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*** Area: AMIGA                                   Date: 23 Jan 94  9:06:40
*** From: Rich Koster (1:390/5.10)
*** To  : All
*** Subj: Babylon 5

Cross-posted to the Fidonet Amiga, Amiga Video, and Video
Toaster echoes.

Quoting from the January 17th issue of Broadcasting & Cable:

Warner Bros.' "Babylon 5" goes interactive

It is sometimes said that computer "techies" are also science
fiction aficionados.  Now Warner Bros. has come up with a tie-in
promotion it hopes will attract both groups to its soon-to-debut
"Babylon 5" adventure series.

Warner Bros. has developed a computerized interactive software
program companion for its Jan. 26 syndication debut of the hour-
long sci-fi series.  The on-line computer program, which the
studio claims is the first interactive program based on a
television series, is intended for viewers who subscribe to the
CompuServe, America On-line or Genie national computer networks.

Designed to further promote the show's debut on Warner Bros.'
ad hoc Prime Time Entertainment Network (PTEN) block, the
interactive kits are being made available to computer users with
either Windows or Macintosh formats.  Stations that air "Babylon
5" will be able to distribute the kits to local user groups and
science fiction clubs.

The kit contains moving video and sound from the series, a full
interactive view of the "Babylon 5" spaceship interior, program
synopses, character descriptions, biographies of the stars, color
photos and production credits.

(End of quote.)

This article was not attributed to any particular writer.
Hopefully whoever wrote it simply left out the detail that this
kit will also be available for Amiga computer users, but I have
no further details and can only assume that the information is
correct and that we will be left out in the cold.  If so, how
ironic that "Babylon 5" owes a deep debt of gratitude to the
Amiga computer and the Video Toaster for its special effects,
and yet they apparently are not making this software kit
available in Amiga format.

Elsewhere in the magazine, I found this address:

                           Warner Bros. International
                           4000 Warner Blvd., The Tower
                           14th Floor
                           Burbank, CA  91522

Listed as "Staff" are these people:  Michael Jay Solomon,
Jeffrey R. Schlesinger, Michael LeCourt, Jorge Sanchez,
Josh Berger, Kevin Bylines, Richard Milnes, Rosario Ponzio,
Donna Brett, David Guerrero, David Peebler, Brenda Geffner,
Sabrina Gorham-Propper, Lisa Gregorian, Tracey Kadin, and
Sergio Salcedo.

If anyone decides to write Warner Bros., please do not
mention my name, as I am merely passing along this information
and do not want any credit for filling you in on this bit of

Rich Koster, amiga.moderator.aide.deux

*** Area: AMIGA                                   Date: 24 Jan 94  1:49:00
*** From: Jon Peterson (1:383/25.0)
*** To  : All
*** Subj: FFish 1000th Disk Fund

Here is the list of donors for the nineteenth week of the FFish
1000th Disk Anniv thingy.
***************From Individuals*
Jon Peterson
Matthew L. Schultz
Chris Nelson
Asha DeVelder
Marshall Freedland
Jeremy Friesner
Michael Phipps
Eric V. Peterson                                                (Canada)
Eric Zimmer                                                     (Canada)
Fred M. Hamilton
Michael Meredith                                                (England)
David Jennings                                                 (Australia)
Gary Delzer
David Gomme
Rick Russell
Jukka O. Kauppinen                                              (Finland)
Gary Simpson
Robert Sudbury
Jon Peterson (Asha's FF1000th Auction Amiga Check Pin purchase)
Mark Baker
Michael Berg                                                    (Denmark)
Sam Worf
Douglas & Susan Blakeley
Richard A. Boedi                                                (Germany
Jari Neiminen                                                   (Finland)
Richard Norman
Jukka Mustasilta  (Finland) Nifty stickers - "intel outside"
Anonymous (Finland) Envelope postmarked Vaasa with winter scene
greeting card with $20.
          Please write back and let us know who you are.  Thanks
Horri Laitian (Finland AGAIN!) (Excuse misspelling of name)
 ****Relatively speaking, Finlanders are a grateful bunch.****
 **************  Users Group Donations:
Darrin & Lisa Zimmerman (Amiga Un-Sig of Southern Michigan)
Gateway Amiga Club, Inc.
Abilene Amiga Users Group
Niagara Amiga (Users) Group N.A.G.              (Canada)
New Orleans Commodore Klub Amiga Group
Ohio Valley AUG (A $147 donation from this Group!!!)
Miami Amigos (Miami Amiga Users Group)
 **************  Company Donations:
Randhir J. Jesrani (CompuQuick Media Center, Columbus, OH)
Dale L. Larson (Intangible Assets Manufacturing, Drexel Hill,
PA) Intangible is a new company that has just released its' first
product by the name of Amiga Envoy. No further info available.
Dale? This gentleman also has challenged other companies that
have benefited from FFish's efforts to join the effort.
Many thanks to Robert Glover for posting these messages
from FidoNet in the Amiga Report (latest issue 201).
The drive has received numerous donations/inquiries from Europe
and Australia because of that publication. (This is getting more
international..Where's Hong Kong etc.??)
Total donations as of 1/22/94 are $950.50.  (Who's going to send
in the donation to break the $1000 mark?)  Still have a ways to go
folks to purchase the ??? but the fund drive seems to be picking
up some steam. BTW, FFish does in fact already own an A4000
(shoot!). Suggestions? A CD32 looks to be the most popular
alternative. Please talk this up with all concerned (Amiga
users) and pass the word on to your Users Groups. If you haven't
joined the effort, slip that hand into the pocket and pull out
some bucks, put it into any envelope and send it in. Let's show
what the Amiga community is all about. Check over some of the
programs you have benefited/are benefiting from. Register them
and/or pitch in for FishFund. Donations to: 

