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%% Emulation Rambler                                    By Jason Compton %%
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Welcome back, emulation fans.  I'll delve into Emplant Part Four, with
some 4.0 and some A-Max updates...

Emplant Updates and a Quicker Way

Emplant V4.0 is out, with the long-promised Amiga serial support.  I don't
have it up and running yet.  There have been the usual installation
problems, but that's usual.  L. Todd Masco has set up a mailing list for
the new updates.  To get on the list, send some mail to  There are over 60 people on the list now
and 4.0 IS mailing.  Something got garbled in my copy, however, which is
why I don't have it yet.  The mailings are pretty fast.  I got it Tuesday,
and I heard about it no earlier than this past Sunday.  It's considerably
easier than trying to get through to Utilities Unlimited's BBS.

Benchmarks!  Yeah!

I turn my column over to Mauricio Piacentini for a time, who has been
instrumental in providing me with benchmarks and reviewing Emplant-run
software I can't get my hands on (you'll see that momentarily)  For now,
here are his Speedometer readings for an Amiga 4000/040 with EGS Spectrum
board and Mac emulation software V3.91.  I'll include the entire list,
since it's the only one this issue...ready?

 System Information:
 Computer: Mac Quadra 900
 CPU: MC68040
 FPU: Integral FPU
 Color Quickdraw: 2.30 (32 Bit QD)
 System Version: 7.1.6
 Finder Version: 7.1
 AppleTalk Version: Not Loaded
 LaserWriter Version: Not Found
 StyleWriter Version:Not Found
 ImageWriter Version: Not Found
 ROM Version: $0178
 ROM Size: 256
 Bit Depth: 8
 Horizontal DPI: 72
 Vertical DPI: 72
 Primary Screen Size: 640 x 480
 Physical RAM: 14336K
 Logical RAM: 14336K
 Addressing Mode: 32 bit
 Alias Manager: Present
 Apple Events: Present
 Comm. Toolbox: 7.1.6
 Script Manager: 7.1.6
 Text Edit: Version 5
 Time Manager: Version 3 (Extended)
 P.R. Results (Uses Mac Classic as 1.0):
 CPU: 14.416
 Graphics: 4.557
 Disk: 2.872     Name of Hard Disk tested: MACDiskao
 Math: 113.936
 Performance Rating (OLD PR): 19.102
 Performance Rating (NEW PR): 6.094
 Benchmark Results (Uses Mac Classic as 1.0):
 KWhetstones: 1666.666     228.310
 Dhrystones: 18072.289     18.548
 Towers: 17.828
 QuickSort: 15.147
 Bubble Sort: 17.234
 Queens: 18.320
 Puzzle: 19.485
 Permutations: 19.543
 Fast Fourier: 158.662
 F.P. Matrix Multiply: 120.129
 Integer Matrix Multiply: 18.413
 Sieve: 12.889
 Benchmark Average: 55.376
 FPU Tests (Uses Mac II as 1.0):
 FFPU Fast Fourier: 8.944
 FPU KWhetstones: 3749.999     5.250
 FPU F.P. Matrix Mult.: 7.166
 FPU Test Average: 7.120
 Color Tests (Uses Mac II as 1.0):
 Black & White: 0.000
 4 Colors: 0.000
 16 Colors: 0.000
 256 Colors: 2.138
 Color Test Average: 2.138
Just to recap, when I last posted his results under I believe Emplant 3.4,
the CPU rating was .3 lower and the Math rating was 40 points lower.  Not
too bad of an improvement, I'm led to say.  One thing that puzzles me is
that the FPU average is actually LOWER this time, at 7.12 compared to the
previous 7.336.  Strange.  Perhaps the FPU routines were not improved at
the expense of better regular math routines.  I can't say.  Any theories?

A program that doesn't work!

I've actually found a program that just does not work with any acceptable
functionality on the Emplant:  Graphical Analysis by Vernier Software.
It's basically a small program which allows you to enter data and plot it
on a few different types of graphs.  The problem is that all of the data
gets garbage tacked onto the end of it.  The result is unacceptable.  The
copyright date is 1991, so I cannot be sure if it is a System 7.1 or 32-
bit addressing conflict.  I can't verify either from Emplant (24-bit mode
eludes me), but I do know it runs on A-Max II under System 6.0.5.  It
also works on "real" Macs under 6.0.7, and I am almost positive I have
seen it on System 7.

More Mauricio!

I admit, I have been falling a little behind in terms of getting
more Mac programs to test out.  I promise this will improve, and I
won't hesitate to update you on new programs I encounter even after
the Emplant/A-Max IV series has ended.  Mauricio comes to my rescue
with some information on programs I wouldn't have much chance of
rounding up on my own...
Adobe Photoshop 2.5: "Performs flawlessly with Emplant 3.91, and
it's very fast...24-bit modes are too slow to use, except for a
quick view of your work-in-progress."  (he does say that 256 is
Fractal Painter 2.0: "A strange bug: it can only be used one time!
When it quits, it tries to write something to the file 'Painter
settings', and this file can't be used again!!  The solution is to
reinstall the file, or move a previous saved copy over to the
corrupted one.  Not very good..."
After Effects 1.1: "Works solidly with Emplant."
Premiere: "Quicktime editing is ok, Quicktime playback on my system is
equal to a Quadra 900".
Paint Alchemy Photoshop plug-in: "Crashes every time it previews
something.  I think this is not an Emplant problem, because Paint
Alchemy crashes randomly when used with a Quadra 800, so let's not blame
Jim on that."

If anyone has a suggestion as to how to move large amounts of files back
and forth between Emplant (we're talking faster than using the transfer
utility), let him know at  For
that matter, let me know, so I can let everyone else know.  His current
plan is to use a PC-formatted Syquest cartridge and access it by both

Promises for the future

I've got PageMaker coming, I've got some more games and assorted
utilities to run, and I now have A-Max IV.


I DO have Emplant Mac V4.0 right now.  Next week will be a complete look,
but for now, here's some selected bits of information from the text files
in the new release:

Amiga serial and back-and-forth text clipping is now supported.

The new multi-os.device bugs are being hammered out.

Some i/o has been improved.

The menus have changed and the config screen can be iconified.

Both Emplant serial ports now support AppleTalk.

Chauna is Jim's wife.

Finally, the best piece of news for potential Emplant buyers: Emplant
now supports the original v1.1 and v1.2 256k Mac ROMs, the ones
without high density support.  Apparently, Mac dealers and suppliers
are literally throwing these things away, and can be had for very
cheap, if for anything at all.  Emplant will use them and still
supports high density drives.

That's it for this week.  Keep the emulators warm.

P.S. There's also a comment in there that reads: "Special input to
Denny Atkin for his input and unbiased reviews.  :-)".  I know who Mr.
Atkin is, but I don't get the joke.