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%% The CD32                                            by Thomas Reamer %%

Ok, now that the release of the CD32 is coming closer to US shores,
(Well, already here for some of us) I believe a little article dedicated
to the CD32 in general is in need...

The great deal of games is already evident and the titles are not hard to
come by.  The games that are here are really cool and very much enjoyable.

OK, the MPEG module is finally shipping in Canada, and has been for the
last couple weeks.  We can't get it here because Commodore cut off all
Canadian CD32 support for the USA.  Yes, they (Commodore) were pissed ..
Ah well....

The entire computer "link" that makes it into a computer is made which
will allow you to hook it to your existing Amiga (!!!), hook it to RGB
monitor, add regular computer stuff to make it a full computer too.

If this message is not very in place..It is because I am listening to
headphones which are plugged into my CD32 that is playing Vain at a nice

The 18bit 8X Oversampling double spin drive (said to be made by NEC)
sounds excellent and Commodore is trying to get Sony to make it cheaper. 
Most of the cost of CD32 is into the CD drive alone!  NEC is charging an 
arm and a leg for it.  So they are barganing to get it done cheaper.

I haven't seen any GURU's off it yet hah.  The CD player interface is
excellent.  The gamepad controller is the "remote" control for the CD
player.  Each of it's 11 buttons does something different.

Green, Shuffles Song Sequence
Yellow, Repeat
Red, Select
Blue, Stop

Right top bard button, Fast Forward
Left top bard button, Rewind
Long button towards middle, Play/Pause
Thumb controller...For doing and going wherever you would like on the
interface which even allows you to choose the type of counter you would
like to have.

Of coarse you have random play etc.

It automatically detects what type of CD you put in the drive (CD+G

The output is clean on both RF and composite (never tried S-Video output)

I always have a mouse plugged into it which I use mainly for The Labyrinth
of Time which is an awesome fully rau-traced game.

Keyboard works perfect.  I used it with Pinball Fantasies which is 100%
the same as the AGA version.

Joystick  works fine.  I tried it out with Oscar.

The only downside I see on CD32 which is really a weak argument is the
power brick notable for it's 64 days.

I take my CD32 everywhere and it is small enough to fit in a nice case
such as a camcorder case, with CD's, mouse and all.

The CD Player sounds excellent as expected.  I don't even use my other CD
players any more.....This one sounds better!

Headphones sound great in headphone jack.  I did find that I heard the CD
reads through the headphones when playing labyrinth of Time, but not 
through the stereo, which of coarse sounds superb too.

I read that it is based around the 4000 not the 1200.  If I can recall,
that was from CD-ROM Today in an interview with Commodore marketing.

If you have been keeping up with the game and CD mags, you would have
noticed that nearly EVERY SINGLE one had either articles or game reviews
on the CD32.  One magazine like Game Pro or something has now added a
section on Amiga CD games which of coarse means the CD32 also.

The future looks extremely bright for this system.  I have been picking up
and reading every magazine that it is in and I am very impressed on the
excitement it has brought into the gaming and CD ROM magazine
world.  If Commodore keeps their promise on their advertising that will
hit the USA, it will be HUGE.  

Commdore said it will be in Infomercials, commercials, toy stores,
discount stores, QVC Home Shopping Network and others here in the USA.

Hope this was helpful for all of you.  Must have been that Coca-Cola I had
with my pasta that kept me going.  Well, good night to one and all! 
What?  No conclusion?  Ok, ok, here it goes...But a quick one!

So for anyone who is looking into a console to buy in the near future,
consider highly the amiga CD32.  With the MPEG module, computer expansion,
and all of the fantastic chips that make the Amiga great, you will find it
to be far superior in both quality and support over any of the other
systems.  Wouldn't you want a system with 150+ AWESOME titles, then
something like the 3DO with 10 titles?