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                        Upcoming Portal Conferences

The AmigaZone on Portal will be hosting two conferences next week.

On Wednesday, February 2nd at 7 pm PST, the conference will feature Kermit 
Woodall and Tom Krehbiel from Terra Nova Design.

On Thursday, February 3rd at 7 pm PST, the  conference will feature Rusty
Mills from ASDG.

As always, Amiga Report will publish transcripts of these conferences.

              Comp.Sys.Amiga.Reviews Announces Micro-Reviews

           Introducing... Micro-Reviews!  (Very easy to write!)

        I would like to introduce a new kind of review that will appear in  (Thanks to Benbuck Nason,, for
this suggestion.)  Introducing... the micro-review!  It's only one line
long... so easy that anybody can write one in seconds!!!

        Just rate the programs you like or dislike, using a simple scale
(described below).  I will collect the ratings, compute the averages, and
post the cumulative results once every month.

        That's it!!

        Here is an example of a micro-review submission.  Complete
instructions are below.

Subject: micro-review

SpamWriter              | Fooblat Software              | ***
Bunny Blaster Wars      | Peter Gunn                    | *


(1)     Address your e-mail to

(2)     Make the subject of your letter:

                Subject: micro-review

(3)     Rate the products, one per line, listing the product name,
        author/company name, and the rating, in order, SEPARATED BY "|"
        SYMBOLS.  It doesn't matter how many spaces or tabs you use between
        these three fields, as long as you use "|" symbols to separate them.
        (See the example above.)

        Please use the following 5-star rating scale:

                *       Bad.        Avoid this product!
                **      Fair.       It is useful but needs big improvements.
                ***     Average.    It works OK.  Nothing fancy.
                ****    Good.       It works well.  You like using it.
                *****   Excellent.  It works wonderfully.

        In addition, you may optionally add a plus sign ("+") to your rating
        to increase it.  For example:

                *+      Bad, but not ALL bad.
                **+     Slightly below average.
                ***+    Above average.
                ****+   Very good.
                *****+  One of THE BEST programs you have EVER used.

        Remember:  FIRST choose the number of stars, and THEN add a plus
        if the product deserves it.

        I stole this scale from Peter Thelen ( because I
        think it is very simple to use.  He uses it for rating music.
        Thanks Peter! :-)


        Each month, I will post a report which lists for each product:

                o       The average (mean and median) ratings.
                o       The number of submissions.

        This is an experiment which will succeed or fail based on your
participation.  Let's give it a try!!  Please take a few minutes and rate
some hardware and software products to help your fellow Amiga users.

                        COMPUTER GRAPHIC ARTISTS

  Terra Nova Development of Ventura, California has two positions avail-
able for graphic artists experienced with Impulse's Imagine and other
Amiga graphic tools.  These full-time positions require an unusual level
of ability and offer salaries commensurate with an applicant's skill.
In addition the company is offering an attractive profit sharing plan
to all creative staff.

  Terra Nova Development's credits include `The Labyrinth of Time',
a CD-ROM adventure game created entirely with 3D rendering software,
available for MS-DOS, Amiga, CD/32 and CDTV*, and (soon) the Macintosh.
  Amiga World said about `The Labyrinth of Time':  "This kind of
boundless invention is what CD-ROM is about - or should be about...."
  The company's direction is toward more and better products in multi-
media entertainment and other fields across a wide spectrum of computer

       Applicants should send sample image disks and resume to:

                           Bradley W. Schenck
                         Terra Nova Development
                             P. O. Box 2202
                    Ventura, California   93002-2202

    * for ordering information on the CD32/Amiga CD/CDTV version of `The
    Labyrinth of Time', call Electronic Arts at (415) 572-ARTS (USA);
    (008) 074-298 (Australia); or (0753) 546465 (U.K.); USA dealers
    should call (800) 448-8822.

                          AGE Announces PARANOIA

                         Sunday, January 9th, 1994
                         Calgary, Alberta, Canada

AGE Entertainment Software is pleased to publicly announce today, the
impending release of their first game for the Commodore Amiga computer
platform, Paranoia.

Paranoia is a first-person, scrolling action adventure game which takes
elements from popular role playing games like Dungeon Master and Ultima
Underworld while maintaining action elements usually present in games more
like Alien Breed or Uridium and mixes it all together with elements from
popular science fiction films like Alien and Star Wars.

The player takes the place of a member of the crew from an interstellar
starship which is transporting cargo through the cosmos.  The ship is
attacked by an unknown alien race for no apparent reason, and the ship
is boarded by "Hoarders", creatures which roam the dark hallways of the
ship in search of human prey.  The player must find an escape off this
death trap in an adventure that will keep players on the edge of their
seat all te way throgh.Obstacles must be overcome, and puzzles solved
in this epic story of  rutine trip gone bad.

Combine all this action and adventure with a mixture of graphics rendered
with NewTek's amazing LightWave 3.0 and digitized clay animation and you
have an experience like nothing anyone has ever seen before on a personal

Should players succeed in this harrowing mission of mercy, they can continue
on in the story of this lonely crusader in Paranoia 2: Colony.  This story
picks up where the first left off, with our hero landing his escape vehicle
on a nearby planet which harbours a colony filled with mystery. Then,
finally, comes the third and last game in the Paranoia trilogy.  Paranoia 3:
Revenge goes to the home planet of the "Hoarders" and takes our hero along
for the ride.  Follow amazing plot twists and unparalleled action sequences
in an unprecedented game series.

Paranoia will be available first quarter, 1994 from:

                                AGE Entertainment Software
                                301-108 23rd Ave. S.W.
                                Calgary, Alberta
                                T2S 0J1

                                (403)244-1167 (Information)


                                Ken Pierce 1:134/27