will permit...

(Mike Smith) How's Toaster/FX? Is there full Picasso preview??

(<ImageFX> Kermit W.) I was told yesterday, by the programmer of
ToasterFX,  that it is FINALLY SHIPPING!!  I've used it in beta, it's
amazing.  Literally nothing like it lets you paint directly
on the  Toaster's composite output.  As for Picasso II, we're working with
 the programmers there towards a preview for their board.

(JohnG) Steve: I noticed on the list of new products that the 4098
SCSI-II...  controller was not on the list. Will it still be available?

(<GVP>Steve P.) Sorry to say that we can't do it... There are technical 
problems in the A4000... that prevent it's completion...I can't go into 
the details in this conference, though

(<ImageFX> Kermit W.) I'd like to point out that Rusty Mills, of Warner
Bros,  is now here and can take Animaniacs questions as well.  Thanks for 
coming Rusty!!

(WarnerBros) hello everyone and I'm glad to be here GA

(JohnG) OK Steve, understandable. Well lets hear about some of the new....
 loaders Kermit. What's in the works?

(<ImageFX> Kermit W.) We're adding about a dozen or more new loaders and
savers  in ImageFX 2.0 ... these include support for the C64 Koala format 
<grin>, SGI Wavefront RLA/RLB, Xwindows X11 .xwd, Macintosh PICT, 
Sunraster, PAR ...and many more.

(Juan Casado Poblado) will the IM/FX-EGS and ImFX 2.0 be identically
(except  EGS structure)?

(<GVP> Gary Nush) No, ImageFX-EGS is on par with 1.5, and 2.0 is a whole 
new ballgame.

(<ImageFX> Kermit W.) Although 2.0 will include EGS support as well...just
 with all the new features as well.

(Juan Casado Poblado) will be an direct loader for KodakPhoto abailable on

(<GVP> Gary Nush) We're investigating, but Kodak's current $$$ are high. 
(MM) I would like to change the subject for a moment.  The Amiga has a 
short coming with both serial and parallel ports..
 which you have addressed with your I/O extender card.
 Can you tell me about your current product and whats coming in the... 

(<GVP>Steve P.) Well I listed a few items at the opening statement...  but
we have nothing *new* for an ioExtender. The one we have...
 Is doing just fine at the moment. GA

(MM) So the io card will remain at one serial port for the time being? 
I'm...  thinking of the user who runs a bbs and needs mult ports.  I think
 this is important since CBM no longer makes their card. ga

(<GVP>Steve P.) It is actually 2 serial ports.  Only one supplied in basic
 package.... second is avail as an optional accessory...
 multi cards can be placed in one machine....

(<GVP>Steve P.) There wasn't enough demand for more than 2 ports per card
at  this time.Sorry.

(MarkM/MOD) I want to ask a question of Rusty.. Just what is Warner
Brothers  doing with ImageFX?  I love it when Amiga products are used for
 television. :-)

(<Warner Bros> Rusty) Well I have been a long time amiga user and it did
what  I needed...which was to create the title cards for Animaniacs... 
and to do various color corrections on backgrounds and whatever else I 

(<GVP>Steve P.) PS My daughters watch it every day <grin>

(MarkM/MOD) Are there many Amigas at Warner Brothers?

(<Warner Bros> Rusty) Nope only my A4000 but I run circles around the MACs
and SGI's with it!

(MM) Rusty, if thats the case.  Have others there expressed interest in
moving  to the Amiga as their work platform?

(<Warner Bros> Rusty) Mostly as a personal home machine but not the
computer  department.  They like to bost about how much their machines
(jon - GroVeR) GVP: During the Jessup/Haynie conference, it was mentioned 
that C= was considering EGS as their RTG standard. Any comment on that? 
(<GVP> Gary Nush) We are obviously excited about EGS and it's future, but
we  are also aware of Commodore design needs and goals, and we're trying
to  move forward with them.

(jon - GroVeR) So, does that mean that EGS might be adopted, or that
EGS...  will function in their RTG design?

(<GVP> Gary Nush) I cannot comment further at this time due to NDA. 
(Leslie T. Bartiromo) I'm using IV24 on an 030 A2000. Is the IV24 4000
software  avalible to me as an upgrade?  Thanks.

(<GVP>Steve P.) IV24-A4000 is a hardware change and was only built in PAL 
at this time.

(Leslie T. Bartiromo) So there is no Image FX avalible for the users of
the  older boards?

(<GVP>Steve P.) ImageFX standalone (1.5 is current) works great!

(Leslie T. Bartiromo) I was also wondering about the EGS paint too. 
(<GVP>Steve P.) That was not brought forward for IV24-A4000 at this time.

