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Automated Voice Responce Helpline in the UK
LONDON, ENGLAND, 1994 MAR 9 (NB) -- Commodore UK has revealed 
that its pilot project, of an automated voice response system for 
its helpline, has been a great success. The service, which has been
operational since December, will now go fully live to all callers,
Newsbytes has learned.

"In December, 1993, we introduced an interactive voice response
(IVR) helpline to help ease the pressure on human operators over the
Christmas period. Since then, it's been a great success. By the end
of January, it had handled 13,326 queries," explained Terry Maguire,
customer services manager with Commodore UK.

The IVR used was developed jointly by ICL and Legion Limited, the
software house. The company claims that it is the industry's first
fully automated diagnostics and advice line of its kind in the UK.

The service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week and runs
in parallel at ICL's call reception center on Wakefield, Yorkshire.
To date, the automated service has handled around a third of all
Commodore Helpline calls.

"We receive a variety of calls to the Helpline," Maguire said, "from
dealers asking how to resolve a fault, to customers simply 
wanting to know how to operate a unit. Our aim in introducing this
automated diagnostics service was to allow customers to resolve 
problems themselves, wherever possible, by listening to recorded 
information. This allows call receptionists to concentrate on 
getting engineers out to customers more quickly." 

According to Peter Horridge, operations manager for ICL customer
service, which handles Commodore's support calls, the key to a
successful automated service is not only its ability to handle a
large step function increase in call volumes efficiently, but also
its ability to mid-call divert to a live operator when needed.

"The majority of users and problems exploit the facilities provided
by the automated service. We should not lose sight, however, that
the end user requires a balance between automated diagnosis and
direct contact with a live operator whenever appropriate. The call
rates to dare using both the diagnostic service and the mid-call
divert facility prove that the IVR is an acceptable solution," he

The Commodore UK helpline is on 0345-626090, a local rate "linkline"
call that is charged at local rates wherever in the UK the caller is
located. When callers are connected to the Helpline, after an
introductory message, they are asked to dial "5," which ascertains
whether the call is touch tone or rotary dialed. Touch tone calls
are routed through the IVR system, while rotary dial calls are
routed to a live operator.

(Steve Gold/19940308/Press Contact: Peter Horridge, ICL,


March 3, 1994, King of Prussia, PA, USA -- Nova Design, Inc. and Great
Valley Products have extended the deadline for submitted entries for 
the ImageFX Arts and Sciences contest to April 1, 1994.  This contest 
seeks to find the best in art, animation, and programming utilizing the
best selling image processing and painting package: ImageFX!
The contest began on December 7, 1993 and was scheduled to close on 
March 1st 1994, but has now been extended to April 1, 1994.  Judging will
be completed during the month of April and the winners will be announced
on May 1, 1994.
Grand Prize winners and runners up will share in the fantastic prizes 
provided by GVP.  The original list of prizes included the EGS-28/24 
SPECTRUM - the top of the line 24-bit, high-resolution graphics display 
card, PhonePak VFX - the Amiga voice mail/fax system, and DSS-8+ - the 
premier Amiga sound digitizer and music editing system.  The new list of
prizes now adds six free upgrades to ImageFX 2.0!
Complete details, rules, and regulations for the ImageFX contest are 
attached to this Press Release, and are also available on CompuServe in 
the Amiga Forums.  A written copy of the rules may be obtained by request
from GVP Customer Service at 610-354-9495.
GVP is a privately held company that was founded in 1988.  Today it is 
the world's largest developer of peripherals for the Commodore Amiga.  
Nova Design is a subcontractor of GVP and are the authors of ImageFX.
                  The ImageFX Arts & Sciences Contest!
Nova Design, Inc. and Great Valley Products (GVP) are pleased to announce 
the ImageFX Arts and Sciences contest.  This contest seeks to find the 
best in art, animation, and programming utilizing the runaway best selling
image processing/painting/everything package; ImageFX!
Grand Prize winners and runners up will share in the fantastic prizes 
provided by GVP.  These include the EGS Spectrum - the top of the line 
graphics display card, PhonePak VFX - the Amiga voice mail/fax system, 
DSS-8+ - the premier Amiga sound digitizer and music editing system, and 
free upgrades to ImageFX 2.0!
The Categories:
As the contest name might imply, there will be two categories for judging:
Arts:      which will include still images, animation, and video        
           sequences created via ImageFX and/or CineMorph.
           Grand Prize:    EGS Spectrum 
           Second Place:   DSS 8+ 
Sciences:  which includes any programs or Arexx macros created for use       
           with or in ImageFX.  These can be ImageFX demos, special
           effects "hooks" or any ImageFX-style modules, and Arexx macro
           scripts that recreate artwork onscreen as a combination of
           Arts and Sciences.
           Grand Prize:    PhonePak VFX 
           Second Place:   DSS 8+ 
Additionally, six free copies of ImageFX 2.0 will be awarded as prizes 
to the runners up in either category!
The Time and the Place:
The contest began in December, 1993 and will close on April 1st, 1994.
Judging will be completed over the month of April and the winners will be
announced on May 1st, 1994.
How to Enter:
Entries should be submitted privately via regular mail carriers or 
electronic mail (Email).  Entries must not be uploaded to any public 
forum or electronic network.  Mailed entries should be sent to 

Nova Design, Inc., 
c/o Great Valley Products, 
657 Clark Avenue, 
King of Prussia, PA 19603.  

