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%%                              Reader Mail                              %%

From:	Philip Orr <>
Subject: Amiga Review

Dear Rob,

Allow me to introduce myself.  My name is Philip Orr and I am a new user of 
Internet.  Australia is connected to the net via AARNET (Australian Academic 
Research Network) and it is only available to government type organisations.  
I hope this will change in the future as the communications possibilities we 
are experiencing will benefit other Aussies as well.  AARNET was set up by 
the Australian Universiiteis Vice-Chancellors committee in 1991 and the 
organisation for which I work, CSIRO, is connected.

I have been reading AR for several weeks now.  I downloaded AR130 through 
AR203 in one hit and have been downloading them weekly since.  I want to let 
you know how much I enjoy reading the magazine as it gives the kind of 
immediate information unavailable in print media.  It also serves to bring 
together a diverse group of people with a common cause.

We are out in the sticks here (the boonies for you Yanks) and it is very 
difficult to get info/help etc and your mag offers the possibility of contact 
with like minded people with whom we can communicate.

I wish you all the best in your new role as editor of Amiga Review.  I just 
hope the rest of the Amiga community appreciates the effort as much as I do.  
I will continue to read and your magazine and support where possible.

Amigaly yours

Philip Orr


From:	 [Asked not to be included]
Subject: World leaders using InterNet.

Hello Robert, I have some info from Sweden... use it if you like.

Primeminister Carl Bildt of Sweden has found a "penpal", as the
first foreign leader he's writing emails to the US President
Bill Clinton over the Internet.
Mr. Bildt congratulated Clinton of lifting the tradeblock against
Vietnam, and did rapidly get a reply from the US President were
he among other things wrote how importent electronical mail is for
the construction of a global information superhighway.

The fairly young leaders have been very good friends ever since they
first met in Washington D.C last year, apparently Carl Bildt got
impressed how they had opened up the US Government for the public
with emails, because from the first of March -94 the same thing will
happen to the Swedish Government.
On the 7 of Februari he was demonstrated InterNet with Mosaic,
Videoconferances (over ISDN) and Virtual Reality by a few companies
and institutions such as Ericsson Telecommunication and Telia.
(Note: Telia is a "AT&T" type of company.)

He recieved a InterNet membership pin and the official address to
the Primeminister will be :

AR is getting better, the European section is very good since
C= is doing most of there business here, and it's a bit tiring reading
about "Americans neglected by C= and they will never buy Amiga again".
Commodore are in Europe to make money that they later will put in to
the US, just wait and you'll see...

Have a good one Robert !