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%% CD32 - FIRST CALL FOR VOTES                                         %%
%% Adding CD32 Newsgroups to UseNet                                    %%

 unmoderated group comp.sys.amiga.cd32
 unmoderated group
 Newsgroups line: 
 comp.sys.amiga.cd32	Technical and computing talk for Commodore Amiga CD32.	Gaming talk, info and help for the Amiga CD32.
 Please read this entire post before replying.
 Votes must be received by 23:59:59 GMT, [ *** ] March 1994. 
 This vote is being conducted by a neutral third party.  For questions about
 voting contact Jan Isley <>.  For questions about the
 proposed groups contact Alan L.M. Buxey <>
 discussion for the following topics
 - using CD32 as a slave drive
 - Add-ons for the CD32 (eg FMV addition)
 - Technical talk about CD32
 - Serious issues for CD32 (piracy etc)
 - Games on the CD32
 - Peoples opinions about games out
 - Hints and tips for games
 - Rumours/lists of games available/coming
 Other discussions may occur on these groups as time goes on, CD is a new
 revolution and only time will tell what can occur.
 We are just witnessing the sudden birth of the 32-bit CDROM age, the
 past 4 months have seen a huge explosion in the interest of gaming from
 the CD. There are huge increases weekly in the numbers of silver discs
 being sold with games and serious software pressed onto them instead of
 the latest pop hit...and CD32 - which is lonely without a group is one
 of the main contenders - both as a game platform and as a pro-serious
 computing platform.
 Within the year, you will find >100,000 of CD32 machines will have
 turned into fully-fledged computer systems thanks to 2 new module
 add-ons from 3rd party developers - one, the SX1 is already available.
 Many will also have become slave CD-ROM's.
 The machine is ALSO an AMIGA <and there is no doubting this fact>
 - so many computing people will want the comp.* group - also, many 
 of the problems will be amiga type problems (of memory and how the 
 thing works in general) - this can only be dealt with by amiga people
 - not just games oriented people.
 The add-on for the A4000 to allow CD32 gaming is still in main
 development and as this is the main development platform, its release is
 imminently in the spring - exactly when the cd32 groups will finally
 But there is also no denying that the CD32 isn't a games console either,
 far from it! So the group is also required - to
 take the CD32 into the main arena for it isn't just a computing system.
 The CD32 now has 45% of the CDROM market in the UK (this is a true
 figure from the trade press) against 27% for the PC CDROM (which is
 dominated by multimedia and serious software). Admittedly, the market on
 CD32 right now is games - provoking the rec. group but what happens when
 the serious software comes out for CD32 (ie Wordworth 3, pagestream 3
 and many more such titles..- all would utilize CD medium to the full)?
 So we require the 2 groups,
 One to put all CD32 bandwidth from all comp.sys.amiga.* groups into one
 group where it can be seen clearly.
 Another for just the gamers out there who only want game discussion.
 Please do not mail this entire post.  I know what it says. :-)
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 below the bottom "-=-=-=-" line.  Do not erase anything between these
 lines and do not change the group names.
 Please give your name on the line that asks for it. For each group,
 place a YES or NO in the brackets next to it to vote for or against
 it.  If you don't want to vote on a particular group, just leave the
 space blank.  Don't worry about spacing of the columns or any quote
 characters (">") that your reply inserts.
 Then mail the ballot to:
 Just Replying to this message should work, but check the "To:" line.
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 Amiga CD32 vote Ballot    <CD32-0001> (Don't remove this marker)
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 Anything else may be rejected by the automatic vote counting program.
 The votetaker will respond to your received ballots with a personal
 acknowledgment by mail - if you do not receive one within several
 days, try again.
 It is your responsibility to make sure your vote is registered correctly.
 Only one vote per person and per account will be counted.  Addresses
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 Jan Isley, or!bagend!jan
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