(Steve Setzer) Kermit:  Does Image F/X 2.0 have a encapsulated postscript 

(<ImageFX> Kermit W.) No Postscript loading for ImageFX 2.0 I'm afraid. 
ImageFX 1.5 can already output EPS Postscript files via the Postscript 
print module.

(Steve Setzer) Can in import it also?

(<ImageFX> Kermit W.) Import how?  Can you elaborate?

(Steve Setzer) Well, have been using Final Writer lately and would like to
 play with some of the clip art.

(<ImageFX> Kermit W.) Ah.  Well, like I said there is no planned
Postscript  loader/importer.  You could always find a program that can
load the  clipart and out put it as an IFF then load the IFF into ImageFX.

(Steve Setzer) alas that is what I am doing now and was looking for a more
 straight forward way to handle it...paiteince when you are an amiga 

(<ImageFX> Kermit W.) It's a great idea and it's definitely on our "to do"
 list someday soon.

(<Warner Bros> Rusty) I just want to clear something up that I said
earlier...  As for how many Amiga's are being used... I am only in the
Animation  department do places  that do other types of work such a
Babylon 5  are seperate from me and I can't speak for them.

(Trent Hawkins) GVP: With the release of the CD32, does GVP plan to make
any  hardware that would allow a CD-ROM equipped A1200 or 4000 to run CD32

(<GVP> Gary Nush) Not at this time.

(Trent Hawkins) But it is not being ruled out tho?

(<GVP> Gary Nush) No it's not, but the CD32 has a custom chip that A1200's
 (and A4000's) don't.  That's a tough thing to overcome...

(Stuart H. Brand) Can you tell us anything about the "DSS-16", both the 
internal and the PCMCIA versions?

(<GVP>Steve P.) There are 2 versions being planned and designed at this
time..  One inserts in the DMA Peripheral Port on our A1230Turbo Series II
 and the other is a PCMCIA card.  Both will play and sample 16bit 48K 
audio in stereo and mix multiple.  The speed of a EGS28/24sources  and
play back simultaneously.  Real multitasking!

(Stuart H. Brand) OK, can I use both at the same time, or is that asking a
 little much. And can you give us an idea of what type of software will 
accompany it?

(<GVP>Steve P.) Unknown at this time if they will both operate
simultaneously  We hadn't tried that yet... As for the software... We are
preparing  DSS version 3.0 for this...Real nice stuff with a new
interface,  mixing panel, etc  ...

(<GVP> Gary Nush) Both work well independently, though! :-)

(jon - GroVeR) Will the PCMCIA version work with PClone portables? Will
there  be a Zorro version (possibly as an audio-for-video solution, i.e., 
Sunrize competitor)?

(<GVP> Gary Nush) Yes, the PCMCIA hardware will be our first
cross-platform  product. There are no current plans for a Zorro version.

(MarkM/MOD) Garry.. will there be a version that works on the A4000 at
(<GVP> Gary Nush) Not in the immediate future.

(Juan Casado Poblado) will be there an EGS-animation program to take full 
advantage of the EGS-spectrum board?

(<GVP> Gary Nush) I'm not sure if I can say this yet, but I'll take my 
chances...Magic Lantern now fully supports the SPECTRUM in multiple  ways
for ultimate animation performance!

(<Warner Bros> Rusty) Yes you can say it Brad said it last week at another

(JohnG) OK Kermit, we know some about the new loaders and savers of
ImageFX  2.0, anything new concerning the preview and render modes?

(<ImageFX> Kermit W.) New previews will include anything EGS of course. 
We're  also working with the Picasso II guys on their preview module.  New
 render modules will include the Harlequin.

(Carl Hansen) Back to the 040 board.  Will the same one work on the A3000
and  A4000? If not will the price be the same?

(<GVP> Gary Nush) The same board will work in both machines!

(Carl Hansen) Price?

(<GVP> Gary Nush) $1800 MSRP with 4MB's installed.  Street price will
(MarkM/MOD) I have two questions that I would like to end with--before 
prizes.. :-)  The first one I want to direct at Nova Design..
 I would like to ask how you would compare your product (ImageFX) to  your

(<ImageFX> Kermit W.) That's hard to do here...

(MarkM/MOD) Ok.. a better question would be why should someone pick
ImageFX  over say Adpro or ImageMaster?

(,<ImageFX> Kermit W.) In short, ImageFX is a complete solution.  You have
 every image processing tool you need right at hand - completely

(<Warner Bros> Rusty) How about if I interject here!

