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%% Filling the Gap                                     by Robert Niles %%
%%                                %%

There are many commercial magazines that are quite well known to 
Amiga users. Here I wanted to talk about two magazines or 
newsletters that might not be as well known, but deserve the 
attention of the Amiga community.

The first is Geoffrey William's Computer Artist & Videographer 
Report, which is often presented as "The CAV Report". 

Geoffrey Williams is a long time writer for the Amiga, and has 
written articles for several magazines.

The CAV Report entails a monthly 6-page newsletter containing the 
latest news, business forecasts, and helpful advise. Subscribers 
also receive a monthly disk. Each disk covers something specific 
on graphics or video. All text is in a hypertext interface, and 
also includes useful freely distributable software. All set up and 
easy to use.

Quarterly the subscriber will receive HyperMedia Journal. 
Hypermedia Journal is filled with articles, tutorials, and 
reviews. Much of which is interactive. (See AR208)

I found the CAV Report to be a great addition to the Amiga 
community. Geoffrey's commentary is insiteful, and truthful. His 
articles give down to earth news that even those not interested in 
video related topics can enjoy. 

The second newsletter is called, XPress - The Amiga CAD 
newsletter. Like The CAV Report, this newsletter comes both on 
paper and on disk. XPress is for those of you who don't have a 
resource into using CAD software on the Amiga. XPress is filled 
with interesting articles, and is nicely complimented with 
pictures, which make the tutorials much more interesting and 

XPress is interesting enough for the professional and the casual 
user of CAD programs. XPress details what you need to do a 
project, and how to use make the most of what you have.

XPress is published quarterly. As stated each issue contains a 
disk or freely distributable software, sample drawings, demos, 
IFFs and more.

I sincerely suggest you take a look into both of these 
newsletters. Both are extremely well done, and can fill in the 
gap, where the commercial magazines fail to go.

The CAV Report
Subscription price: $80/year for 12 printed reports and 17 disks
1833 Verdugo Vista Drive
Glendale, CA 90218
Voice or fax: 818-240-9845

Subscription price: $15/year for 4 printed reports and disks
Bob Miller-Rhees
8231 NE Paulanna Lane
Bainbridge Island, Wa 98110