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%% Commodore? Brrr!                                   by Michel Vissers %%
%%                                           %%

**** Commodore ???? Brrrrrr !!!! ****

I'm  a  fanatic  Amiga  user  for about 4 years now.  To me there is no
other  computer  half  as  good as the Amiga.  BUT there is something I
really don't like about it. Commodore !  Why ??? Read on and wheep B^(

In  all magazines you can find articles about how good C= is, but every
time  I read such an article I start to shiver.  I have some really bad
memories of C= and Amiga.  It all started when I bought my first one.

ACT 1:

After a lot of visits to a local computershop I finally decided to sell
my  trusty C64 (The only thing C= really did right !) and buy an Amiga.
I got a great deal and took my A500 home.  I got some software to start
from  a  friend  (yes  illegal, but it is nice to have some software to
start  with)  and started playing.  Untill...  I coded a lot on the C64
so  I  was  determend to continue on the Amiga and got Seka.  Very nice
except  when the ESC key and some others don't work.  Back to the shop.
Fortunately for me they knew that sending the computer to C= would take
ages to be fixed, so they gave me a new Amiga.

ACT 2:

After some coding (yes, not programming B^)) and stuff I decided to try
out music aswell.  So offcourse Noisetracker (and later Protracker) was
the logical start.  (Here it comes again) Untill...  After some time my
screen  started  acting weird.  It became smaller for a few seconds and
then  returned  to  normal.  At first I thought some virus got my Amiga
but  as  it kept coming back later, even after a viruschecker had wiped
out  every  bit  of ugly routines on my disks, I knew it was a hardware
problem.   So, still in my warrenty period, I went back to the shop and
got a replacement monitor.  And I was happy again...

ACT 3:

BAFFF !!!  Hey, where's my AsmOne screen ????   My  Amiga  lay there...
dead.   My  powersupply  decided to  quit on me.  And  offcourse I  was
furious,  because it happened  just after my warrenty period ended. B^(
But  I  went  to  the shop ( it was called The Shop, funny isn't it ? )
and asked them what to do.  As my warrenty ended (1 month) I had to buy
a  new supply and they recommended that I should buy one from them so I
could  get  their  warrenty-service...   But their supplies where a lot
more  expensive than the usual but not better.  Luckily there was a big
computerfair where I could buy a heavyduty supply for less than the one
I  could  buy  in  the  shop.  So that story has a good end, but what I
don't get is how a supply could possibly die with just an A500 with 0.5
chip, 0.5 fast and an external drive (Cumana, which is very good).

ACT 4:

Well,  not  much  to  say.  Just read ACT 2 again.  My monitor does the
strangest  things  when  turned on.  After a minute orso it startes its
showbizz again for a couple of minutes and then returns to normal.  You
know,  I'm  still  using the same monitor now, but as I haven't got the
money to buy a decent multisync I'll just have to bear it (for the rest
of my life ????).

ACT 5:

Finally  some  good things happen.  Everything I bought worked !  A 2MB
memory  kit  for  1.0 chip and 1.5 fast, an IDE HD-controller, Digiview
and  lots of software.  And you know what ???  They all were things NOT
made by C=.

ACT 6:

Finally  the moment has come.  A1200 is available and for a great price
too  (cheaper than the A500 !).  So offcourse I buy one.  I really love
it.   Especially from a coders view as demos are much more interresting
on  an  A1200.   I  hook it up and started doing my stuff.  But after a
while  I  started  to miss my HD, so I decided to build it in my A1200.
Together  with  a  friend of mine, we bothbuild in our 3.5 inch HD's in
our  beloved  A1200's and it worked perfect.  Untill now I've never had
any problems concerning the HD or powershortness.  Because the A1200 is
small  and  pretty light it's easy to take it along to friends and so I
do.   This  however  doesn't count for monitors but as it's possible to
connect  an  Amiga  to composite aswell it's no problem...I though.  My
composite  signal was trashed !  Were's the sync ????  Bummer 1 !!!  In
the  summerholiday I went to Sweden to a member of our group.  Well, he
still has a TV but the A1200 has a TV-mod so...  Well, you can probably
guess it.  It's busted too.  B^( But as I had opened my A1200 my
warrenty is gone, foestie, pleite !!!

Fortunately  their  is no ACT 7 now, but as soon as I buy something new
which has the C= sign on it, ACT 7 will follow...[sigh] After something
happened I always called C= first.  Who knows they might happen to know
something to fix my  problems but they always tried to get rid of me. I
like to enter C= Holland in the competition for worst service ever !

Aaaahhhh, finally got that of my chest...