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%% The Editor's Desk                                    By Robert Glover %%

You know what they say... all good things must come to an end.  Well, after
this issue, I will no longer be the editor of Amiga Report.  Robert Niles,
our Assistant Editor, will be taking over the helm from now on.  I will
fade to the background as an advisor.

Why?  Several reasons.  First, the Amiga community has been dwindling for
some time down.  When Amiga Report started back in March of 1993, we had
quite a few people on board as editors and contributors.  Well, many of
them have disappeared, most with no warning and no forwarding address.  Or
at the very least, they don't answer their Email anymore.

Last week was a good example of that dwindling.  If it hadn't been for
Robert Niles' commentary, we'd have had no original articles in the issue.
I don't like riding solely on Usenet Reviews.  I've mentioned several times
that we welcome submissions, but due to our non-profit nature, we cannot
pay people for them.  It's simply a matter of people writing because they
enjoy writing and enjoy helping others in the Amiga community.  Which is
why I started Amiga Report.  Through 1993, things were going pretty well,
but business has dropped off to the point that I don't see much point in
continuing.  I therefore offered the editor position to Mr. Niles, and he
gladly accepted.

Another reason is that I just don't use my Amiga very much anymore.  Over
Christmas, I hand-built a PC system, very similar to the one I detailed in
my "Taking the PC Plunge" article a number of weeks ago (well, I only have
4 meg of RAM in it, not the 16 meg I recommended -- hey, I'm broke!).  Since
then, that's what I use about 99% of the time.  It's gotten to where I only
turn on my Amiga for the few hours a week it takes me to generate the

So what will I be doing?  Aside from advising Mr. Niles and helping smooth
the transition, I've begun research on a new online magazine.  I plan on
debuting a Special-Interest type magazine based on the PC sometime in March
or April.  I don't have a name for it yet, though PC Report is our 'code'
name for it right now.  That magazine won't be a general-purpose PC magazine,
like our 'sister' magazine, STReport, which focuses primarily on DOS, Windows
and Macintosh users.  We will specialize in more cult products -- OS/2, Unix,
some hardcode Windows users, and specialty products like the Gravis Ultrasound
sound card (think of the GUS as a 32-voice, 16-bit version of the Amiga's
Paula sound chip).  We'll still have the usual Industry News and the best of
the online messages, but the tone of the issue will definitely be more closely

If any of you Amiga owners out there are into the PC in that respect, and are
interested in contributing, please drop me a note!  All of my Email addresses
will stay the same, though at this point, I'm not sure if I'll still be on
Portal after February.

One more thing... my list of Portal conferences from last week is completely
wrong.  That's what I get for scribbling notes down illegibly. ;)  Please see
AR Online in this issue for the CORRECT schedule.  Sorry, Harv.

                     Rob @ AR                           |/
                                                        @ @