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%% The Editor's Desk                                     By Robert Niles %%

Well this is the last issue of Amiga Report. I must say that it has
been real enjoyable, but time to go.


We're here to stay! 

Well as many of you know, Commodore has been having serious financial
difficulties. I don't know what that means for us, but I'm quite sure
we're not seeing the end of CBM. I've tried to get ahold of CBM...
to no avail. Looks like they aren't answering the phone today.
We'll keep trying, and hopefully get you some more information by next 

There's been many rumors. One interesting rumor is the one floating
around about Hewlitt Packard doing some sort of take-over, or possibly
just helping CBM out. OK, this is just a rumor, and there are many
more floating around out there.

...Maybe it's some fancy April Fools joke??

Oh well, on with the show...