              FFish 1000th
              % Jon Peterson
              P.O. Box 2661
              San Angelo, TX  76902

* Reminder to everyone PLEASE!!! Pass the word at any Users
Group meetings you attend. This is to be a group effort on
behalf of all the Amiga users throughout the world. Please
donate whatever you can afford - or even better - what you
honestly think FFish's work has been worth to you through the
years. Thanks. BTW, there have been some very nice comments
to/about FFish included in the envelopes with donations.  As I
have been saving these, think I will include them along with the
donation "pot"/CD32 when the time comes. May this be a happy and
prosperous New Year for all - the year of the Amiga.

*** Area: AMIGA                                   Date: 24 Jan 94 21:43:04
*** From: Tim Lloyd (1:3612/42.69)
*** To  : ALL
*** Subj: Amiga Format - Feb Review

OK it's that time of the month again... well it's early, I just did the Jan
review of Amiga Format... well the Feb issue has just hit my letter box.

Ok Coverdisks

Wordworth 3 Demo (very nice it is too)
Fractal Pro (need I say more)
Tornado (won't run as I have a screwed disk) Toado (frogger game)

Certainly the Wordworth 3 demo is worth a look at, problem is they have cut it
down somewhat in order to fit it onto the one disk (Fractal Pro is also on the
same disk). Print out's looked fine, but I could only access the one font they
supplied. Graphically it looks very nice on screen, but I think you will have
to wait for the full version to become available before we can see exactly
what features it will have... who know's it could be a Final Writer beater (I
certainly think Final Writer will have it's work cut out when this finally
gets released).

Also reviewed :

16-bit sound cards
Disk Expander
Emplant 3.4 (bit behind the times on this one.. it's at 3.7)
Trapfax (again)?
Rainbow III graphics card
Typesmith 2
Designer Objects 1 - The Diner
Upper Disk Tools
ProText 6

Plus there is all the usual games reviews.

Right onto the news section.

The one thing that I found most interesting was the bit about Commodore's
advertising in the UK (YES they are doing it)! One of the things they have
been doing is plastering large Hoarding signs all over the place - get this
- they placed a LARGE advert on the hoarding right outside the main
entrance of Sega's headquarters in London !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Laugh - I
nearly died :^)
There is a picture in AF showing the main building with Sega in large
letters on the side of the buliding  - and the hoarding. The advert says
"To be this good will take Sega ages" on the right hand side is a picture
of the CD32 console, with the words under it, "Amiga CD32".
It's placed so that the Sega employee's would see it every day they went to
work :)
Now if that's not Commodore's way of saying "Spin on this" I don't know what

Finally news of the Amiga CD only magazine, apparently the original issue
never got into print (it was supposed to have started last year) - but all is
not lost, the new CD magazine will be going on sale in April, it has no title
at the moment, but is being published by the same people who do Amiga Format
(and Amiga Shopper, Amiga Power). It will have a cover mounted CD with the
latest game demo's and public domain games. The magazine will also cover
things relating to the FMV module as well.

Right that just about covers it for this issue.


