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%% Commodore Shareholder Movement Update                   By Mike Levin %%

Questions have been coming in about the instructions concerning signing and
mailing proxy ballots to the CSM PO Box.  We ask that you only sign the
ballot in the lower right without checking off any boxes and then send it
along with any envelope your broker might have supplied you with to the

We ask this because by checking a box, you may only either vote for the
Board of Directors' slate or withhold authority for them to cast your
votes.  There is no way to vote against the candidates.  For this, the CSM
would have had to received Commodore's cooperation in publishing an altenate
proxy statement.  So, Commodore's own proxy must be used in the most
advantagious way possible.

Our goal with the proxies is to provide hard proof of Commodore shareholder
support for the CSM at the meeting this March 2nd.  Hopefully, we will
arrive at the meeting with thousands of proxies in-hand.

Our positions are unchanged from those stated in the Amazing Computing
article.  We will speak the views we have heard expressed from you on
matters such as leveraging the user base, standardizing Amiga technology
through licensing and carrying out well considered marketing strategies.
We will also address Commodore's future and the changes which need to
occur in management, and will request a follow-up meeting.

Please be informed that the new telephone number for Mike Levin of the
Commodore Shareholders Movement is now 703-787-8217.  Please call on
evenings and weekends.  My apologies to anyone who has had difficulty
reaching me.

Please send us your letters if you have not already done so.

Commodore Shareholder Movement
PO Box 8296
Phildelphia, PA 19101