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%% Amiga BBS on the Internet                                   By Zorack %%

    Hello out there all you Amiga users!  I'm writing this to let
everyone know about - one of the first free CNet-Amiga
systems running over the InterNet (but not the only one).  Users may
login to the BBS via telnet, saving long distance charges.  The BBS
offers over 40 online games, two MUD's, shell accounts, ftp, and soon
IRC to the public.  We are finally moving out of our beta testing phase
with our v.32b SLIP connection.

    The message bases have been inactive recently - something that
will hopefully be remedied as we soon will be supporting lots of high
interest news groups, and FidoNet echos, and the prospect of new
users.  This section of the BBS is still under alot of construction -
and cosysops are needed.  Via FTP, bstorm offers many unique files -
many of which are not currently on Aminet.  Other files are located on
our CD-ROM drive, which rotates the Aminet CD and the "Ultimate MOD
Collection CD" - a CD which offers 667 MB of MODs to the public.
All of this is free to the public!  You may join bstorm today via:

BBS:  "telnet"

MUD:  "telnet 4000"

FTP:  "ftp", login "anonymous", password <user@host>,

For more information, mail

  ____         ___ ____    ____         ___ ____ telnet
 /      /  / /__   /  __   /    /  / /__   /   Sysop: Zorack
/____  /  / /___  /     __/__  /  / /___  /