(<ImageFX> Kermit W.) Sure...take a shot at it Rusty! :)

(<Warner Bros> Rusty) Being a user on the outside I cna tellyou what drove
me  towards IFX...It was the most like Photoshop on the Amiga...And now 
with 2.0 ImageFX is moveing closer to Photoshop which has become an 
industry standard and IFX works well with the SGI formats too!  As a 
professional I really needed to see my work as I did it and I needed  the
program to be fast and IFX did the job.

(MarkM/MOD) Ok.. my second question is to GVP... I would like to know
GVP's  general feeling about the future of Commodore and GVPs future
 developing new Commodore Amiga products?

(<GVP>Steve P.) GVP remains comitted to the Amiga platform...We are
actively  developing new products for Amiga systems, and although we have
 brought out some product in the PC arena this doesn't mean we are 
abandoning the platform in any way.

(<GVP> Gary Nush) Commodore has had it's ups and downs before and they've 
always pulled through.  I believe they will again, perhaps in a
 different market niche, but again nevertheless.

(sja) First of all, I'm sorry that I've missed most the the CO ...  altho
I've been online, I wasn't paying attention due to ...
 helping my son with his math homework  <grin> ...
 and, if this question has already been asked, please let me know and 
we'll move on .. I have heard that GVP has dropped all telephone/voice 
support, is this the case?

(<GVP>Steve P.) Here's the story... We are providing full tech support via
 Fax, mail and here on CServe.  We also are providing TS indirectly 
through your dealer.  This is the most effective method of support 
available, it's just painful to make the changes.

(MM) I'd just like to say that I did call your tech support once and
recieved...  prompt and excellent support for a hardware problem.  I and
prob most...  users feel better being able to actually speak with someone
with the CO.  So I hope this new way will not damage the aspect of GVP.

(<GVP>Steve P.) Thanks... We are looking forward to better things all the
time.  Let's get on to the prizes!

(MarkM/MOD) Ok.. we got a pile of 'em too.. Why not tell them what you
folks  are giving away tonight ?

(<GVP> Gary Nush) We have six prizes tonight:
 Three ImageFX 1.5's right now (which include free upgrade's to 2.0  when
it's launched), and...
 Three DSS8+'s (which include free upgrade's to the 3.0 software when 
it's released).

(MarkM/MOD) Ok.. lets give away the first ImageFX... I am going to roll
for  Jon (grover)
(***DICE***) Juan Casado Poblado rolled (100) 38
(***DICE***) John Horton rolled (100) 89
(***DICE***) Leslie T. Bartiromo rolled (100) 5
(***DICE***) Stuart H. Brand rolled (100) 68
(***DICE***) Mike Smith rolled (100) 99
(***DICE***) Carl Hansen rolled (100) 47
(***DICE***) ASDGTechHuman rolled (100) 28
(***DICE***) Steve Setzer rolled (100) 11
(***DICE***) Harry Callesis rolled (100) 48
(***DICE***) Chris Tolmie rolled (100) 16
(***DICE***) Jim Saklad rolled (100) 96
(***DICE***) MM rolled (100) 45
(***DICE***) EdV rolled (100) 55
(***DICE***) Chris Wright rolled (100) 46
(***DICE***) MarkM/MOD rolled (100) 39
(***DICE***) Charles Hill rolled (100) 87
(***DICE***) Trent Hawkins rolled (100) 19
(***DICE***) Gayle Lee Fairless rolled (100) 68

(MarkM/MOD) Looks like Mike Smith is our first winner!

(<Warner Bros> Rusty) Cograts Mike

(Mike Smith) yea!!!!!
 I am pleased

(Chris Tolmie) congrats Mike!

(<ImageFX> Kermit W.) Congratulations!

(Chris Tolmie) lucky dog!

(MarkM/MOD) Ok.. Now Mike.. you can't win again... next is a DSS 8+ 
(<GVP>Steve P.) Recorded...

(Mike Smith) Thnks it was nothing really

(MarkM/MOD) Ready...
(***DICE***) Leslie T. Bartiromo rolled (100) 97
(***DICE***) Stuart H. Brand rolled (100) 50
(***DICE***) John Horton rolled (100) 24
(***DICE***) Carl Hansen rolled (100) 40
(***DICE***) Trent Hawkins rolled (100) 29
(***DICE***) Chris Tolmie rolled (100) 87
(***DICE***) Harry Callesis rolled (100) 45
(***DICE***) Steve Setzer rolled (100) 50
(***DICE***) MarkM/MOD rolled (100) 9
(***DICE***) MM rolled (100) 25
(***DICE***) Chris Wright rolled (100) 36
(***DICE***) EdV rolled (100) 93
(***DICE***) ASDGTechHuman rolled (100) 26
(***DICE***) JohnG rolled (100) 7
(***DICE***) Jim Menix rolled (100) 51
(***DICE***) Juan Casado Poblado rolled (6) 2,1=3
(***DICE***) Charles Hill rolled (100) 5
(***DICE***) Juan Casado Poblado rolled (100) 95
(***DICE***) Gayle Lee Fairless rolled (100) 76

(MarkM/MOD) I believe Leslie won that one..

