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%% The Amiga on the InterNet                             By Robert Niles %%
%%                                  %%

Last week in the article about the Amiga IRC channel, I made the fatal
mistake of noting that Pjotr was the moderator. Thanks to just about
everyone on the channel I found out that I was grossly incorrect.

When you create a group on the IRC you become the "moderator". The Amiga
channel really has no moderator. Each member who enters the group
needs to moderate him/herself. There are a few people who frequent the
group that have special privledges (like kicking those who are annoying
out of the group), but no single person controls the #amiga IRC 

Thanks to those who took the time to explain this to me.

Continuing the article, thise week we will take a look at Aminet.

Aminet is a huge collection of Amiga freely distributable files
that are 'mirrored' to many other sites. These sites can be
accessed by anonymous FTP. There are over 5000 files on the 
Aminet with the expectation that it will hold over 10000 files
before the end of this year (I'm sure that they are quite close
as it is now). 

Aminet started back in January of 1992 when Urban Mueller took over
a small archive of Amiga files and put them on his system, ab20.
After a while the site grew too large and with the help of Peter
Sjostrom of amiga.physik, the main part of Aminet moved there, with
ab20 being the mirror.

In May of 1992 the university ordered the Aminet archive to be
shut down at amiga.physik. Chris Myers of wuarchive gave Urban
an account and the disk space to move the Aminet archives there.

As featured in AR127, Urban reported that an estimate of over 10000
users frequented wuarchive with over 250,000 files being downloaded
a month.

Aminet is currently centered on and but over
12 sites mirror Aminet making access more feasable.