Emailed entries should be sent, uuencoded, to one of the following 
email addresses:
GEnie:          K.WOODALL1
Compuserve:     71021,2753
GVP BBS:        (215) 337-5815 / File Attach to the SysOp
The Judges:
All entries will be judged by Nova Design, Inc.  All decisions will be 
The Rules:
All entries must be the sole creation of the submitter(s) with no rights 
being held against the entries by any other parties.
Entries must be new and original works that have not appeared previously;
either commercially or via any shareware or freeware distribution. Some 
exceptions can be made, but you will need to contact us in advance.
You can submit as many entries as you like.
Artwork must not be based off of any copywritten material (eg: video,
television, film, print, or any other previously published material).
Programs must work with, or in, ImageFX and not rely on any other 
shareware or commercial software in order to function once compiled or 
executed.  All programs must also be accompanied by full source code.
By entering this contest you are granting Nova Design, Inc. and GVP, their 
assigns or heirs, the unlimited right to use the submitted material for 
any commercial or non-commercial purposes.
Submitters, by entering this contest, grant Nova Design, Inc. and GVP the 
right to use their names and/or likenesses for promotional purposes.

Kermit Woodall
Nova Design, Inc.



With the increased popularity of Amiga Report online, Cynostic Public 
Domain of Coventry, United Kingdom, will, in co-operation with the AR 
staff, be distributing collections of Amiga Report across the world.

Each collection will contain issues of AR from the past five to six weeks,
ensuring totally full disks, providing the very best in value for 
Amiga PD.

This move was made in order to make Amiga Report more accessible by those
poor unfortunates who do not have access to a modem. We don't want them to
miss out on one of the best Amiga magazines around!

If you have any enquiries about this or any other Cynostic issue, please 
get in touch with David Cassidy at the Cynostic address, telephone, fax 
or e-mail:

			Office O1,
			Little Heath Industrial Estate,
			Old Church Road,
			CV6 7NB
			Tel:    +44 203 681687
			Fax:    +44 203 638508

Thanks for your attention!

David Cassidy,


In our ongoing policy of enhancing the scope and public perception of the
Amiga, Cynostic is now looking for new Amiga CD projects.

We already distribute a whole range of audio compact discs and cassettes,
but we are now looking for further exciting projects to broaden our range.

The projects can be anything, such as:

 -  Music compact discs
 -  Music cassettes
 -  Amiga CD-ROMs
 -  Magazines
 -  Videos

The only stipulation is that they must be either produced or in some other
way related to the Amiga home computer.

As an example of what we already stock:
"Montage" by Bjorn A Lynne (His latest music CD; the best yet!)
"Hobbits & Spaceships" by Bjorn A Lynne and Seppo Hurme
"Simplicity" by Minimal Arts, aka Volker Tripp (Jester/Sanity)

If you think you can match or beat the quality of these excellent 
productions then get in touch with us at:

			David Cassidy,
			Office O1,
			Little Heath Industrial Estate,
			CV6 7NB
			Tel:    +44 203 681687
			Fax:    +44 203 638508

We will be more than happy to hear from you!

Also, if you have any enquiries about the products mentioned here or any 
other part of Cynostic's operations, do not hesitate to get in touch!

All the best to everyone in Amigaland,

David Cassidy,


Commodore's CD32 communicates!
Eureka delivers low-cost CD32 expansion interface.

The Communicator enables CD32 to communicate with other Amiga's.
With the Communicator, you can use CD32 as  intelligent CDrom drive.
Control your CD32 from  Scala and start Audio or  even Mpeg tracks.* Or
View iff aga/pcx/gif and other CD's even on non-aga machines.
* needs Mpeg cartridge.

Uploading and starting programs on the CD32 is possible making CD32 a
powerful stand alone Computer with communication and graphics capacities
far better than CD-I! The Communicator plugs in the keyboard plug and
doesn't occupy the expansion slot.

Intelligent CDrom drive

The CD32 is a state of the art dual speed, multi-session drive.
With the Communicator up- and download files from amiga to CD32 is
achieved with a speed of upto 115200 baud! Because of intelligent
multi-tasking, both the CD32 and amiga can perform other tasks while
exchanging data, the internal logic of the communicator takes care of
error correction and insures error free data transfer.

