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	Window Daemon - Control Intuition Windows and Screens


	Distribution version 1.6


	David Swasbrook

	E-mail address:


	Window Daemon gives extended control to intuition windows
	and screens through HotKeys and Arexx. In addition there
	is better workbench drawer manipulation, you can close
	the current drawer window when opening another drawer,
	and when closing a drawer can open its parent
	automatically. Using a hotkey you can manage the task
	priority owning the current window and even suspend the
	task. Also the active window can be brought to the front
	or pushed to the back by simply holding down both mouse


	1. Arexx, Commodities and Locale Support.

	2. HotKey and Arexx support to manipulate the currently active
	   window and screen. Standard window controls are avalable
	   such as Zip, Close, Size, ToFront, ToBack, NextScreen,  etc...
	   Also can suspend tasks and modify priorities.

	3. Able to close the parent window of a drawer when opened on
	   "Workbench" if CONTROL is held down. (Only available under
	   kickstart V39 or higher)

	4. Can open parent window of a "Workbench" drawer when the
	   drawer closed if CONTROL is held down.

	5. Closes all "Workbench" drawers when a drawer is closed if
	   either of the ALT keys are held down.

	6. Specialized options to forcefully close windows and screens,
	   and also to remove tasks that own the active window.

	7. Font sensitive interface.


	OS release 2.04 or newer is required.

	"matrix.library" version 23.1770 required. (included in archive)

	Hypertext compatable document. (ie. MultiView/AmigaGuide)

	Commodore installer.

	Distribution is archived with lha so program to
	un-archive them is needed. 

	This archive is an update of the WindowDaemon10.lha archive.

	New features:

		* Locale support

		* User interface added to configure hotkeys

		* Several bugs fixed.


	Software has been uploaded to the Aminet Site:   pub/aminet/

	and will be readily available on other Aminet sites.




	WindowDaemon16.lha   -   Window Daemon binaries and documentation

	Shareware. Contributions are gratefully accepted.


	Freely distributable as long as the contents of the archive
	are kept in tact. Window Daemon is shareware, and may not be
	included in any other distribution or used for commercial
	use without my express permission.

	E-mail address for bug reports and fixes: or