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                             RenderCalc v1.41




    V1.41 (First Release)


    Daniel S. Milling Jr. ( or


    RenderCalc v1.41 incorporates three tools into one program:

      - FRAME CALCULATOR: The ability to calculate the number of animation
        frames needed to represent a moving object of known speed and known
        linear distance travelled relative to any one of the three supported
        time code formats.

      - UNITS CONVERTER: The ability to quickly and easily convert numbers
        between different common units of length.

      - TIMECODE CALCULATOR: The ability to easily and quickly calculate
        Time Code durations from IN and OUT points and also to calculate a
        timecode OUT point from an IN point and a duration.  These
        conversions may be done interchangeably between the three supported
        time code formats.

    Some feature of the program are:

      o Ability to enter values for Speed and Distance and receive output
        telling you how many total frames, seconds, minutes and the length of
        time, in the specified timecode format, that the motion will take.

      o Table of conversions between units of length.  Supported units are
        inches, feet, yards, miles, millimeters, meters and kilometers.

      o Ability to change the units of ANY inputted number and have all of
        the values update, relative to the new units, on the fly.  This
        saves having to re-enter the values again.

      o SMPTE non-drop frame, EBU and Film time code formats supported.

      o Ability to enter Timecode In and Out points as well as a Duration.
        The time code input has two modes of operation.  You may enter
        Timecode In and Timecode Out points which results in Duration being
        the final output value.  You may also enter a Timecode In and a
        Duration which will give you the Timecode Out as your final value.

      o Ability to change the Timecode Type 'on the fly.'  This means that
        you may switch between the supported time code formats and see the
        updated results immediately without having to re-enter the values.

      o Keyfile system which allows for easy registration.  Upon registration,
        you will receive a personalized ASCII keyfile which will permanently
        remove ALL instances of the Shareware Notice for this and all
        future revisions of the program.

      o Many more, listed in the doc file.


   - OS 2.04 (V37+) or higher.
   - asl.library version 37 or above (38 or above is recommended)


    Any Aminet site such as ( etc...






    If, after 30 days, you find this program useful, please consider sending
    in the Shareware registration fee of $15.


    RenderCalc is a Shareware program.  The RenderCalc program, the
    distribution materials and the registration keyfiles are
    Copyright (c) 1994 Daniel S. Milling Jr. All Rights Reserved.

    RenderCalc is freely redistributable in it's original form to any bulletin
    board, public domain software collection, or network system as long as the
    original archive is kept intact in it's entirety and remains unaltered and
    as long as no fee, other than nominal media cost, is charged for

    The keyfiles which are sent to registered users may NOT be distributed.

    This program, in whole or in part, may not be included in any commercial
    package without the prior written consent of the author.