SCALA, CD32, the Communicator and how they work together.
Scala specially wrote a new EX module for Eureka's Communicator.
With this EX module and the communicator it is now possible to control
both  audio CD's and Full motion video CD's  (when an MPEG cartridge is
installed), starting audio and Mpeg tracks on CD32 from SCALA on the
remote machine. This makes CD32 a full blown Mpeg player station for
scala. At last full motion video can be played in SCALA by
using the Communicator, the CD32 and the Mpeg cartridge.

The MIDI interface

This popular music interface MIDI is supported.
The Communicator comes with high speed MIDI IN/OUT and TRU plug.
MIDI can be used  from the CD32- or  the amiga-side.
The Communicator can also be used as stand alone MIDI interface on the
amiga or CD32.  Popular programs such as Bars&Pipes, Helm, Scala and many
more can use Midi to control anything from  keyboards upto

Connectivity and safety

The Communicator connects to the CD32 keyboard  plug, leaving the
expansion port free for Mpeg cartridges or memory expansion boards and
allowing still the keyboard plug being used (ported tru), all circuits are
protected against wrong connection and static electricity so you can
safely connect and disconnect two machines.

Viewing  CD disks

Now you can view IFF (including AGA), PCX, GIF and other
pictures on your CD32 by simply loading the picture CD in your CD32. You
can also copy pictures to your Amiga. Viewing aga pictures can be very
handy when the connected machine is non-aga such as the A500 and A2000.
The Communicator supports also a unique Photo-mode which enables it to
display PhotoCD disks.


CD32's control pad emulates  the mouse. The workbench , a terminal program
and Scala backgrounds are available on the CD. Spare room of the CD is
filled with spectacular PD software.

The Communicator package contains:

-       Communicator hardware with MIDI/Serial/keyboard plug.
-       Communicator CD crowded with the Communicator program, utilities  
        and PD software.
-       Amiga disk for installing the amiga side and manual in
        English/German and Dutch.

Eureka's Communicator has 1 year warranty.
Retail  price  will be around 250 DM including taxes. Available by the end
of february 1994.

Eureka company backgrounds
Eureka, based in Beek(L) near Maastricht, the Netherlands. Was founded in
1989. In 1992 Eureka started developing hardware
products for the amiga. It's first product was the Eurocomp, a
broadcast quality composiet and Y/C video encoder. After some
custom hardware  projects for the Dutch government, Eureka
decided to concentrate fully  on designing products for the
Amiga market. Further products are  the Afterburner
50mhz 68030 turbo for the A4000/A3000 and a Photoviewer for CD32. 

For more information or evaluation units contact Eureka,
Mr. Frank Hoen at +3146370800 Fax +3146360188

Adsteeg 10
6191 PX Beek(L)
The Netherlands

Tel. +31-46370800
Fax. +31-46360188

Commodore Distribution & Development. For more information:
Eureka, Frank Hoen
Adsteeg 10, 6191 PX
Beek(L) The Netherlands
tel. +3146370800
fax. +3146360188


AMIshare Shareware Distribution Announces:

for Southern California Inland Empire Residents:

------------========= A N N O U N C I N G =========------------

                AMIshare Shareware Distribution
         The NEWEST Amiga-Only Shareware Distributor!
               Appearing for the first time in
            Redlands Market Night, March 31 1994!!

------------========= A N N O U N C I N G =========------------

   We are a group of three Amiga enthusiasts who live here in the Inland
Empire (one in Highland, the other two in Redlands, to be precise) who
are steamed about the lack of available software applications for our
beloved computer.  Being entrepeneuring citizens, we decided to tackle
the problem head on: collecting and distributing Amiga Shareware...
However, unlike other Shareware collections, we have decided to implement
a few up-to-date features:

 1)  All shareware has been tested for Kickstart 2.0+ compatability!
     We want the Amiga community to catch up with the rest of the world,
     so we will also be offering

 2)  Kickstart Kickup! Upgrade your 500, 1000* or 2000 to 2.1!! Dont be
     stuck in a 1.3 world!  We also realize that the Amigas ARE NOT just
     game machines, so we also

     collections which are mostly utilities or games, our disks contain
     4 programs (and one MOD), one of each of the following categories:

     Data Processing       <----- One on EVERY DISK!!
     Programming Utils
     Music                 <----- One MOD on EVERY DISK!

So, if you want a little more variety in your software collection, come
on down and visit our booth on March 14th in the Redlands Market Night!
(from 6pm to 9pm on State Street)

*A1000 users need Kickstart adaptor to install the roms into a 1000

Contact Raymond Collazo ( for more