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%% Snow...And the Amiga                              By Sean M. Graham %%
%%                                         %% 
Well winter is sure hitting hard here in Jersey, and I know it is elsewhere
too.  We are getting record daily snowfalls here and we are not even in the
prime snow months (Which usually run from Mid-February to Mid-March).  It
seems that I will never stop shoveling and salting until the snow actually
cools the ground to the point where Hell freezes over, or July, Whichever
comes first.  The Basements of my home and all my neighbors are
collectively flooding and gutters are overflowing with ice.  Recycling hasn't
been collected in weeks (And garbage isn't far behind either).  I am stuck
inside the house listening to my friend rambling about all his new software
that the UPS guy brought, and getting more and more depressed that I can't
make it to his house to play with his Toaster.
One of my neighbors works for the county as a dispatcher for plows, and he
hasn't gotten any sleep in 72hrs.  This brings me to another point,
plowing, while the plowing isn't the best here in Hopatcong, it isn't bad.
Now I have a question, how come every time there is a large snowfall, there
is some reporter on the news asking people on the street what the streets
and driving is like. WHAT DO YOU THINK? You stupid moron! (Please, If you
are trying to figure what the hell all of this has to do with the computer
we have all come to know and love, please stick with me, it all ties
together). And It seems that there is always someone on the News
complaining that "The plows banked me in and they have no regard for us,
they just don't care!". Shut up you stupid dolt, if they didn't plow at all
you would be complaining that they didn't! These people are pushing 16 hour
shifts every other day to get your butt out to work safely, the least you
could do is be grateful they are doing what they can! (Here comes the
Now to the point, Much like the plows, people are always bashing Commodore
for not doing the right thing, then when they try to come up with a good
idea (CD^32), Those same people complain that C= is gonna turn the Amiga
into a game platform.  At least a Game Platform sells and will pump money
into software development!  I mean with the AAA chipset complete (Alegedly)
C= won't drop that technology for games, it would be a waste of R&D.  I am
not in any way trying to justify C='s actions either way, but I am tired of
people looking for something to complain about. Give them a break, because
the CD^32 could grab C= a slice of the dwindiling market share left.
Sean Graham (Primary) (Secondary)