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%% Amiga Babble                                          By Robert Niles %%
%%                                         ( %%

Ack! It's a slow week. Maybe it's the fog ...or the snow ...could be
that it's just that "blah" feeling of winter setting into everyone's
bones, but nothing much is going on this week in Amiga land.

Well the >>BIG<< news of this week is that I ganglefooked my article
again. The article in AR203 about Aminet was ...well, not quite right.
There was the mention of ab20 being apart of the Aminet. Well I read it
wrong ...the cold gettng to my brain, I guess ...but ab20 was a site
seperate and distinct from Urban Mueller, amiga.physik, and Aminet.
ab20 was one of the places people used to visit and FTP Amiga files.
I suggest reading the article on Aminet that's in AR127. Becuase somehow
I know that if I try to go any futher, I'll mess up the details again :)

The readership of Amiga Report is growing each week. Now I have over
450 people on the mailing list who recieve Amiga Report uuencoded auto-
matically each week in their mailbox. We also have several distribution
sites that carry Amiga Report. My site usually has about 18 people who
call to get AR. AR is also distributed over ADS (FidoNet) and, I think
SAN (FidoNet). 

Now I've tried to figure out how many people read AR each week.
Trying to be conservative I came to the conclusion that at least 730
people read AR each week. 450 for the mailing list, 18*10= 180 from the
distro sites (we have more than 10 distro sites... I was just being 
conservative here), and lets say from all the BBSes that are connected
to FidoNet we have 100 people there.

Geez, why the <beep> am I telling you all this?? Well I figure that if
we have so many readers, it would be great if some of you out there could
lend us a hand and write some articles for AR.

What about?? ....Well, about anything you please, as long in some manner
it would contribute to the Amiga community. People have been asking for
more reviews on software and hardware. More news from Europe and Australia.
I would like to see some news from the former Soviet Block nations describing
what people are doing with the Amiga over there. People have repeatedly
asked for articles on "C", and "ARexx" as well.

So write about something you think would be interesting to others.
Send digitized pics as well, we'll include them. Don't worry about editing.
We have an editor just waiting to take those articles and incorporate them
into AR. It's hard to come up with something to write about each week.
Especially since this is a voluntary magazine, in which none of the writers
or staff get paid, special bennies, or what-not.

So if you have any idea, articles, please send them to
We'd like to hear from ya!

Two final notes:

On behalf of AR, I would like to extend out thanks to those who
moderate and c.s.a.announce, and to those who write
for those two groups. With out them our readers wouldn't get anywhere
near the information that we currently provide. The information out of
those groups are professionally done without the biased opinions
that the paper mags have to give.

And last, but certainly not least. SUPPORT SHAREWARE!!!
If you use it, send the requested amount to the author. A good
portion of the software that we all use are written as shareware.
Even if the program is freeware, giftware, whatever, send them a note,
donation or whatever. They'll appreciate it, and most of all, it will
encourage them to keep on writing those fantastic programs!!!