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    Scientific Amigan: Call for Authors
  Scientific Amigan is in search of writers with experiences in research,
development, or design with Amigas.  If you have used or written techni-
cal software for the Amiga, SA wants your reviews or descriptions.  SA
publishes Amiga hardware design information, as well.  Since our readers
often publish papers or other technical material, information on technical
publishing is welcome.

  Scientific Amigan is the only publication devoted to the technical
Amiga user.  It is a monthly newsletter, providing access to a disk and
reprint library containing information and software related to the news-
letter articles.  Readers span the spectrum of technology, from chemistry
to aerospace engineering, electrical engineering, physics, mathematics,
and other fields.  Subscribers from Hong Kong to Norway (and mostly in
the United States) are eager to find out how to get the most from their

  Please consider writing for Scientific Amigan now.  Start by sending
email or mail for an Author's Guide.  A sample issue is also available.

                   Walter Lounsbery, Publisher
                   Scientific Amigan
                   POB 60685
                   Savannah, GA   31420-0685


Conference on Portal!!

             Online Conference with Terra Nova Development
              March 2, 1994 in the Chat Area  (go chat;2)
              beginning at 7pm (Pacific), 10pm (Eastern)

On Wednesday, March 2, Terra Nova Development will host a conference
with these giveaway prizes:

  `The Labyrinth of Time' for CD32, CDTV and Amigas with CD-ROM drives
  `Magic Lantern' 1.5 animation software for Amiga displays, Retina,
                     Picasso II, Opalvision, EGS and Spectrum displays
  `Designer Objects Vol. I:  Diner' for Imagine
  `Designer Objects Vol. I:  Diner' for Lightwave

  Bradley W. Schenck and Michal Todorovic of Terra Nova will be on hand
to answer questions about all of these products.

  `The Labyrinth of Time', published by Electronic Arts in the United
Kingdom, is a 270 room ray traced adventure/puzzle solving game which was
created on Amiga systems with off-the-shelf Amiga graphics tools like
Imagine, Art Department Professional, and Vistapro.  It's now available
for MS-DOS  machines in VGA and SVGA as well as Amigas, CDTV and CD32.

  A Macintosh version of the game is near release.

  Although the CD32/Amiga/CDTV version was published in December it's
still a rare find on this side of the Atlantic.  So come to the Terra
Nova conference and be the first on your block to own a copy, and
this is your chance to ask questions to the guys who created these
exciting new Amiga products!

See you there!


(Courtesy of Portal's Amiga Zone)

               New Upgrade of PEGGER Image Compression Software
Columbia, MO -- February 11, 1994
     Heifner Communications Inc. is proud to announce the availability of
v1.3 of their product, PEGGER, an automated image compression system for
Commodore Amiga computers.  PEGGER v1.3 brings drastically improved support
for the NewTek Framestore format used in the popular Video Toaster product.
"We are pleased to offer the finest support of NewTek's Framestore format
found in any 3rd party software currently on the market", said Heifner
Communications President, Greg Heifner.  "We have become well aware over
the past months that many of our customers are Toaster owners and we felt
that improving the product's performance for them was an important goal."
Not only is PEGGER v1.3 much faster when compressing and decompressing
Framestore images but also provides incredible broadcast quality while
maintaining high compression levels. 
     PEGGER v1.3 also provides support for compression of pre-buffered
Toaster CG Framestore pages as well as automatic support for compression and
decompression of IFF and JPEG images from the Macintosh.  In addition, we
have listened to our users and implemented some of their suggestions to
improve the software.
     This upgrade of PEGGER is so important that we have decided to provide
a free upgrade to all currently registered owners of the product.  If you
have already sent in your PEGGER registration card you will automatically
receive PEGGER v1.3.  In addition, a patch file to upgrade either PEGGER
v1.1 or PEGGER v1.2 to v1.3 will be placed on all electronic services,
including Internet, for the benefit of those PEGGER owners who have access
to these services.
     ATTENTION DEALERS/DISTRIBUTORS:  We will be providing dealers and
distributors a demonstration video tape explaining PEGGER and showing
off its capabilities as well as some cool animations that were originally
compressed using PEGGER.  You can share the video tape with your customers
and use it as a point of sale tool for PEGGER.  The video tape will be
shipping in approximately 2-3 weeks.  If you do not receive a video tape,
please call Heifner Communications to request one!
Availability:   February 15, 1994.
   4451 I-70 DRIVE NW
   COLUMBIA, MO  65202
   (800) 445-6164  (VOICE)
   (314) 445-6163  (VOICE)
   (314) 445-0757   (FAX)
PEGGER is a trademark of Express-Way Software
Video Toaster, Framestore, and Toaster Paint are trademarks of NewTek, Inc.
Amiga is a trademark of Commodore Business Machines, Inc.