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%% The Editor's Desk                                    By Robert Glover %%

First, a correction.  In last week's editorial, I said that Nintendo's new
game system was called Saturn.  That is incorrect.  Their new system is
Project Reality.  Saturn is Sega's new system.

Not much in the magazine this week in terms of features.  All of the new
writers with new columns seem to have bailed on me.  Jason Compton is
taking the week off, so it leaves us with two Usenet Reviews.  Oh well.
I tried to make up for it with plenty of stuff in CPU Report and AR Online.
I hope it balances out.

The weather is still nuts here in the Midwest.  We had a bout of below
zero temps for a few days, then it teases us with a three day blast into
the mid 50's.  Now it's about 15° outside, and we have 4" of snow on the
ground.  Sheesh.

Only two more days until the premiere of Babylon 5, at least here in
Omaha.  I know some areas of the country have already seen it.  I guess
it's going to be how a lot of the country gets Star Trek and DS9 a week

I just spoke with a few people that have already seen it, and the
like/dislike rate is about 50/50.  I hope it turns out well.  They've put
a lot of work into the show, and it's a great way to showcase the Amiga's

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