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%% Take another look!                                  by Thomas Reamer %%
%%                                          %%

Hello once again!  It is a pleasure to write for the Amiga Report.  I plan to
do my part as much as possible to keep the Report alive.  Being that there is
an obvious shortage of Amiga magazines here in the States, we must all attempt
to do our part to keep at least ONE of them alive!  Specially when that 'one'
just happens to be the mere price of a phone call.  I personally did not "pick
up" an Amiga Report until I was told to by a buddy of mine.  If not for him I
probably would not be writing at this time.  So in short, pass the word on to
each and every Amiga owner!  Hell, print it out for even that IBM or Mac friend
you have!  There is never a dull moment in Amigaland.

I wanted to write more about the CD32 but I figured I would hold off a bit. 
Wouldn't want to overload you with to much info.  Can you ever have enough?  I
try to think back to the days when I stood proud to say the word Commodore.  It
seems so far now. Starting out with a 1 meg A500 and 2 floppy drives as most
people do, I was so excited to tell everyone I can how awesome Commodore is and
how Amiga games blow away their Nintendo or their computer in both graphics and
sound.  Well, I am past the 500 past the 2000 and now own a A4000/040.  I am
proud to own the computer but not proud to live under Commodore.  Many people
have lost their respect for the company. Not because of the products.  The
products are fantastic but the company that supplies them has left the poor
Amiga owner here in the United States rather tongue tied. Out in the cold, left
without even 1 television commercial.  Not even a radio commercial.  Not even a
non-Amiga magazine ad.  Left to say "I own an Amiga, you probably never heard
of one but....".  Maybe this isn't so bad?  Did we buy our Amiga's to be with
the crowd?  No...Did we buy our Amiga's because they were just a computer?  NO!
 We bought our Amiga because they are the best.  The best there can be.  I need
not tell you about it's capabilities.  It is just that-that keeps us fighting
for our honor for our Amiga. Nearly everything it does puts a smile on your
face.  Nearly every time you turn it on you find something new.  Nearly
everytime you watch something on TV you can stand proud to say "THE AMIGA DID

     So, although the Amiga is not the most popular name here in the states,
although it is not in every store and every TV commercial and every magazine
ad, to us it is the best, it is beyond others.  To us it is a friend, one to
help out, one to have a damn good time playing with.  One to be honored for
what you own.  It is not easy to be an Amiga owner in the United States.  One
receives allot of slack for even owning one.  But a Viper isn't seen on every
corner, but it is one of the best.  It is not sales that make a fantastic
product, it is the name under the plastic plate.  Ours happens to be AMIGA.