                             » AmigaNet News «

*** Area: TRICK_AMY                               Date: 18 Jan 94  0:00:10
*** From: Steve Slatin (40:708/10.0)
*** To  : IVS users
*** Subj: Probs. with IVS Trumpcar

I was hoping someone out there may have had a problem similar
to mine, and found a solution ...

I have an A-500 with IVS Trumpcard Pro w/84 meg Seagate HD.
The drive was formatted and partitioned with the IVS software.
My ROM is 2.04, running WorkBench 2.1.

I have occasional lockups (I don't know what better to call them)
in which the drive goes to access, but the procedure doesn't 
ever finish.  Often the green "operating" light on the drive box
stays on.  The mouse continues to move the cursor, and the 
gadget to push windows forward and back works, but other functions
don't -- the keyboard won't do anything, and if I double click on 
a drive or drawer, it will open a window but nothing comes up
in it.  

In any event, the drive doesn't access again when I do this, even
if the green light is off.  When the green light is off, I _can_
reboot successfully with Ctrl-A-A, but if I try with the green
light on, it stays on -- so I can reboot from floppy, but not

I tried replacing my 8520's, but the problem remained.

Someone on a local BBS solved a similar problem by lowering the 
MaxTransfer rate.  (He did not have an IVS.)  He did this from
HDToolbox.  I can't get mine to work, though I have edited the
tool type on my HDDisk tool to have a line that reads 
in the DEVS drawer.  IF I load up the HDToolbix, though, it always
gives me the message "driver not installed".

I can't figure out how to lower the MaxTransfer rate from the 
TCUtils menu, either.

Has anyone else with a similar problem figured out how to get
around this logjam?  (i.e., how to use HDToolbox to accept the driver, or to
lower MaxTransfer without using HDToolbox.)  I'll 
try most anything, it's getting to be personal ....

*** Area: TRICK_AMY                               Date: 21 Jan 94  9:31:00
*** From: Sam Noonan (40:402/11.0)
*** To  : Steve Slatin
*** Subj: Probs. with ivs trumpcar

First, you don't need to use HDToolBox and it's not recommended. If you double
click on the partition in the TCUtils you will get another window that has the
information you want to change.

But changing the Max Transfer would just be a kludge and not fix the real
problem at hand.  You are getting SCSI Bus lockups.  This can be caused by a
bad cable, improper termination, insuffient power, bad controller card.  They
should be checked in that order.

Since you only have one drive, your setup is rather simple.  One cable and
both the Trumpcard Pro and the drive should be terminated.  Remember
terminaters that are plugged in backwards will cause problems.  There is a dot
on the terminator to denote pin 1.

If you have alot of stuff connected to your A500, it could be that your are
overloading your power supply.

Or it could just be a bad card.  But I doubt it, bad cards usally don't work
at all.

It's best not you use HDToolBox,  our utilities do everything HDToolBox does,
and HDToolBox doesn't know about our caching or updated drives. So by using
HDToolBox you would not have a read cache and you would be running with older
device drivers.

For more help,  Let me know more about your system.  What's in it. What
revision of our software you have.  The latest is 2.1c.

You can also get help and/or download newer software from the IVS BBS @ (714)

Sam Noonan

*** Area: HARD_AMY                                Date: 23 Jan 94 17:22:34
*** From: Bruno Amsler (39:110/501.0)
*** To  : All
*** Subj: Piccolo

 Hi there

  I bought the Piccolo gfx board two days ago and I'm still not happy
 with it. The board works great when I use EGS-software or when I re-
 direct applications which use their own screen to the  Picasso. So I
 suppose there is no hardware problem. The  problem starts when I try
 to use one of the Piccolo resolutions for the  Workbench screen with
 the screenmode preferences program. After selecting the 'use' button
 the screen just becomes white, or shows garbage. In the  latter case
 the mouse  pointer is still  visible. The  garbage is obviously pro-
 duced by the  Amiga  graphics, so the  Piccolo  grapics are not even
 activated (I tried this  connecting one  monitor to  the display en-
 hancer and another to the Piccolo board).

  In short: The Workbench emulation  only works on  screens opened by
 applications. But using Piccolo screenmodes for the Workbench screen
 does not work.

