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%% The Editor's Desk                                     By Robert Niles %%

Welcome back!

Well it was a nice relaxing "vacation", but good to be back!
We've had a nice responce to my plea for more of you to write articles 
for Amiga Report. And here they are! I thank you all!! Keep them coming!

We've had some good news and bad news this week to report.
Looks like there will be no World of Commodore Amiga in New York this
year. I have no idea why, I've tried to contact CBM on this, and have
recieved no responce from them.

Also concerning the CD32, it looks like Electronics Boutique will not
be carrying these machines, but stated that if they get a large request
for them, they might change their minds. BUT it looks like Software Etc.
will be. Hopefully we'll get you more on this.

There's been someone on UseNet c.s.a.advocacy in fact, stating that
the AAA machine is dead. Well my responce to this is that it isn't even 
out yet....don't jump the gun. No, he's not out there shouting the death 
of the AAA from fact. This person is well known for, er, shooting 
himself in the foot. I tell you, the stuff I hear from him is getting
a little old!

Before anyone starts jumping the gun, I would suggest that you don't
start worrying until the fat lady STOPS singing :)

Until next week ....enjoy!