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%% Famous Amiga Uses                                  by David Tiberio %%
%%                            %%

    List of Famous Amiga Uses compiled by David Tiberio.
    Compilation Copyright 1994 Area52. All Rights Reserved.
    Originally published in the Amiga/Toaster Online Reference Manual.

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    Changes for March 13 1994.

    This compilation may be distributed and published freely, in whole
    or in part, so long as you give credit to the author, David Tiberio.

 AJAX, soccer tem.
 Sponsored by Commodore.

 Paris-St. Germain soccer, France.
 Sponsored by Commodore.

 Seraing soccer team, Belgium. Sponsored by Commodore.

 Advanced Audio Visual Systems, Paris, France.
 20 Amiga equipped broadcasting studios and mobile vans.

 Scandanavian Micro Systems A/S, Norway.

 Cafe in Act, Australia.
 Two virtual reality games for arcade.

 Thorpe Park, amusement park in London.
 Amiga controlled biplane dogfight virtual reality game.

 Cruiseships, passenger information systems.
 M/S Statendam, Holland American Line.
 M/S Maasdam, Holland American Line.
 M/S Ryendam, Holland American Line.
 M/S Crystak Harmony, Crystal Cruises.

 Cynostic, PD library, England.
 Distributes CD's, tapes, and videos, all Amiga produced.
 CD's produced by Bjorn A Lynne, Volker Tripp, etc.

 "Radio Balans", pirate radio station, The Hague, Holland.
 Amiga 500 used for jingles, tunes, and music.

 Filmsmith International and The Loft, Florida.
 Video Toaster used in productions for The Rolling Stones, Cher,
 Huey Lewis and the News, Meat Loaf, Cyndi Lauper, and Billy Joel.

 Loyalist College, Belleville, Ontario, Canada.
 Amiga and Video Toaster used for television broadcasting courses.

 Nicholson Catholic College, Belleville, Ontario, Canada.
 Amiga and Video Toaster used for school videos, drama, media courses.
 Amiga 2000 with HP PaintJet used in art lab for graphics work.

 University of North Texas, Denton, Texas.
 NTTV channel 22, university sponsored programming.
 Amiga 4000 and Scala Infochannel used to display bullitens.
 Amiga 2500 used for video titling by editing department.

 University of Wisconsin Hospital, Wisconsin.
 Amiga used for medical research.
 Amiga 500 mouse pointer controlled by eye movements.

 "Babylon 5", Emmy Award Winning Movie, Warner Bros., 1993.
 All computer graphics generated on Amiga computers.
 Lightwave 3D generated scenes of space ships.
 System Alert messages used in an episode.

 "Kung Fu - The Legend Continues", police/martial arts.
 Amiga 3000 used to access personal records.
 Amiga programs used by "Kermit", police officer.
 Amiga Workbench 3.0 shown running on an IBM clone.
 Directory Opus 4.0 screens shown.
 GPFax screen shown, modified graphically.
 Deluxe Paint screen showing MYOB, "security" key.

 Telefrance, on-air graphics, Phnom Penh.

 TF1, French TV Network.
 Amiga used in Paris HQ.

 UNTV, United Nations Television, New York City, New York.
 A4000 with Harlequin and IV24 used for mobile TV studio.
 Multilingual character generator, graphics, framestores.
 Originally used for 1993 Cambodian elections.
 A1200 with Scala used for UN billboard on Liberty Cable.

 WCVB 5, ABC, in Boston, Massachusetts (use unknown).

 Donald Duck, periodical magazine.
 CD32 awarded as prize for the crossword competition.