(Leslie T. Bartiromo) YaHOOO

(Trent Hawkins) Is that Rod Steiger back there?

(<ImageFX> Kermit W.) Folks...I'm ducking out a few minutes early.  Work
night  and all that.

(Trent Hawkins) WTG Les

(jon - GroVeR) Thanks, Kermit. Great CO.

(Leslie T. Bartiromo) Thanx!

(MM) Night Kermit!  Thanks for the CO!

(Mike Smith) Thnaks Kermit

(Chris Tolmie) goodnight Kermit

(Carl Hansen) bye Kermit.  Thanks!

(<ImageFX> Kermit W.) Thanks for having us here.  Gary, you'll take care
of  prize winners??

(Trent Hawkins) Nite Kermit and TNX

(Steve Setzer) Thanx Kermit!

(1-2,MarkM/MOD) Thanks Kermit.. hold on the rest of you.. 4 more prizes to
 give away!

(<GVP>Steve P.) G'night Kermit. Thanks for coming tonight!

(JohnG) Night Kermit - Thanks!

(<ImageFX> Kermit W.) Had a lot of fun!  See ya'll online!

(<GVP> Gary Nush) I'll take care of the prizes!

(MarkM/MOD) Ok.. next is an ImageFX..
       Ready ...
       Set ...

(***DICE***) Juan Casado Poblado rolled (100) 14
(***DICE***) John Horton rolled (100) 100
(***DICE***) Trent Hawkins rolled (100) 90
(***DICE***) Harry Callesis rolled (100) 22
(***DICE***) Stuart H. Brand rolled (100) 44
(***DICE***) Chris Tolmie rolled (100) 2
(***DICE***) Steve Setzer rolled (100) 2
(***DICE***) Chris Wright rolled (100) 45
(***DICE***) EdV rolled (100) 28
(***DICE***) Carl Hansen rolled (100) 24
(***DICE***) ASDGTechHuman rolled (100) 77
(***DICE***) Charles Hill rolled (6) 5,1=6
(***DICE***) MarkM/MOD rolled (100) 87
(***DICE***) MM rolled (100) 20
(***DICE***) Jim Saklad rolled (100) 35
(***DICE***) Jim Menix rolled (100) 50
(***DICE***) Charles Hill rolled (100) 84
(***DICE***) Juan Casado Poblado rolled (100) 61
(***DICE***) Mike Smith rolled (100) 45

(MarkM/MOD) John Horton--you win!

(Chris Tolmie) can't beat  100

(John Horton) AllRight!!

(JohnG) Yeah John!

(John Horton) !!!!!

(Mike Smith) yea!!

(Carl Hansen) 100?  Wow!

(<Warner Bros> Rusty) congrats John

(MarkM/MOD) Ok.. now a DSS 8!

(***DICE***) Chris Tolmie rolled (100) 50
(***DICE***) ASDGTechHuman rolled (100) 87
(***DICE***) Juan Casado Poblado rolled (100) 100
(***DICE***) Stuart H. Brand rolled (100) 40
(***DICE***) JohnG rolled (100) 79
(***DICE***) Harry Callesis rolled (100) 55
(***DICE***) EdV rolled (100) 2
(***DICE***) Charles Hill rolled (100) 45
(***DICE***) Mike Smith rolled (100) 19
(***DICE***) Trent Hawkins rolled (100) 83
(***DICE***) Carl Hansen rolled (100) 72
(***DICE***) MM rolled (100) 95
(***DICE***) Chris Wright rolled (100) 64
(***DICE***) John Horton rolled (100) 42
(***DICE***) Steve Setzer rolled (100) 29

(MarkM/MOD) Looks like Juan got it!! :-)

(Chris Tolmie) another 100? WOW Juan!

(Carl Hansen) another 100.  Congrats Juan!

(Trent Hawkins) WTG Juan

(<Warner Bros> Rusty) Boy two 100's rolled in a row!

(Juan Casado Poblado) great

(<Warner Bros> Rusty) Congrats

(John Horton) Beat me record

(Juan Casado Poblado) ok

(MarkM/MOD) Ok.. this is the last ImageFX...

