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New SupraFAXModem(tm) 288 Offers V.Fast Speeds for Under $400

ALBANY, OR, FEBRUARY 1994 - The SupraFAXModem 288 raises the 
standard on performance with data speeds of 28,800 bps while 
maintaining Supra's commitment to value-oriented pricing.  
Scheduled to ship in March, the external model will carry a 
selling price of $399 while the internal SupraFAXModem(tm) 288i 
will debut at just $349.

"These products represent a huge leap forward in technology," 
said Kenny Richards, Manager for PC products at Supra. "Not only 
can users benefit from speed that's twice as fast as the current 
V.32bis standard, they also get the benefits of an outstanding 
feature set at an unbelievable price."

Based on the Rockwell(tm) V.FC (V.Fast Class) chipset, Supra's 
new modems utilize the core technology that is expected to be 
defined by the ITU-TSS in the V.34 (V.Fast) standard later this 
year.  When the V.34 standard is finalized, it will be 
incorporated into the full line of SupraFAXModem 288 products.  
In the interim, V.FC appears to be the clear leader as a standard 
for 28,800 bps data communication.  Wide-spread acceptance of the 
V.FC standard will ensure compatibility with modems from more 
than 60 other vendors, including Hayes, Microcom, and US 

By contrast, the V.32terbo standard, which is accepted by a 
smaller number of modem manufacturers, can go no faster than 
19,200 bps. And despite the fact that these modems are half as 
fast as Supra's 288 products, they do not offer a competitive 
price advantage.

True Top-Of-The-Line Technology

Both Supra's internal and external modems offer technology that 
goes beyond the basics of V.FC technology.  By utilizing flash 
ROM, both of these V.Fast Class products add a new level of 
flexibility to modem communications. Future enhancements can be 
made without any hardware adjustments - just download the new 
code information into the ROM.

Plus, the SupraFAXModem 288i utilizes SupraSmart(tm) UART 
technology buffering to reduce the risk of data loss during high 
speed transmission.  This includes 16550 UART emulation which, 
combined with V.42bis compression, enables data speeds of up to 
115,200 bps.  The product also includes a Windows driver with 
RHSI (Rockwell High-Speed Interface) which increases the 
throughput capabilities.

The SupraFAXModem 288 external, packs this performance into 
Supra's highly-praised tiny desktop modem with a revolutionary 
alphanumeric status display which makes it a breeze ti track all 
modem activity,  It also includes a hardware handshaking cable 
that enables up to 115,200 bps communication on computers 
equipped with a 16550 UART.

Both modems also include custom Supra features such as Silent 
Answer(tm) which allows both voice and fax communication on a 
single phone line. If it detects fax "CNG" tones, the modem 
routes the call to fax software.  Otherwise, the modem sits 
silently on the phone line while the call is answered by the user 
or by an answering machine.  Another feature, Caller ID, lets 
users identify incoming calls before answering.

Full-Featured Functionality

Both modems support industry standard protocols including the 
full range of Bell, MNP, and ITU-TSS (formerly CCITT) standards.  
Among the supported features are MNP10 for improved performance 
on cellular connections. Both modems support the highest-
available fax speed of 14,400 bps.  They also support Class 1 and 
2 fax commands and are compatible with Group 3 fax machines.

The modems also feature a five-year warranty, Hayes 
compatibility, extended AT commands and result codes, 
compatibility with most popular telecommunications software, 
autoanswer/autodial, a modular phone jack, and non-volatile 
memory that stores two user configurations and four phone 

Both the desktop faxmodem and internal card include all software, 
cables and instructions the user needs for getting started with 
high-speed data and fax communication. The bundle includes 
FaxTalk(r) for Windows for flawless fax transmission, Compuserve 
Information Manager(tm) for Windows, and COMit(tm) for DOS and 
Windows - a data communication program designed specifically for 
high-speed communication.

For Macintosh owners, Supra offers the SupraFAXModem 288 Mac 
package for desktop users and the SupraFAXModem 288PB an internal 
modem for PowerBook models 100-180c. Both packages include all 
the software, cables and instructions the user needs for getting 
started with high-speed data and fax communication.  The bundle 
includes MicroPhone(tm) LT, Compuserve Information Manager(tm), 
and the CCL scripts required for Apple Remote Access(tm). 
Packages also include FAXcilitate(tm), fax software that brings a 
new level of flexibility and ease-of-use to Macintosh faxing.

About Supra Corporation

Supra Corporation, based in Albany, Oregon, has been providing 
personal computer users with high-quality, low-cost peripherals 
since 1985.

Since the original SupraModem(r) 2400 was introduced in 1987, 
SupraModems have been popular among consumers for excellent value 
in a reliable modem, and have been recommended by a variety of 
sources, from respected PC MAgazine and MacUser columnist John C. 
Dvorak to the Boston Computer Society.

Supra Corporation
7101 Supra Drive SW
Albany, OR 97321
Amiga Technical Support Line: 503-967-2493
Fax: 503-967-2401

[ ED's Note : Alex Johnson, of Supra's Amiga Technical Services advises  ]
[ that they should start shipping the SupraFAXModem 288 at the end of    ]
[ this month or the beginning of the next month (April). He also stated  ]
[ that there will probably be a sysop's purchase program with even       ]
[ better prices. The sysop's purchase price should be set within the     ]
[ next week or so.                                                       ]



Las Vegas, March 20, 1994 - NewTek, Inc., the company that brought
professional video and animation production to the masses with the
Video Toaster introduces ScreamerNet for LightWave 3D users.

