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%% The Editor's Desk                                     By Robert Niles %%

Well, did you hear? Stac won against the computer industry giant Microsoft.
Nobody thought they would. But personally I'm glad they did. As for the
first time those at Microsoft know that they are going to have a hard
time beating up on the little guys. $120 Million might not mean much to
Microsoft, but it's a good slap in the face.

Well the  CD32  sales in Europe are looking good. A report from the UK
stated that the CD32 is the leading CD game machine over there. The CD32
is taking up 39.4% of the market, with the second place winner going to
MegaCD. And Philips CD-I taking up the rear with only 1.8%.

Someone also report seeing an advertisement in Canada. I don't know how 
that might come along for those who are in the US, but it's a start. It 
looked as if the commercial was done by one of the local dealers.

I did see a boring CD-I commercial the other day. It wasn't all that bad,
but was extremely repetative, and a little hoaky. This guy want to know the
meaning of life. So somehow he gets to the "Wall". Anyways the "Wall" goes
and shows him about some of the software available. And a few other 
off the "Wall" people came into view a female named "help".

Very strange indeed, but it does underscore one point. That marketing
is an important part of selling a product or service. Mareting is
precisely what CBM needs to do. I don't care about the costs. Ask
anyone who sell a product or service.

We found out that since CBM Australia is no longer in existance that
there will be warrentee support for those of you covered. A company 
called CompuAid will be taking over. I don't have more information
on that but will try to get it to those concerned next week.

Edward Anderson ( has asked that we carry a
classifieds section in AR. Now I'm all for this, except for the
problem in which it could increase the size of AR quite a bit.
I have no idea how much, but this is what he proposes:


I had thought about the size increase myself, and I personally would not 
mind. It only takes me 5 minutes to download Amiga Report at 2400, but I 
understand some people have download limits.  

I don't think it's ever a good idea to limit the size of any magazine even if
if it's an online magazine.  I was always more excited when I could download
a larger AR###.LHA file (More Amiga Stuff!).  IMHO I feel that a classifieds
section is at least as important as the 'Dealer Directory'.  A local amiga
user will probably be closer to me than a dealer (more approachable too).
If either of these sections are large, I'd feel that the Amiga Computing seen
is a hot bed of activity.

Also, We could control the size of the Classified's Section by having
a highly formalized classified Ad:

	3 - 4 Lines

We could put these ads in two column format.  Price is free, of course.

What do you think?


So please let either him or I know what you think on this.

In the meantime, let's get on with the show!