  I use the following system configuration:

 A2000 Rev. 6.2 (~ 3 years old)
 Nexus SCSI adapter with 2MB RAM (16 bit)
       Quantum LPS 52
       Quantum ELS 85
 A2630 Processor board (68030) with 4MB RAM (32 bit)
 A2320 Display Enhancer
 Kickstart 37.175  (2.04)
 Workbench 38.35   (2.1)

 Piccolo Rev. 2.1 with 2MB.  Jumper set to 'Force Zorro II' (I tried
                             autosensing, though)

 Version numbers of some of the programs ( not all of them have one)
   EGSAmigaDriver   6.011
   EGSPiccoloDriver 6.020
   EGSConfig        6.005
   (This is the software of the most recent update)

 Other errors:
   TV-Paint Junior crashes often immediatly after startup
   Dia sometimes cannot obtain VisualInfo


  I tried about  everything: I installed a plain  WB2.1 without any
 additional  programs on it's own  partition. I disabled  all other
 partitions so  that no other software  could be loaded. ONLY ORIG.
 WB2.1 PROGRAMS. I tried  both Zorro  jumper positions. I tried one
 and two monitor installations. But nothing worked.
  Has anyone  encountered this  problem  yet? Has  anyone  actually
 solved this problem?

 Thanx for help


                              » Portal News «

.../Message Bases/Entertainment - Games & Diversions/Maxis interested again?
16031.3.64.1 Maxis interested again?
1/24/94 23:41 33/1319 EVAlien

I called Maxis today regarding SimFarm and SimCity 2000.  My last question
to them was "And are you still supporting the Amiga platform?"

His response was that they were still selling the inventory that they have
for the Amiga and that the support lines are willing to answer questions
but that their staff might have a problem answering some of the questions
that were really Amiga specific.

He then asked me how much I liked my Amiga.  Informing him that I have
four Amigas he was rather amazed.  Every Amiga owner he had chatted with
told him how much they appreciated their fine little machines but he also
stated that the community of Amiga people was just too small for them to
continue developing for the Amiga.

His questions began to get further and further into depth.  Almost like he
was polling me for information.  "Should we continue developing for the
Amiga?"  "Would it be worth it to look into CD-32?"

Something gave me the impression that this guy was more of a big-wig or
developer than just "tech support".

Any thoughts?

Ed Vandehey -

.../Message Bases/Entertainment - Games & Diversions/Maxis interested again?
16031.3.64.2 Re: Maxis interested again?
1/25/94 17:38 32/1418 DennyA

>I called Maxis today regarding SimFarm and SimCity 2000.  My last question
>to them was "And are you still supporting the Amiga platform?"

Actually, Maxis itself dropped Amiga development a couple of years
ago. However, they licensed Amiga ports to Mindscape in the UK.
Mindscape did SimLife and whichever one preceded that (SimAnt, I
think). Mindscape _IS_ working on SimCity 2000 for the Amiga, and it's
expected this summer.

>His questions began to get further and further into depth.  Almost like he
>was polling me for information.  "Should we continue developing for the
>Amiga?"  "Would it be worth it to look into CD-32?"
>Something gave me the impression that this guy was more of a big-wig or
>developer than just "tech support".
>Any thoughts?

I think he probably was just a tech support guy, but Maxis may be
using the tech support lines to do a bit of research.

At any rate, MindScape UK is a huge Amiga developer, and they're still
committed to porting the SimStuff to the Amiga.

.../Message Bases/Programming - All Languages/SHAREWARE DOESN'T WORK!
1/27/94 04:19 5/138 Hubert - Cross




.../Message Bases/Programming - All Languages/SHAREWARE DOESN'T WORK!
1/27/94 07:44 7/423 Tony-Preston

Well, last year, I registered 4 shareware packages.  Also from one program
I had released as shareware I recieved about $150 (15 people registered it)
and while it does not seem like much, it was enough to keep me believing
that shareware does work.  I know one person that recieved over 300
registrations for a program.  It does not work as well as selling a
program commercially, but is alot lett work for the author.

.../Message Bases/Programming - All Languages/SHAREWARE DOESN'T WORK!
16046.3.81.3 Shareware Does Work
1/27/94 12:21 13/461 SteveX

Shareware works for good products.

The makers of DOOM have reportedly earned a lot of money.  There are
quite a few other sharewarew "Success Stories".

Me, I register shareware.  I also write shareware - and did abysmally
until PortalX, which has earned me some money (although certainly
not enough to live on).

If you expect to get rich on Shareware, then you'd better put as much
resources into the product as whatever you are competing with.


