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%% In Review                                            By Rick Gideon %%
%% PD/SW/FW Reviews              %%

Hello fellow Amiga users,
	Well, as you know Amiga Report has changed hands from Robert
Glover to Robert Niles, so Mr. Niles has formed a new staff, I am the
new Assistant editor for AR. To tell you a little about myself; I
live in Washington State, I go to Central Kitsap High School in
Silverdale, Washington, and I am the Sysop of the Amiga area on
(****WARNING! SHAMELESS PLUG!!!****) TSCNet BBS 1-206-692-2388, the
Amiga area has not been finished yet, but I am importing new files
from Aminet soon, well enough of this psycho-babble =). 

I will most likely be grabbing articles off usenet to be
published in AR, mostly Amiga, maybe even some other platform news,
if it's worthwhile to publish. Robert and I will be discussing the
future of AR soon, we are hoping to plan some VERY nice surprises for
you, the readers. We are also hoping to grab a few more staff
writers, and maybe change the format of AR. I hope my articles on new
Public Domain/ Shareware programs will benefit you with helpful
information. The reason we are doing this online magazine is for you,
the Commodore Amiga consumer. Well down below I'll put the addresses 
you can reach me at.

		Rick Gideon <<--- Prefered address	   
		On IRC "RKM" or "FaLlAcY"

WOW! This week the rumor mill has been producing many interesting

First, rumors of the AAA chipset being tabled this has not
been confirmed by anyone, although I have heard it from		
many people. Also rumors of World of Commodore Amiga, New York
being cancelled, this has pretty much been verified, by reports on
usenet and by people on IRC. Also, it has pretty much been verified
that Commordore Austrailia has been closed and is being sold, this
has been apparently been caused by debts that C= Austrilia had. 

As you can tell I spend a lot of my time on IRC and usenet and
cruising AmiNet (probably too much of my time). During Amiga
Reports week off I have been busy gathering information from all
the helpful people on the Internet. 

Well during these past two weeks lots of new Public Domain/
Shareware has been hatched onto Aminet. I have not had time to
review a new program yet. But you will find some reviews in this
issue of AR, taken from many of the new
programs , MUI 2.0, ppshow 4.0, and many, many more. In the next
upcoming weeks I will do a head-to-head comparison of many of the
most popular picture format viewers, ViewTek, FastJPEG, FastGIF.

Well, I hope you enjoyed my first article as Assistant Editor for
Amiga Report.

				Rick Gideon