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%% Amiga Blues                                                         %%
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[ED's NOTE: Unfortunately I cannot give credit to the author of this]
[ article, as I don't have his name or address. I was hoping that   ]
[ the author would have sent me a message about it since it wasn't  ]
[ in AR209. If the author contacts me, I would be more than happy to]
[ give him the proper credit. Sorry.                                ]

So you say you own the 'Rodney Dangerfield of PC's' "It don't get no
respect." And you say  the Executives who are running the company
are doing their best imatation of the Three Stooges. And they really do
have names like Larry, Moe and Curly Joe. You think every great game
ever invented runs on H.A.L. eh.. I.B.M.  And the people and companies
who were supporting Your PC have vaporized, dissapeared, dried up and
blown away. And your wife still ain't come home from the movies yet. 
Is that what's got you down boobie? 

Well I'd say from where your sitting your probably right, but everythings
relative chum.  From where I'm sittin it don't look like that at all. 
Maybe a change of perspctive will help. Certainly one more Mac vs Amiga 
won't.  What a dump idea, let's take two really super PC's and bash them 
together continuously. For what good reason? 

When I sit down in front of my Amiga I strap on my seatbelt cause
I know I'm taking the fastest ride in the business.  I've got an old A500
sitting in the cornner that's a more sophisticated computer than  any 
PC sold today straight out of the box. " A yeah right, but what has it 
done for me lately" you say.  I say the only thing sophisticated about 
IBM and compatibles is the support.  All the magazines, all the third 
party developement all the Compatible machines sitting on everyone's work
desk, all the  networking , Makes for a very sophisticated environment. 
But does it make for a sophisticated Machine? You figure it out.  

If you live in Britian you can laugh in the face of any other PC owner.
Why?  Because in Britian Amiga has the Numbers to back up the gloating.  
In Germany too Amiga owners walk down the street with pride.      
This is the same PC that people in America wringing there hands
over.  Well I've got some news for you, right now today in the cities and
towns of America their are more Amiga's being sold than ever before.
Its a fact, you can look it up.

Those kind of things are important.  Their important to know, because
the life of your PC is important.

But I could say what comes tomorrow is Pie in the Sky.
What about the PC sitting on your desk right now. There are not enough
ideas in your head to tire out this machine. There are more software 
packages sittimg on the shelves today to keep you entertained for the rest
of your life. "Yeah but what about the next big thing " you say.
I say the next big things already here it's called a "personal computer",
and if your's is an Amiga then your a very lucky guy (gal,droid,hamster)

If you want to argue with me your welcome to but I won't argue
with you. I haven't got time, I've got some Star gazing to do , some 
landscapes to render, some music to blast, some animations to think up,
some images to distort. some other universes to visit, and some ...
<insert thing to do here>.