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From: (Peter Lowish)
Subject: Amiga Report
Status: RO

Hi Robert
Just a note to congratulate you on taking on the "Editorship" of Amiga
Report. I have been receiving AR via the internet since vers 1.09 (I
think) and put it up on Bitstream BBS here in Nelson for all to read and
enjoy. Some 10 regular local users download it from the BBS and another
10 or so call Bitstream (+64 3 5485321) each week from around New Zealand
using the login name of AR. (they can then download any AR they feel
like.) It is also Freq'd throughout NZ thru FidoNet.
Believe or not we even have a person calling from the US to get it, and
also get regular calls from Australia.

We hope to see AR survive, and I will encourge some contributions from
this end of the world.

Keep up the good work


 Peter Lowish         
 Voice +64 3 5481300           Nelson, New Zealand

 "I like a man who grins when he fights." - Winston Churchill


From: (Maxwell A Daymon)
Subject: Mistake
Date:	Tue, 8 Feb 1994 18:19:05 -0800

I made a mistake last month. Actually all the current 24-bit cards are 
using RTG to some degree, and they are all about the same. The Picasso 
II's RTG system is generally regarded as very rubust in comparison to the 
others, but not "special" above and beyond that.

RTG is a concept. Any card that puts Amiga graphics through another video 
chip is using RTG. It is not Commodore's RTG (obviously) but it's a 
solution and there are many ways to accomplish this. The Picasso II 
merely has what many consider a more refined RTG system.

The other points are all true regarding misconceptions about the Picasso 
II. The GVP Spectrum is a good card, but it will probably need some 
refinements as Commodore is just getting Zorro III straighted out (look 
at the Super Buster problems for an example)

Sorry, for the confusion. I spoke with someone from Viona about EGS and 
found that people weren't seperating EGS's 24-bit and intuition level 
emulation (RTG) system.


#: 131245 S3/Hot News and Rumors
    10-Feb-94  10:56:11
Sb: #Lets Play 20 Questions!
Fm: Mark Manes/SYSOP 74030,744
To: All

Greetings all,

So you wanted to talk to Commodore US?  Here is your chance!

I have arranged with the VP of Commodore Marketing in the US, John Dilulu,
to answer 20 questions from us--the AmigaUser Forum here on CompuServe.  I
contacted Mr. Dilulu after reading the threads here and I found him to be
quite pleasant and very interested in the Amiga, and in its users.  He did
talk to me about the meeting at CES with the dealer and he feels that he
was taken out of context completely.  He doesn't find all Amiga owners an
embarrassment, but rather just the radical few.  The other comment he made
is that he feels the Amiga user community has decided that there is
nothing Commodore has done right--from day one.  The armchair
quarterbacking without knowledge of the facts has done a lot to damage
relations between Commodore Amiga customers and Commodore personnel. 
Since I am an Amiga reseller, I can relate to his concerns. After talking
with him awhile, I decided to ask him to answer some questions for the
user community here on CompuServe.  He readily agreed.

It is my hope that the current anti-Dilulu thread will now die and that we
can use our connections as a group to help Commodore make decisions that
we think would be good for the company.  John agreed to allow me to be his
gateway to the Amiga community here on CIS.  He felt that it would be
helpful to have another perspective from the 'field'.

So, Mr. Dilulu has agreed to carry to Medhi Ali and other Commodore
executives twenty questions from this group which I will fax him in two
weeks.  These twenty questions should be questions with real merit--not
questions like "Where is my software?" or "Is Commodore going to still be
in business in 6 months?"

A good question might be:  "How do you intend to market the CD32 in the
United States?"

The Amiga Forum sysops will collect these questions from the users here at
CompuServe and decide which 20 we will send to Commodore.  This way all of
you have a shot at asking Commodore a question.

I am hoping that many are starting to notice some fundamental improvement
here on CIS and will spread the word.  We are working our connections with
Commodore and third-party developers to make your online experience more

Pass the word--The AmigaForum here on CIS is connected. :-)