ScreamerNet is the evolution of the Screamer rendering hardware
announced last August. "As we pursued development of the Screamer
hardware it became evident that high speed processors were
quickly becoming commodity items," said NewTek President Tim
Jenison.  "Rather than NewTek trying to keep up with the 
hardware wars we decided to release software that will allow
LightWave users to select the rendering machine of their

ScreamerNet is a rendering software package that allows LightWave 3D
users to take advantage of the rendering power offered by
workstations from a variety of vendors.  The software is Windows NT
compatible and will support hardware that utilizes Intel, MIPS, and
DEC Alpha processor chips.  ScreamerNet's suggested retail price is
$1995 and will support up to eight machines.

LightWave 3D has become the animation package of choice for most
of the cutting edge action shows in Hollywood," stated Jenison.
"Television programs such as seaQuest DSV, Star Trek: The 
Next Generation, Babylon 5 and RoboCop are using the Video
Toaster and LightWave 3D to push the envelope of visual effects.
With the introduction of ScreamerNet they will have access to
the rendering power they need to completely redefine the
standards for effects in television and film production."

"As the makers of revolutionary products like Video Toaster
and the new Video Toaster Flyer, NewTek means high technology
at an unbelievably low price point," said NewTek's Marketing
Director Donetta Colboch.  "While ScreamerNet represents a
dramatic breakthrough in 3D rendering price/performance, it's
designed and priced for the professional animation facility."

NewTek will be showcasing the ScreamerNet software at the 
National Association of Broadcasters Convention, March 21-24
in Booth #11050.



Las Vegas, March 20, 1994 - NewTek, Inc., the pioneers of the desktop
video industry, announce the Video Toaster Flyer, the first D2 quality
tapeless editing system.  With the Flyer priced at $3995, NewTek once
again shatters the price/performance standards for broadcast
quality video production just as they did with the release of the
Video Toaster in 1990.

"When we originally conceived the idea for the Video Toaster it was
to provide all the tools necessary to create broadcast quality
television at a price almost anyone could afford." said Tim
Jenison, NewTek President.  "With the introduction of the
Video Toaster Flyer we have made the tools even more accessible,
reducing the cost of production by an order of magnitude."

The Video Toaster Flyer is the result of more than seven years of
intense research and development.  The Video Toaster Flyer
offers D2 quality video and CD quality audio editing in a tapeless, non-
linear environment.  The Video Toaster Flyer tapeless editor 
allows the user to dial in the video quality, up to lossless
D2 quality.  All video data is stored on computer hard drives
that allow the user to access particular segments instantaneously
without having to shuttle from one point to another as in 
traditional tape editing.  The system employs an easy to use, drag and
drop storyboard interface.

The breakthrough technology in the Video Toaster Flyer is NewTek's
revolutionary new VTASC compression algorithm.  VTASC sets a
new standard for hard disk based video compresson by combining
D2, broadcast quality video with unprecedented compression ratios.
NewTek is currently in discussion with a number of vendors looking
to license VTASC and Video Toaster Flyer technology.

The Video Toaster Flyer continues NewTek's tradition of providing
easy to use, broadcast quality video production tools, at
unbelivevably low prices.. The complete Video Toaster Flyer
system provides the ability to incorporate all of the tools from
the Video Toaster; digital video effects, paint graphics,
titles and animations directly into productions edited from one 
simple interface.  For Toaster LightWave 3D users, the tapeless
editor will allow the blending of moving video easily and 
seamlessly into animated video prouctions.

NewTek will be demonstrating the Video Toaster Flyer at the
National Association of Broadcasters Convention, March 21-24
in Booth #11050.

[ ED'S NOTE: AR would like to give thanks to Harv Laser of    ]
[ Portal's Amiga Zone for the last two announcements.         ]



San Francisco, CA - Former NewTek senior staff members who left the Kansas
company earlier this year have ended industry speculation by unveiling their 
new venture, 'PLAY'. "Launching the Video Toaster and with it the desktop
video industry over the last seven years was a fantastic adventure," 
commented PLAY President Paul Montgomery, "Along the way we discovered 
some very compelling opportunities that went beyond one technology or 
even one platform. PLAY was formed to take advantage of those 
opportunities." The company, which consists primarily of Californians who
relocated to Kansas to build NewTek, is based in San Francisco.
"In the mid-eighties NewTek Vice-President and visionary Paul Montgomery
assembled a very unique team from around the world." said Tom Egan, senior
editor for Channel 4000, the leading desktop video news service. "With 
their accomplishments in building this industry at NewTek, they're my 
pick for the 'desktop video Dream Team'. I'm expecting a lot from this 
group." PLAY features Emmy-award winning members of the Video Toaster 
R & D team, including NewTek's former Head of Softwawre Development, 
Steve Hartford, video hardware and software guru, Ken Turcotte, and 
Toaster hardware design engineer, Brad Carvey. Other PLAY founders 
include NewTek's former Director of Marketing, Mark Randall, plus 
Product Development Manager and Hollywood technology pioneer, Daniel 
Kaye. Rounding out the PLAY executive team is a face known to millions, 
Kiki Stockhammer, the video industry's well-known celebrity spokesperson.
PLAY will announce it's first strategic relationship at a special event 
on Sunday, March 20th at 7:00 P.M. in the Julius Room of Caesars Palace, 
Las Vegas. "We feel the 'information superhighway' and desktop video are
desinted to collide sooner than anyone thinks" said Montgomery, "PLAY and
our new partner Private Channels are perfectly positioned to provide the
technology, content and distribution needed to realize the dream of