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%% Power PC - Should we be jealous?                          by RobMan %%
%%                                                                     %%

Well, on March 14th we got our hands on the Apple PowerMac 8100, the top 
of the new range of Apple PowerPCs, with 16Meg of Ram, 500 meg hard disk,
CD player and the SoftWindows software that "runs PC apps at the speed of
a 486/25". I was eager to play, to say the least. It looks good (a Quadra
800 style case with a caddyless CD drive) and cost us a rather vast 4000 
UK pounds (this is NOT the retail price - we're developers) and definitely
runs the kind of Mac software we need it to run.

Now, I'm an Amiga-guy like you people, and I am eagerly awaiting something
new from C= so I can finally move into the big league in terms of power 
(my '020 based A500+/CD32 are hardly muscle machines!!). So with all of 
this new hardware cropping up, some of us may be tempted to defect to 
these new PowerPCs, or Pentiums or whatever, rather than waiting for the 
fabled A5000. This is why I wrote this - to say that right now, as of this
moment in time, I am NOT impressed enough with the PowerPC to say bye-bye
Amiga people.

In fact, I don't think I'll ever be impressed enough to leave the Ami. 
Even my humble A500+ can handle animations better than this PowerPC! In 
speed tests, there were several areas where even a Quadra 610 would give 
this thing a run for its' money. Sure there's plenty of native PPC 
software 'just around the corner' (yeah, right) but its performance as a 
Mac is, well, like a Mac -slllooooowww.

The other, H-U-G-E, crunch comes when trying to run PC software. It 
doesn't run 386 or 486 code. No siree, it's the worlds fastest 286!! Sure,
it runs windows quickly. Excel too. Doom? TFX? (the ONLY reason to even 
go near a PC) I need only quote from the machine itself - "Needs 386 or 
above to run". Aaaaaaaaaggggggggghhhhhhhh. Dust off that old 386 and play
Doom nice and slow (or on a screen 2 inches by 2 inches :-). I have it on
good authority that (one day) it will run 386/486 code. I also have it on
good authority that one day all machines will run as beautifully as the 
Amiga did in 1987!

Oh dear. Perhaps now is not the best time to purchase PowerPC, Amiga 
people. Let's hope C= go for the PA Risc chip, or at least a PPC chip 
running AmigaDos.

Keep it Amiga. At least WE know the truth. Tell your friends. Maybe oneday
I'll even get an Amiga into this company (I could always stick an Apple 
sticker on it!!) - then the rest can experience power!!