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%% Linelink and Voice Mail                                  by DJJames %%
%%                                     %%

LineLink modem owners should check out the cool voice mail program in the
library.  I've been playing with it for a bit and I'm really impressed! I
had no idea that this $99 bargain had so much capability.

  In brief, the software provides means of turning your Amiga and LineLink
into a simple answering machine which will play your greeting and record
messages to disk (yes, the little gem digitizes from and plays back to the
phone line) complete with time stamps or caller ID info (if available).  It
can accept fax calls or switch into a BBS with the touch of a key or with
Silent Answer.

  It has a remote maintainance mode (with password) that allows you to 
call in remotely to play back/delete your messages or change the personal
message, password etc.  It has a toll saver option as well.

  And that's only the simple mode.  It also supports a multi-level menu
system, mailboxes for two or three users and more.  The program is 
shareware ($20 or $35) comes functional but you get more configuration 
options if you register.

  You'll need to download three files, the VoiceMail program avm1.11a.lha
(473826 bytes), pre-recorded messages AVMVEngCVSD72.lha (510578 bytes) and
MUI1_4usr.lha (575899 bytes).  If you already have MUI1.4 you can skip the
last file.  You must have MUI1.4 installed for the software to work.
You can digitize your own messages using Perfect Sound or generic 
digitizers or use the telephone.  I recommend getting the pre-recorded 
ones and change them as you see fit.

  The setup uses the CBM Installer program so it's rather easy to startup 
the default system - a one user mailbox system.  Read the instructions at
least once through, there's a lot of information there but it can be 
confusing at first glance.