.../Message Bases/Programming - All Languages/SHAREWARE DOESN'T WORK!
16046.3.81.4 Re: SHAREWARE DOESN'T WORK!
1/27/94 16:03 8/392 djjames

  I routinly register shareware products.  If I use it regularly I'll send in
the money.  If I find that I only use it once or twice a year I don't bother.

  I do object to people asking a small fortune for their products unless it's
an extremely superior product.  $10-20 seems about right.  I guess that the
$50 I spent for the registered version of DICE was the most I've ever paid.


.../General Q&A, Announcements, and Help!/The Amiga is DEAD and BURIED
16026.3.679.1 The Amiga is DEAD and BURIED
1/27/94 06:02 76/2974 Hubert - Cross

In My Humble Opinion, The Amiga is DEAD and BURIED. I wrote to several
software houses to see if they would be interested in publishing a program
that I wrote. Here are some bits from some of the answers I received:

ELECTRONIC ARTS: ...We are unlikely to publish an Amiga program...

ACCLAIM: ...We are not seeking softare in this category... [Amiga]

KONAMI: ...It has been decided that Konami will no longer publish...
        ...Amiga Software...

IMPRESSIONS: this time we are not accepting any programs
                for Amiga...

GAMETEK: ...Unfortunately, the Amiga software distribution system in
            North America has deteriorated to the point where we are
            no longer publishing new Amiga titles.

            My suggestion would be to approach some European publishers,
            where the Amiga still has a strong (though declining)

A letter from Europe:


         ...Unfortunately, the Amiga market in Europe is declining
            rapidly and we are not, therefore, looking to produce
            further Amiga product...

I also sent a letter to Commodore, explaining clearly that I had written
a game and that I was looking for a publisher. I even enclosed some
color photocopies of my game's screens. They took months to answer:

...Thank you for your letter requesting information. We would like to take
   this opportunity to apologise (sic) for the extreme delay in responding
   to your enquiry...

...It may be that you have now successfully found a resolution to your
   enquiry elsewhere. If you have, could you please still complete the
   section below and return it in the reply paid envelope enclosed, in
   order that we bring this matter to a mutually satisfactory conclusion
   and close your file...

   -------------------------Cut along this Line-----------------------

...Regarding your reference number 1336, I have/have not been able to
   obtain the information required elsewhere. I do/don't require this
   information. (please delete as necessary)...

And then a month latter:

...Further to our recent communication regarding your enquiry. As we
   have received no reply, we therefore presume that you have managed
   to obtain the information you required from an alternative source,
   and as a result have closed your file...

...Should this not be the case...

I still wonder if they ever had an idea of what I wrote them about.

I have also been reading about a CD32 or something that is the future
of Commodore and that is selling 20,000 or 100,000 units a week or
a month or whatever. I have been to Toys -R- Us twice and haven't seen it.
How can they be selling a zillion units a week when I can't even find the
thing on the stores is beyond my comprehension.

I haven't sold my Amiga and gotten a PC only because I spent over $2000 on
the damned thing and now probably nobody would give me even $300 for it.

Comments or flames welcome.

[Editor's Note:  Is this guy asking for trouble, or what??]

.../General Q&A, Announcements, and Help!/PCPursuit ends 1 Apr. 94
16026.3.680.1 you can switch to PortalPursuit
1/27/94 08:38 63/2859 Harv

Please note the following article is cross-posted from PCPursuit's
BBS, The Net Exchange. This is *not* a rumor. If you currently get
to Portal via PCP you will not be able to anymore as of 1 April
1994. Your alternative is to contact Portal (email cs) and ask
to sign up for a Portal Pursuit account. For $30, you get 30 hours
of Portal each month via Sprintnet (up to 9600bps) and there are
other plans for heavier users. Portal Pursuit requires no fancy
indial/outdial or other passwords - its all transparent to the user
plus you get an account reconciliation each time you log off Portal
so you know excactly what you've used each month and how much you
have left that month.

If you use Portal for more than 12 hours each month via SprintNet
you are already paying $30 (12 x $2.50/hr) so it would be wise for
you to switch to Portal Pursuit as you WILL SAVE MONEY! It is a good deal.

Here is Sprint's announcement regarding the cancellation of
PCPursuit services::


PC Pursuit and PC BusinessCall Services are being discontinued.
Users will be receiving the following letter via mail.




January 27, 1994

Dear Customer:

Over the past several months, Sprint has conducted a thorough business
evaluation of the PC Pursuit and PC BusinessCall services. Based on the
results of this evaluation, Sprint's PC Pursuit and PC BusinessCall
services will be discontinued, effective April 1, 1994. We regret any
inconvenience that this may cause you.

