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*** Area: AMIGA                                   Date: 26 Jan 94 23:05:00
*** From: Skipper Smith (1:114/146.0)
*** To  : All
*** Subj: CD32 in the news

From TWICE (This Week In Consumer Electronics), Jan 24, 1994 pp 61-62.
        Quoted without permission

[Following a bunch of stuff about how Trip Hawkins is a god and 3DO is the
be-all and end-all of interactive multimedia...]
Backed by the Amiga's reputation as a game player's computer, Commodore
came to CES to officially launch its new Amiga CD32 video game console,
saying it hoped to sell between 300,000 and 500,000 units during its first
year in the market.
In addition to CD-based games, the Amiga CD32 will also play audio CDs,
CD+Gs, and with a separate software upgrade, Photo CDs [it will also play
CD+Midi disks, but I only know of one in existence).  When used with an
optional full-motion video module, expected to be price [sic.] just under
$250, the Amiga CD32 will be able to play Video CDs and Philips' CD-I
Digital Video titles.
Stilley said Commodore's distribution plan for Amiga CD32 will target
mall-based software outlets, TV home shopping channels, select consumer
electronics retailers, video rental stores and mass merchants and toy
Marketing efforts will include direct-mail pieces to Amiga users,
promotions at sporting events, malls and other high-traffic venues, and
retail training and POS materials for dealers, while advertising efforts
will consist of page-dominant newspaper ads, full-color national and
children's magazine ads and 30- to 40-seconde TV commercials.
Commodore is also establishing a membership card club which will offer
special discounts on software and other related products.
[...and continuing with a bit more on CD-i and two sentences on the Jaguar.]

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.../Message Bases/Hardware/HELP! Can't get my new LinkLink Modem to work!
16027.3.286.1 HELP! Can't get my new LineLink Modem to work!
1/30/94 00:45 21/1111 Hubert - Cross

HELP! Can't get my new LineLink Modem to work!

I just got my new LineLink 114e and it would appear that it is defective.
It is hard to believe that a brand-new-right-out-of-the-box product could
be defective, but when I turn it on, without any wires attached, (except
for the power supply cord), the CD red light goes on, the MR green light
blinks slowly three times and then stays on, and all the other lights
stay off.

Is this normal? My old 1200 modem (the one I am using right now) doesn't
have any lights so I am not familiar with them, but it seems to me that
the CD light should stay off until a carrier is detected!

When I plug all the cords and hook it up to my Amiga and run jr-comm,
I immediately get a "Carrier Detected!!!!" message, and that's it.
The computer doesn't lock up, but nothing happens when I hit any keys.

I called Mac Warehouse and as soon as they heard "Amiga", they wouldn't
even let me explain. I could not convince them that, according to a LOT
OF PEOPLE here in Portal and in the Internet, this Makintosh modem works
fine with the Amiga. So much for their technical support.

.../Message Bases/Hardware/HELP! Can't get my new LinkLink Modem to work!
16027.3.286.2 Hubert...
1/30/94 08:02 24/1026 Harv

Hubert -

1. Either the modem is defective or you need to change a setting
or two.

If the modem is truly defective (some LineLinks have been known
to be shipped that way), just call Mac W. and ask for a replacement.
Pack it up and put the Airborne return label on it. They'll come
to you, pick it up and you'll have a new one in a day or two. The
return label is stuck right on your invoice. You will NOT lose
anything. Zero additional cost. So don't freak out.

2. Try sending AT&R0 to the modem. See if that makes it work
correctly. If so, send AT&W to write that changed setting back
into the modem's EPROMs. From reading some articles on Usenet,
this is what some peoeple had to do to get theirs to work
properly. I don't remember if I had to do this with mine when
I got it a few months ago, but it does work quite brilliantly
for me and I've used it with Baud Bandit 2.1d (about 99%
of myusage) with JR_Comm a couple times and with GPFAX Class 2
Generic V2.342 many times to both send and recv multi-page


.../Message Bases/Programming - All Languages/SHAREWARE DOESN'T WORK!
16046.3.81.5 Re: SHAREWARE DOESN'T WORK!
1/27/94 20:33 19/1019 RLStockton

"How many times...?"  Quite a few. I am a registered user of perhaps a
dozen or more shareware programs, starting with VD0: (thanks Perry!) way
back at the dawn of Amiga shareware.

I have also written shareware, and STILL get people sending me shareware
fees for "Nag", even though I went commercial with it back in 1988.

There certainly ARE people who use shareware without paying, and that does
make shareware a limited income project, and leads to less shareware being
produced. You are obviously contributing to this bad situation. I would
suggest that you examine your conscience and send in the usually very
small fees requested. Shareware is a GREAT idea being killed by cheaters.

Just my 2 cents,
 - Richard

.../Amiga Zone/Files & Messages/Message Bases/Press Releases/Commodore Hiring
19249.3.139.1 from Usenet
1/28/94 21:51 96/3566 Harv

CATS Amiga Support Engineer position available.

