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%% Emulation Rambler Special Report                     By Jason Compton %%
%%                                                  ( %%

Well, there wasn't enough to talk about this week (besides Emplant)
to warrant a full-length article, but there ARE a couple of important
items, so off I go.

I picked up and read a copy of MacUser at a friend's house the other
day and found (not quite by accident) a short article on the planned
Quadra DOS-Compatible Mac models.  I read through it and didn't
hear anything new: until I reached the bottom.  Here's the quote,
from February 1994's MacUser magazine:
"Apple will wait to see whether software emulators under development
by Insignia Solutions will run fast enough on the coming PowerPC

Hold everything!  The mass amount of PowerPC propaganda seems
to say that PowerPC, straight out of the box, will run basically
anything ever written for a (non-Amiga) computer.  At least, that is
what the hordes of slavering LC-owning PowerPC-hoping people have been telling
me, to my utter disbelief.  Here's some proof, straight from a Mac journal,
saying the contrary.  "Under development" they say?  I've heard from someone
that he saw a demo of PowerPC in which files were being dragged from a Mac
desktop to a Windows desktop on two separate monitors.  That was all he saw.
"Insignia Solutions"?  Most people seem to be under the impression that IBM,
Apple, and Motorola will be shipping them loads 'o emulators with their
computers so that they can run everything.  If a third-party company is doing
it, odds are that PowerPC owners will be running out to the store to BUY them.
"to see [if they] will run fast enough"?  Run fast enough?  Wow, I'd been told
that PowerPC could run anything anytime anywhere.  Maybe not.

Also, I've been offered a chance to preview an upcoming Apple II emulator
which the author claims is the most comprehensive and compatible one ever
written...and from what he claims, I believe him.  I'll tell you more when I
hear more.

That's it for this briefing.  Keep the emulators warm.