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%% Amiga Report's new HELP column                                      %%

ED's Note: HELP!! is a new column that many reader's have asked for.
           The idea is simple. If you have a problem, post it here.
           Hopefully someone out there may be able to lend you a hand.
           Either reply directly to the person with the problem, or
           send it to me, and I will post your answer here.


From: (raymonD Collazo)
Subject: Usermail...

I didnt know how to get a question posted, but heres my message...


I own a Maxtor Tahiti 1 optical drive. I have it connected to an Amiga 
4000/40 via a A2091 SCSI controller. however, Im running into a problem:

   The system recognizes the drive just fine. Using HDToolbox, it 
returns the drive manufacturer, and type. however, it continually 
reports "CANT FIND DEVICE SIZE!"... After calculating out the cylinders
and setting the head/ cylinder count, I proceed to low-level format the 
drive. The drive spins for about 45 minutes, and at the end of the 
format the heads retract, however the whole system is frozen at the 



From:	"J.F. BRINKMAN " <brinkman@cid.fgg.EUR.NL>
Subject: I/O card for Amiga
To:	rniles@hebron.connected.COM


As a new Network user I've been reading your AR-mag for the last 
couple of weeks and I certainly enjoy reading it. There is a question 
lingering in my mind for some time now and I think that you or the 
readers maybe able to answer it.
Being an Amiga-amigo for 8 years now, I've never come across a certain 
kind of hardware - an I/O card. You know the type: multi-channel A/D,
a handful of timers and loads of digital I/O lines. While the PC 
world is flooded with this kind of hardware, most if not all of the 
Amiga hardware (add-ons) is dedicated to sound and vision. 
So I've started to make my own I/O card. Still I wonder, have I 
missed something here or are there really no commercially available 
I/O cards for the Amiga (perhaps because nobody wants one) ?

Keep up the good AR-Mag.

    J.F. Brinkman
    Erasmus University Rotterdam 
    Dept. CID-EA Ee1934
    POBOX 1738

E-Mail  :
FAX     : +31 (0)10 - 4363389