[ We would appreciate your help in cross-posting this message to the Amiga
and job offer areas of other electronic bulletin boards.  Thank you! ]

Position:  Amiga/CD32 Support Engineer II
Location:  Commodore Applications and Technical Support (CATS)
           Commodore International Ltd., West Chester, PA.  215-431-9100

Apply to:  Human Resources Department
           Commodore International Ltd.
           1200 Wilson Drive
           West Chester, PA.  19380

Applicants - please include a detailed list of the Amiga hardware and
software features you have programmed.  And if possible, please include
a diskette and/or printed listings of Amiga code you have written.

Job Description

Amiga Support Engineers are actively dedicated to ensuring that
Commodore's third party software and hardware developers can obtain
answers to technical issues related to developing quality software and
hardware for Amiga platforms.

This key role offers a great deal of variety.  Supporting developers
with their diverse projects is the number one priority, but you will also
be able to help construct Amiga Demo disks, and write small tools to
help developers utilize the capabilities of our machine, including audio,
graphics, software video (CDXL) and full screen full motion video (MPEG).


o  Provide software and hardusername        expires       Comments

mbithead        *exempt
dholst          21Mar94 
sailor          21Mar94 
orion           21Mar94 
ken             21Mar94 
chrome          21Mar94 
nicolaspigot    21Mar94 
warr            19Nov94 
ely             21Mar94 
brianxap        21Mar94 
sleepy          21Mar94 
paulday         21Mar94 
jcarp           21Mar94 
 micro assembler (preferably 68000)

o  Strong communication skills, both written and verbal

o  Must be organized, and have initiative

.../Message Bases/General Q&A, Announcements, and Help!/3 upcoming PRIZE chats
16026.3.681.1 hey,!
1/28/94 10:00 93/3655 Harv

(The following is being posted to Usenet too - feel free to grab
this article and cross-post it to BBSes, Fidonet, & etc....)
Announcement of three live conferences on Portal, during Feb. 1994,
        for the graphically-inclined, all with *PRIZES*

Continuing its decade-long tradition, the Amiga Zone on the Portal
System is pleased to announce THREE exciting special LIVE conferences
with *PRIZES* for attendees during the month of February, 1994.

We have scheduled:

- Feb. 23, 1994, an evening with Kermit Woodall & Tom Kreihbel,
  designer and programmer of GVP's ImageFX package, with special
  guest speaker, Rusty Mills, Producer at Warner Brothers animation,
  to discuss the upcoming release of ImageFX 2.0 from GVP.

- Date To Be Announced, an evening with Perry Kivolowitz, Jeff
  Almasol, and possibly others at ASDG to announce and discuss the
  upcoming release of Art Deptartment Professional 2.5, the most
  significant upgrade in the history of this award-winning

- Date To Be Announced, an evening with Michael Vunck, of Warm &
  Fuzzy Logic, to discuss the release of LightRave 3.1, the product
  which allows NewTek's LightWave to be run on any Amiga without
  an installed Video Toaster, and supports other graphics cards.

(note: please do not email _me_ to ask about these new products -
each respective mfr has or will be posting their own announcements
to the net).

All three of these special conferences will have random-chance
prize contests with one or more of the discussed products given
away to some lucky attendees.  W&F has already committed to give
away at least two LightRave 3.1 pkgs (msrp: $500) in theirs.
Your chances of winning are excellent, and you must be present
to win. Ed McMahon will NOT announce your name on TV :)

If you are not already a Portal customer and wish to become one,
in time to participate in these special conferences,
you may sign up in various ways:

1. Phone 1.408.973.9111 and sign up by voice.
2. Telnet to "" and follow the onscreen prompts.
3. Sprintnet users may enter "c portal" and follow the prompts.

Portal's signup fee is $19.95. The monthly flat rate charge is
$19.95. This includes unlimited access to Portal's menued "online
system" including net email, Usenet, all SIGs, including the
Amiga Zone which now has about TWO GIG of Amiga files online
in 36 libraries, 20 vendor areas, the entire Fish disk collection,
and more. A UNIX shell account is yours for the asking.
Fast batch-Zmodem protocol is always available.

Other stuff to know:

We feed popular Amiga net mailing lists right into our online
message bases and they never scroll off or expire.

We offer a complete pkg of Internet services, all with UNLIMITED
usage at NO extra cost: FTP, IRC, Telnet, etc. etc.

Portal Pursuit is available to Sprintnet users in the USA - a plan
which gives you 30 non-prime hours of use per month for $30,
or 50 hours for $50, up to 9600 bps!

Telnet and direct-dial users can connect up to 14.4K bps, at
NO EXTRA CHARGE EVER!  Busy signals? Forget them.  Portal
has rack after rack of high-speed Telebit WorldBlazer modems

If you forget all of this stuff, there is an Amiga Zone/Portal
ad in every issue of Amiga Report, the online magazine, available
at every Aminet site.

So don't miss your chance at thousands of dollars' worth of
state of the art Amiga graphics products, and your chance to ask
questions to the guys who make these products - learn about
them months before magazine reviews appear.

Sysop of The Amiga Zone