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From: (Steve Herring)
Subject: NewTek Announcement

I've heard that NewTek is going to be requesting Toaster created
video/graphics from user groups.  These Toaster creations will be
demonstrated in Las Vegas at the National Association of Broadcasters
Convention (NAB).  If anyone has a creation they'd like some exposure for,
contact Christina Knighton at NewTek, or leave Internet E-Mail to me, and I
can give you more info.  When I get the letter to User Groups, I'll send it
to Amiga Report!  

Videos should be at LEAST first generation S-VHS.  And graphics files are
preferred to be in RGB format. 

For more info, leave E-Mail to me, Steve Herring at:

or call Christina Knighton at NewTek:

Tell her that you heard it from Steve Herring! :)


Subject: world of commodore info

hi!!just read ar 2.07, great setup!
you mentioned that you heard that world of commodore in new york was cancelled
sadly this is true, i talked to Karen at Ramige management and she confirmed
my suspicions. she found out that Jeff S had resigned after winter ces.
after finding this out karen decided to cancel the show due to the fact
that there is no one in the CEO slot in commodore now. she does not want
to risk it until there is someone running the show. she did confirm that
pasedena in december is still on!!!

Also i just got a a1200 with wb 3.0 and can't get multiview working for
Amiga Report (reports "wrong data type")      
any ideas?


[Ed: Can anyone with 3.x help him with the problem with the datatypes?]


From:	Roy Teale <>
Subject: something for Amiga Report

*** Happiness is a working A2630  ***
( and a Picasso ][ )

As luck(?) would have it, the very day that AmigaReport 207 (see "Slow-
Machine, Great Display Blues" in that issue) came out, my A2630 came back
from Kasara Microsystems.  Where nobody else could help me, Kasara came
through.  The board worked great the first time I plugged it in!  So,
much thanks to John from Kasara, and they can count on me doing business
with them in the future.

BTW, The Picasso ][ works just perfect in my A2000/2630 setup.
I am very impressed!  (I know, I know...  I should try using it in an
A3000.)  I'm really looking forward to AmigaDOS3.1, as well as
software updates for the Picasso drivers (which are available for
anonymous ftp at as they are released).  So far,
A2000/3000 users are limited to a 16-color Workbench with Picasso (of
course, this is a limit imposed by AmigaDOS, not the Picasso).

Any users out there who wish to get on the Picasso mailing list (whose
purpose is to inform and to discuss, not to flame) can send a message
to  The message should
say:  "subscribe Picasso" in the body of the message (you can leave
the Subject: line blank).