We are taking this step in order to focus our resources on the growing demand
for local dial-in access to online, "information provider" computer hosts
which are directly connected to SprintNet. The continued growth in the number
and variety of these dedicated hosts and host applications has minimized the
need for PC Pursuit and PC BusinessCall. Today, access to these host-based
applications far surpasses the usage of dial-out access via PC Pursuit and
PC BusinessCall.

Per this notification, your PC Pursuit or PC BusinessCall ID/password will
become inoperable on April 1, 1994. No further charges for these services
will be billed to your credit card or electronic funds transfer account after
the April 1, 1994 date. (Note: Users: If you would like to discontinue your
service prior to April 1, 1994, you may do so here on the Net Exchange via
the "Cancel" option included within the "Questionnaire" section. Type "Q"
to access the questionnaire area, then choose prompt "2", "cancel." Then
answer the prompts requesting your cancellation information). If you have
already recently discontinued your PC Pursuit or PC BusinessCall service,
please disregard this notification.

                              » Delphi News «

22249 26-JAN 01:39 General Information
     Commodore going out of business?
     From: JAKEHAMBY    To: ALL

Just got my shareholder's report from Commodore and they are really screwed
up.  Last fiscal year, they lost $356 million, and had DEFICIT equity of $53
million and deficit working capital of $107 million!  In addition, they're
in default under various credit agreements and a mortgage loan, and they're
worried because many of the companies under which CBM operates, unlike the
U.S., they can't seek judicial protection (a.k.a. Chapter 11) to prevent
liquidation of their assets!  In fact, the CPAs who audited the books
expressed "substantial doubt about the Company's ability to continue as a
going concern."

Well, I wouldn't mind so much (I bailed out of Amiga land half a year ago,
caved in and bought a PC [and am loving it!]) except that I own 40 shares in
a stock which isn't worth more than $3 a share on a good day!  Well, maybe
somebody will buy Commodore out, knock some sense into their marketing
division, and start selling some computers.  I can't think of any company
that would want to buy out Commodore, though, except maybe Newtek (and they
probably don't have the capital), or possibly Apple (although it would be
hard, but not impossible, for them to integrate the Amiga somehow with the
Macintosh line).  Maybe Sega or Nintendo, but that's about it.  Actually, in
the latest Ami Report on Delphi, there was a blurb about a Wall Street
Journal article which stated that a company called "Sage Enterprises" wanted
to buy out another company called "CBM".  It could happen...

It really saddens me to say, but the Amiga's been dying for the past year or
so.  And while people have been predicting Commodore's downfall since 1987,
I'm sure that a critical point will be reached before next year.  Either
they get bought out, or they go bankrupt.  And if Commodore files for
bankruptcy, the Amiga will go the way of the TI-99/4A, the Kaypro, and the
VIC-20.  Sad, but true.  I bailed out of the Amiga scene half a year ago,
and have never once regretted it, but I think a lot of people and companies
(Newtek, GVP, etc.) won't, and they'll be riding the S.S. Commodore to their
watery graves.


22270 27-JAN 00:01 General Information
     RE: Commodore going out of business? (Re: Msg 22265)

Regarding the possible purchase of Commodore by Newtek or Apple - I just
saw an episode of MacTV tonight spotlighting video products for the Mac. One
of the products was a Video Toaster! Yes, a rep from Newtek was demonstrating
a Toaster as a Mac peripheral utilizing Newtek's Toasterlink software
interface to the Mac. The Newtek rep did a pretty good demo of some simple
Toaster effect as well as talking about its bundled software products
including Lightwave.

Unfortunately, despite the fact that the Toaster was really an Amiga 3000
with a sophisticated board and software inside it and in plain view to the
audience right behind the shows host, neither the words Commodore nor
Amiga were mumbled during the segment. The host kept trying to play up
the Mac sideof things but it was apparent that Toaster did not need any
input of Mac art/video work, just that it is now capable of easily taking
in such works. Maybe that is what Newtek intented in a subtle marketing
attempt. Mmmmmm.......

As an aside, I also saw the first episode in the Babylon 5 series tonight. I
had not seen the pilot episode last year but was blown away at the
sophistication, quality, and length of the animated sequences. In a word...
AWESOME!! What a great advert for the Amiga, Video Toaster, and Lightwave.
Maybe all is not lost.