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Jaeger Software at Portal
The Amiga Zone is pleased to announce the addition of another
new company to our Vendor area.  

"Go amiga;3" to get to the Vendor area, then select your choice
from the menu. Any and all of our Vendor areas can be added to
your Portal subscriptions. Just enter the area of your choice
and type "sub" to subscribe.

Here is info about our newest vendor: Jaeger Software, Inc. :

Welcome to the Jaeger Software, Inc. customer support area.
Jaeger Software is a small company based in Rockville, Md that 
specializes in computer flight simulation. From the detailed aerodynamic 
model to the lightning-fast frame rate, the Fighter Duel series is known 
for simulating the "feel" of flying. With a full selection of aircraft and 
added features, the latest entry, Fighter Duel Pro 2 delivers the flight 
simulation package for the serious aviator.

Regional, National and International tournaments using Fighter Duel Pro 2 
are regulary staged. To get in on them, contact Drew Dorman, national
tournament coordinator at 1-314-367-3916 or email him at
Jaeger representative, Matt Shaw will check in regularly to answer any
questions on Jaeger products. 

As of 2/1/94 Jaeger has released four products.

Fighter Duel - Corsair vs. Zero RELEASED 12/91:
- The original Hi-res Interlace WWII flight simulator.
- Featured 24-29 frame per second smoothness even while playing over 

Fighter Duel Pro 1.0 RELEASED 11/92:
- Brought the individually modelled aircraft number to 16.
- You may fly against two enemy aircraft at one time.
- Added analog rudder control.
- Introduced our unique ability to connect a second Amiga as a Rearview.
- New Tournament and score keeping abilities.

Fighter Duel Pro Flight Recorder RELEASED 3/93:
- All the features of FDPro1 with the ability to use FDPro's accurate
  aerodynamic model to make smooth and natural looking flight path data for
  use in popular Amiga 3D rendering software such as Newtek's Lightwave 3D,
  Impulse's Imagine, and Virtual Reality Lab's VistaPro.
- Flight Recorder is used as a tool on such tv show's as NBC's SeaQuest DSV.
Fighter Duel Pro 2 RELEASED 1/94:

FDPro2 has all the features of FDPro1 plus..

- Compatibility with both AGA and original chipsets.  Thirty-five percent
  performance increase with Amiga 1200 & 4000 models displaying the
  AGA 640 x 400 Hi-res No Flicker video mode.
- The super planes, including the German ME-262 jet, the rocket-powered 
  Komet, the TA-152H version of the FW-190, the ME-110, the Japanese 
  KI-84, the Russian Yak-3, the American  F2G Corsair and P-61 Black 
  Widow, and arguably the best fighter of WWII, the British Mark XIV 
  Spitfire. This brings the number of individually modelled and flight 
  tested aircraft to a total of twenty-five.
- Fly against a 4 aircraft formation, with individual fuselage colors and
  markedly improved aggressiveness and tracking abilities.  Plus, change 
  the foe aircraft type during flight.
- A redesigned gunnery system that accurately plots bullet trajectories 
  and includes a sophisticated lead-computing gunsight.
- Keyboard equivalents for all aircraft functions.
- Instant view keys for use in all modes with the ability to lock the 
  view, including the rear view playermode.
- View control with "Hat" switch on Thrustmaster and the new CH 
  Flightstick Pro analog sticks.
- A shaded sky distinguished by smoothness and color accuracy. 
- Additional types of aircraft damage, war emergency power boost, plus 
  unlimited ammo option.
- A new and improved pre-flight interface using point and click selections.
- Automatic detection and utilization of advanced processors and larger 
  memory systems.
- New one-player modes including a tourney start against a foe, a wingman
  mode where you fly wing with one computer controlled aircraft and battle
  two others, and a stationary gunnery mode where you man an anti-aircraft 
  machine gun while attacked by computer controlled aircraft.
- The two-player hookup system now features 1200-9600 baud modem as well as
  null modem cable support and phonebook storage of your FDPro 2 opponent's
  phone numbers.
- A "chat" mode that allows in-flight communication in two-player modes, 
  plus the ability to send preset comments with a single keystroke.
- With a two-player hookup it is now possible to battle computer-controlled
  foes, either as a M-E110 or P-61 pilot and gunner, or lead and wing 

