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%% The Editor's Desk Too!                                By Robert Niles %%

While I welcome the chance to serve the Amiga community by taking over
the work that Rob Glover has done for the last year, I still wonder if
this magazine is going to survive.

OK, look at the situation. Amiga Report is an online magazine that is
produced on a weekly basis, receives no income what-so-ever, and still
must bring to the readers current, informative, and interesting news.

For the most part we rely on the few people out there who are willing
to spend a bit of time each week to write articles. To put it simply, 
this can get tedious at times. So the rest of the magazine comes from
the readers. The Amiga community.

For this magazine to survive we need more people to write for AR.
Not on a weekly basis, but whenever you feel that there is something
the Amiga community might have an interest in knowing about.

I can safely say that this magazine is produced by the readers, for the
readers. It's your voice, your thoughts, and your experience. We
have no advertising "pressures" to make us feel like we have to
beef up a review or comment in the favor of the developer. We simply 
report what YOU feel about a product, service, or what-not.

Send us information on what is happening in your community, what you
like/dislike about an Amiga product, or ANYTHING that you feel the
readers would like to know about. If you're not sure, contact me.

I can be reached via email or USMail by the following means:

US Mail:

   Robert Niles
   P.O. Box 8041
   Yakima, Wa 98908



   Robert Niles at 1:3407/103

In AR204 I reported that I can safely say that AR has at least
750 readers each week. Thanks to some information given to me
by Urban Mueller, we can up that count to over 1000. He stated
that Amiga Report gets on the average of 300 download from wustl
alone, and that we could safely say that with all the sites
that make up Aminet we probably average about 1000-1500 downloads 
from Aminet alone. Thanks to Urban for this information!
Now there's one thing I really would like to do, and that is to
thank each and every one of our readers for making Amiga Report
the greatest AMIGA online magazine around!!