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%% MS-DOS Blues                                       by Shane Bumpurs %%
%%                                            UH9311@VicVX1.Vic.UH.EDU %%

I have upgraded from an IBM Reply 50Mhz-486slc to an
IBM ValuePoint DX33- with OverDrive Processor. This 
is a work funded machine or I wouldn't have one.

I still can't format a disk with file manager and run anything else.

I get and "out of resources" error when running Excel and I've got 16Megs.

When I run in 24-bit 640x480 mode the mouse flickers and kinda drags along.

I still can't get any better sound than beeps and boops. (unless I plunk
   cash down for a sound card. I don't think so Tim.)  The windows sounds
   using the speaker-driver freeze the machine on high-quality mode.

I still haven't found a ray-tracer that makes better output than the Amiga 

I still witness StRaNgE shut downs in Windows at my work place.

I still can't play any REAL neat games from Windows.

I still can't play any REAL neat games without renaming my config.sys &

I am still wondering where and what stealth memory is REALLY.

I still want a New Amiga.

The neat games are on the IBM because the cash is there.  I have played
Wolfenstein 3D, Blake Stone, and Doom.  They're cool indeed but there is
no real reason why they couldn't be ported to the Amiga.

Honestly, I think we will all be whipping a dead horse unless Commodore
doesn't change their ways.  I have my old Amiga down because my Monitor
croaked and I'm not sure if I should buy a new one or not.  The monitary
news looks bleak (if its true).  Commodores image is like the invisible
man.  No one has seen it, so no one will trust it.  I'm waiting for the
Amiga 5000 I _WILL_ buy it if they make it till the end of this year
when I hear it will be out.  They have a good product that only the
so called "fanatical" customers will endorse.  It is a great machine and
has great potential, its just a shame when anyone that knows about it
mentions it they get a response like, "Amiga what?  What is that? From
Commodore?  Like the 64 no doubt."  I'm honestly sorry the world chose
VHS versus Betamax and is now choosing IBM versus Amiga.  I'll stand fast
because I have the so called best of IBM and I'm not impressed.  Macs are
OK but they are still less interesting than the Amiga.

The road to success - Sooner or Later?

I think the following things will get Commodore back on track with
the key lying in the CD32 court.  I'll talk as if Commodore were 
listening. (its kindof a dream of mine.)

Continue with CD32 but do U.S. Advertising, only in America can a cool
commercial change peoples buying habits quickly.  Or maybe not Europe
could do with similar commercials.

Suggestions for Commercials:
Do a snazzy quick flashing commercial with heart thumping music with 
flashy text of Commodore CD32 and show some kids playing it wildly.  Have
a wicked sounding voice guy introduce it calling it the first 32 bit CD etc.
Use black backgrounds to project a hard core game image.  Then flash lotsa 
pictures of Platform games (Zool, James Pond etc) and ending the commercial 
with Microcosm playing on screen.  If possible try to squeeze in some sport
game (socker, football, hocky anything will do) for the older kid-sport 
jock types.  Also throw in Mortal Kombat (if available) or Body Blows 
too this will associate a hit game on other platforms and give even 
more appeal. (As more nifty games come in update the commercial especially
any 3D Wolfenstein Style games.)

Maybe a second commercial later on after the first one comes on, do the 
CD-player bit.  Use white backgrounds because it gives a clean cut image 
in mind.  Still have the same kind of flashy text but have a different
announcer guy with maybe a British accent talking about the CD-Quality
sound etc. Show the CD-Player interface and play a few pieces of Beethoven,
Rolling Stones (if possible), and something a bit rock-pop modern like
Pocket Full of Kryptonite from the Spin Doctors.  Have the announcer 
give the goodies on its movie playing ability and give somekind of relative
quality versus VHS etc. Then zoom onto the MPEG player bit and maybe 
list 2 or 3 titles that are already available "at you nearest dealer"  
Absolutely give a 800 number to find nearest dealer.

Get AAA out as fast as possible leaning development toward the New Generation
CD^64 but for goodness sake do whatever possible to make someway for it
to still play CD32 titles.  Anything maybe a AGA cartridge or piggyback board
or something easy to install.  This is crutial, if not CD32 user will be 
ticked and won't upgrade because the next generation after AAA will 
"probably" not run AAA stuff.  If you can't swing it, at least to a decent
upgrade offer for CD32 owners.

After the AAA version is ready.  Do similar commercials lean heavily on
the graphics (show pictures-no specs yet).  Lay on the thick voiced announcer
to then talk about the CD speed and 16 million colors in real time and 3d
graphics rendering engine, enhanced sound etc. all while crisp music is 
playing.  It doesn't have to be a real CD just real crisp music, I'm sure
if you used a real CD someone would want some cash for it so better off
without it.

It wouldn't hurt after this stuff hits and stirrs up a bit to talk about
the workstation of the future, Amiga 4000 etc.  Specs are good here!
IF your gonna do a Mac hybrid with the emplant like the rumors say, 
throw in the compatibility thing then mention IBM compat. with 
"hardware emulation modules" coming soon. Do the A5000 thickly coat 
the commercial with mention of the RISC cpu upgrade allowing 
Microsoft NT Compatibility.  Show the OS off man for sure show more than
one process going at the same time.  Format a disk, run terminal software,
spread sheet or word processor then, mention (as if we didnt expect) the
chess game running in the back ground.  This would be sufficient to
curtail the IBMers from trying the same thing their poor old terminal
software would croak, if it would even run while formating a disk.

The CD^64, Emplant 4000 and A5000 are based of of the rumor mill in
AR201.  But this plan would bring things back to "normal" for Commodore
even possibly put things back in the green like the old C64 days.

Anyway I feel better now I think I can go to sleep now knowing I said my

             (Arguments are welcome I have too much to do 
              already and it would just top my day off.)

Shane Bumpurs - Computer Addict