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                        ReqTools 2.2 - RTPatch 1.3




     2.2 (38.1194)


     Nico Francois


     ReqTools 2.2 - the requester toolkit library


     reqtools.library is a standard Amiga shared, runtime library.
     The purpose of ReqTools is to make it a lot quicker and easier
     to build standard requesters into your programs.  ReqTools is
     designed with Commodore's style guidelines in mind, all
     requesters have the look-and-feel of AmigaDOS Release 2.

     ReqTools features the following requesters:  a query requester,
     a string requester, a number requester, a file requester, a
     font requester, a palette requester, a volume requester and a
     screenmode requester.

     Also included are RTPatch (1.3) and RexxReqTools (1.2e):

     RTPatch is a small program that will re-route functions from
     most popular requester libraries to ReqTools.  Libraries
     currently supported are Arp, Req and Asl.  RTPatch will also
     patch some functions in Intuition to give you improved system

     RexxReqTools gives ARexx users easy access to a large family of
     requesters.  All requesters are easy to use; they require one
     or no arguments.  But the requesters also have a lot of power
     through several optional arguments and through tagstrings.
     RexxReqTools itself doesn't implement any of these requesters,
     it is a link between ARexx and ReqTools.


     ReqTools 2.2:

     (NOTE: All changes listed below are for the Kickstart 2.0 and
            higher version of the library (unless stated otherwise).
            Development of the 1.3 compatible version of ReqTools has
            more or less stopped.)

     o File, font and screenmode are now able to use proportional
       fonts, making them truly font-sensitive.  Palette requester
       will accept and use a proportional font on Kickstart 3.0 or
       higher only.  Note:  this required a small catalog change, so
       be sure to update your catalogs.

     o Added cool LED indicator left of the drawer gadget in the file
       requester (optional).

     o File requester will now make sure 'freq->Dir' and 'filename'
       are up-to-date when a callback hook is called (RTFI_FilterFunc
       and RT_IntuiMsgFunc).  If you want to rely on this please
       check for this _exact_ release of ReqTools (or higher of

     o File requester will show file sizes in localized form now.

     o Screenmode requester now handles color depths greater than
       8192 colors correctly (will use 16K, 32K, 16M,...  for high
       color values).  Previously the window borders could get
       overwritten, oops :-)

     o Removed hardcoded monitor names from screenmode requester code
       and made screenmode requester construct the name for an
       unnamed mode from the monitor name and dimensions.

     o Bug fix: when the SCREQF_GUIMODES flag is used the screenmode
       requester will no longer show modes that haven't got the
       DIPF_IS_WB flag set.  This fixes the problem of truecolor
       Picasso II modes showing up.

     o Added a temporary workaround for a SAS/C bug (6.50 and
       earlier) creating incorrect code for taglist switches.
       Programs with a missing TAG_END in one of their taglists will
       no longer crash (but are still buggy ;-)

     o Changed rtLockWindow() and rtUnlockWindow() nesting code.
       Should work much better now and allow for infinite nesting.

     o Improved calculation of spacing value in rtGetVScreenSize(),
       will now properly return a spacing of 4 for A2024 monitor for

     RTPatch 1.3:

     o ASL Intuition message callback function/hook (FRF_DOMSGFUNC
       and ASLFR_IntuiMsgFunc tags) seems to require filtered
       Intuition messages (GadTools) instead of normal IntuiMessages.
       RTPatch now uses GT_FilterIMsg() and GT_PostFilterIMsg() in
       its message callback hook emulation to support this strange
       requirement.  On top of this some software (e.g.  PhotoWorX)
       seems to rely on the fr_Drawer and fr_File fields to be valid
       and up-to-date during the execution of the hook.  In
       combination with ReqTools 2.2 this will now be the case.

     o New argument: 'IGNOREHEIGHT'.  When this is switch is used
       RTPatch will ignore the height setting for the Asl file
       requester and will always use the default ReqTools setting (as
       set by the ReqTools preferences program).

     o In case of a multiselect ASL requester RTPatch will always
       fill in the fr_File field with the name of the first file that
       was selected.  This is not really required, but improves
       compatibility with Term.

     o Set mp_SigTask of dummy message port to NULL and mp_Flags to
       PA_IGNORE.  This is done to avoid all sorts of problems with
       some system snoopers.

HOST NAME ( [AmiNet]




     ReqTools22_User.lha (user archive, no includes/libs/etc...)


     Shareware fee, US$25


     Shareware, Copyright (c) 1991-1994 Nico Francois