CBP Announces Service for Computer Artists and Videographers
February 1, 1994

For Immediate Release
Contact: Belle Daily

CBP is pleased to announce Geoffrey Williams' Computer Artist and 
Videographer Report. Written for professionals creating video or graphics
using the Amiga computer or Video Toaster, the CAV Report helps them keep
abreast of the rapidly changing market. 
Subscribers receive the monthly Computer Artist and Videographer Report, a 
six page newsletter containing the latest news, business forecasts and 
advice. Often with news just a few days old, it offers information far 
more timely than from any other printed source, and it presents it in a 
clear, honest, and direct fashion. It also includes a regular column on 
business techniques and practices for the working professional. The report 
contains no advertising or filler. 

They also receive the Intro Disk, which uses the standard Installer to add 
the latest libraries and other important utilities to the subscriber's 
computer. It includes a powerful disk cataloger with databases for disks 
available through CBP, and useful compression software.

The most unique part of the service is the monthly disk, each one on a 
specific graphics or video topic. Each disk has an extensive hypertext 
interface written by Geoffrey Williams that makes using them a snap, even 
for those new to computers. The problems with using the included freely 
distributable programs have been eliminated, as they are automatically 
configured, and fully integrated into the hypertext interface. Running a 
program is as simple as clicking on its name in the text that describes 
what it does. Besides just giving you useful tested software, the disks 
give you an understanding of what the software does and under what 
situations you would want to use it, as well as background information 
about the topic itself and interactive glossary definitions. 

Geoffrey is well known for his extensive knowledge of FD software, and 
he gathers it from sources around the world.

Also included is the quarterly HyperMedia Journal, a hypertext disk based 
magazine with articles, tutorials, and reviews, much of it interactive. 
Tutorials can take control of the program they are discussing, and teach 
interactively, and readers can click on unfamiliar terms for instant 
definitions. It includes original material as well as electronically 
distributed news and articles. 
Subscribers receive a total of 17 disks and the monthly printed report.

Geoffrey Williams is an Amiga columnist and respected writer on video and 
multimedia, and his writing appears regularly in professional publications. 
He has created videos, interactive kiosks, and multimedia presentations for 
a wide variety of industrial clients. The CAV Report is published by 
Creative Business Presentations, a company that has done computer based 
presentations and publishing on an international scale. 

Subscription price is $80 per year. For more information, contact 
CBP, 1833 Verdugo Vista Drive, Glendale, CA 90218, (818) 240-9845.

CBP Publications announces Geoffrey Williams' History of Games
For Immediate Release
Contact: Belle Daily 

CBP Publications is pleased to announce Geoffrey Williams' History of 
Games, a digital interactive hypertext book. Witty, entertainingly 
written, and exhaustively researched, Geoffrey Williams' History 
of Games is one of the most extensive game histories ever written. 
It also goes beyond traditional publishing by incorporating a powerful 
graphics based hypertext interface, allowing the reader to click on icons
or key words to jump to other subjects, follow hypertext links, or play 
the game described in the text. 

Geoffrey has carefully collected the best PD games in the various 
categories and added additional games he wrote to make the collection 
more complete.  Readers will be able to interactively play over 100 
games, for thousands of hours of reading and entertainment.

The topics covered include board games, card and dice games, arcades 
(pinball to video), the history of computing and computer games, gambling,
carnival games, puzzles, eyeplay (the history of optical illusions), word 
play (everything from self-referential sentences to word play poetry and 
party games), mathematical games, games of logic, and even a little magic.

The intitial release is on floppy diskette for the Amiga computer, with a 
CD-ROM for the Mac, PC, and Amiga platforms available in the last quarter 
of 1994. For more information, contact:
CBP, 1833 Verdugo Vista Drive, 
Glendale, CA 91208, (818) 240-9845.