(***DICE***) Juan Casado Poblado rolled (100) 67
(***DICE***) Harry Callesis rolled (100) 2
(***DICE***) Carl Hansen rolled (100) 17
(***DICE***) ASDGTechHuman rolled (100) 29
(***DICE***) Trent Hawkins rolled (100) 54
(***DICE***) Jim Saklad rolled (100) 38
(***DICE***) Chris Wright rolled (100) 29
(***DICE***) Mike Smith rolled (100) 65
(***DICE***) EdV rolled (100) 18
(***DICE***) Stuart H. Brand rolled (100) 23
(***DICE***) Leslie T. Bartiromo rolled (100) 8
(***DICE***) Charles Hill rolled (100) 34
(***DICE***) Chris Tolmie rolled (100) 61
(***DICE***) Jim Menix rolled (100) 19
(***DICE***) Steve Setzer rolled (100) 24
(***DICE***) John Horton rolled (100) 14
(***DICE***) MM rolled (100) 57
(MarkM/MOD) Juan.. you can't win again. :-)
(Juan Casado Poblado) I love you ... all
(***DICE***) Gayle Lee Fairless rolled (100) 94
(***DICE***) Gayle Lee Fairless rolled (100) 53
(***DICE***) Gayle Lee Fairless rolled (100) 11

(MarkM/MOD) Looks like Chris Tolmie got it!

(Mike Smith) yea chris!!!

(Chris Tolmie) I did?!

(Trent Hawkins) WTG Chris

(<Warner Bros> Rusty) Congrats Chris

(,MarkM/MOD) Yep..

(Jim Menix) ust

(Chris Tolmie) oh boy! thanks!

(<GVP>Steve P.) Congrats Chris!

(Chris Tolmie) just what I wanted too!

(MarkM/MOD) Last but not least.. DSS 8!

(MarkM/MOD) Ready..

(***DICE***) Stuart H. Brand rolled (100) 60
(***DICE***) John Horton rolled (100) 34
(***DICE***) ASDGTechHuman rolled (100) 72
(***DICE***) MM rolled (100) 87
(***DICE***) Trent Hawkins rolled (100) 13
(***DICE***) Harry Callesis rolled (100) 3
(***DICE***) Jim Saklad rolled (100) 77
(***DICE***) Chris Wright rolled (100) 41
(***DICE***) Steve Setzer rolled (100) 88
(***DICE***) EdV rolled (100) 18
(***DICE***) JohnG rolled (100) 22
(***DICE***) Carl Hansen rolled (100) 24
(***DICE***) Jim Menix rolled (100) 25
(***DICE***) Charles Hill rolled (100) 25
(***DICE***) Mike Smith rolled (100) 1
(***DICE***) MarkM/MOD rolled (100) 66
(Harry Callesis) Quick ? for GVP (I got here late ...)
(Mike Smith) hey a 1!
(***DICE***) Chris Tolmie rolled (100) 57
(***DICE***) Gayle Lee Fairless rolled (100) 66

(MarkM/MOD) Looks like Steve got it!

(<Warner Bros> Rusty) Congrats Steve

(Carl Hansen) Way to go Steve!

(Steve Setzer) hot #$%^

(Harry Callesis) Thanks ... What are the chances that the new tech support
 might be rethought

(John Horton) OK Steve!1

(Chris Tolmie) yah, Steve!

(Mike Smith) yea steve-

(MarkM/MOD) Ok.. folks.. Rusty wants to make a statement before we wrap
this  up.  So go ahead Rusty!

(Harry Callesis) considering that those without fax capability might end
up  taking days to solve a problem that could be fixed over the phone in 
1/2 hour sitting in front of the computer?

(MarkM/MOD) Harry that was already asked earlier.

(Harry Callesis) As I said, I got here late ... 8^)

(<GVP>Steve P.) Harry, Send me EMail here on this and I'll discuss it with
you.  it's 11:30 here and I get up at 5am for work <grin>

(<Warner Bros> Rusty) I would like to announce that GVP will be releasing 
"The Video Guide to ImageFX in the real near future here...the official 
announcement will come out in the next few is hosted by  me and
covers all of IFX 1.5 Including CineMorph!
 Call GVP or your local dealer for inquireies

(Mike Smith) great!

(MarkM/MOD) Excellent!!!

(JohnG) Outstanding!!!

(Chris Tolmie) Rusty > I will want to purchase a copy.

(Harry Callesis) Steve: Thanks ...

(MarkM/MOD) I would like to thank the folks from GVP for coming here
(MarkM/MOD) I would like to announce the next conference...
       The next conference will be on the 20th of March with Black Belt   
    Systems.  That is a Sunday.. 10PM EST.

* Special thanks to Steve Seltzer for providing this file.
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