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%% Philosophical Wax                                    By Jason Compton %%
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There's a thread on comp.sys.amiga.misc going about the predjudice in the
general and computer news media against the Amiga and Commodore in general.
I've noted it before and won't make a general, damning statement even
though the list is endless.  Instead, I want to focus on one particular
organization which long-time readers of Amiga Report might remember:

Back when Amiga Report carried NewsBytes reports weekly, I noticed that
the coverage of Amiga information in them suddenly seemed to dry up one day.
Puzzled, I did a bit of asking around and got their mail address, sent off
a letter explaining who I was and asked my question: "Why not more
support?"  I got a letter back asking me, in effect, why NewsBytes was in
Amiga Report in the first place, since according to her (Wendy Woods,
NewsBytes editor) we had no right to publish it.  I told Rob Glover
(Remember him?  Our old editor?) who was puzzled since he got permission to
run it.  No, Ms. Woods told me, we had to pay a bunch of money to her and
that Visa or MasterCard would be fine.  Still no answer to my question,
but since I felt so bad for creating the situation I didn't say anything.
For a little while.  Finally, once we lost NewsBytes coverage, I wrote her
back ONCE AGAIN asking for an explanation for the lack of Amiga coverage.
That was probably a month and a half ago.  Thanks, Wendy, for being so

On a brighter side, Commodore International and MOST of its subsidiaries
are still in business.  :)

Seriously, Commodore should have hired Atari's publicist.  A company with
a stock value of 75 cents tells the world they've got a cool game
machine, and it goes up above 10 dollars?  It wasn't overnight, but
still...a company that can't build its own machines has people excited?
And we get upset when Commodore shuts plants down and 1200s are in short
supply?  Yep, it could be better and it could be worse for us.

On a final note:  It has been encouraging to see the submissions increase
for AR.  I think we're on a path to do well.  I also wish the best of
luck to CD^32View Magazine.  I hope it works out as well for you as it
has here.