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%% Jaguar Games                           Reprinted from STReport #10.03 %%

New games for the Jaguar in 1994 (This is not an official or complete

                    Return to Zork, by Activision.

The next generation of classic Zork adventures makes its triumphant
64-bit  debut! The closest an interactive computer game has ever come to
cinematic quality production, Return to Zork fully showcases Jaguar's
powerful graphic capabilities by combining a mix of full-motion video
live action scenes, and photo realistic animation. This amazing 64-bit
adventure is filled with danger, intrigue and low cunning. It's loaded
with fascinating puzzles, and a revolutionary interface, an original cast
of real Hollywood actors, more than an hour of spoken dialogue and 200
CD-quality musical themes.

                         Doom, by Id Software

Doom is an ultra-fast virtual reality showcase that plunges you deep into
a brutal 3D world filled with enough graphic violence to earn this
monster its very own warning label. As a renegade space marine, you must
utilize state-of-the-art weaponry and technological artifacts to fend off
legions of gruesome fiends, and use your wits to solve hundreds of lethal
puzzles. Dramatic, high-speed animation and Jaguar's uncompromising
multimedia realism bring this fantastic and grisly adventure to life.

                    Tiny Toon Adventures, by Atari

Leap inside a real cartoon!  Based on the popular Warner Brothers.
characters, this zany platform scroller is a true showcase of Jaguar's
rich animation capabilities. Bad boy Montana Max has a new toy: an Acme
TiToonium Converter. But the only place he can get TiToonium is on a
planet Aurica, and the removal of Titoonium is causing grave ecological
damage to the Toon-filled universe. Armed with an Acme Crazy Net, follow
Buster Bunny, Babs Bunny and Plucky Duck as they embark on a mission to
shut down the Acme TiToonium-Gold Converter--and save planet Aurica.

                European Soccer Challenge, by Telegames

Goooaaaal! The Atari Lynx sports favorite comes to the Jaguar.  This
proven soccer program delivers an expanded season and playoff format, 170
teams and complete team/individual stats. In addition, each player
possesses his own personality and performance capabilities. You even have
the option to make trades. For Sport fanatics, European Soccer Challenge
is a 64-bit kick!

                  Ultimate Brain Games, by Telegames

The popular Lynx mind bender comes to the 64-bit format. Test your moves
against the only system qualified to accommodate all the CPU horsepower
required for a real chess challenge. Work your way to master status on a
full-scale battlefield with classic chess--and checkers, and backgammon.
There's a challenge here for every skill level and member of the family.
Extended features--such as specific game set-up for the computer solution
and digitized graphics--make this product a must for your video game

            Hosenose and Booger, by ASG Technologies, Inc.

Here's one for the sick and twisted. Hosenose has a cold and as fate
would have it, he's managed to sneeze and suck his girlfriend Hotsnot
deep into his brain. In a unique gaming experience that fully showcases
Jaguar's monster graphic capabilities, you'll take a nose-dive into
Hosenose's sinuous nasal passages in search of the lovely yet cerebral
Hotsnot. Through every organ and orifice you'll meet a wild cast of
disgusting characters, including Mickki Mewkus, Logjam Sam, Vicki Virus,
and the Evil Dr. Bile. An off-beat animated adventure only the 64-bit
power of Jaguar can deliver.

                         Club Drive, by Atari

You've never experienced racing like this! Designed especially for the
Jaguar, Club Drive pulls you into a fully rendered 3D environment.  There
are no rails here--just 70 square miles of San Francisco to race through
and explore. Go anywhere as you chase down your opponent in a fast-paced
game of tag through the craggy canyons and frontier towns of the Old
West. Crash and score as you test your wheels in a futuristic skateboard
park--for cars! Experience what it's like to be a toy car and race
through your neighbor's house, around coffee tables and under the
television. It's your chance to do things with a car Henry Ford would've
never dreamed of.

                         Commando, by Microids

Take an in-depth, first-person perspective into the trenches of 64-bit
warfare. As the Officer in Charge of a team of crack commandos, you'll
experience all the rigors of gritty jungle combat through the eyes of a
real soldier as you patrol, set ambushes, destroy key structures, rescue
personnel...and ultimately win one for your Commando team. Jaguar's
sophisticated animation and audio processors bring you front-line combat
so real, extended play  may cause flashbacks!

               Dungeon Depths, by Midnite Software, Inc.

Long ago in an ancient, uncivilized world, man built great castles to
close himself off from the grunts of the earth. And beneath these castles
he built miles of dungeons to imprison you and your repressed minions.
Get ready for a medieval multiple-player role- playing arcade adventure
as you battle "surface dwellers" in an effort to rise up from the
clutches of the aristocracy. With rich, vibrant graphics, this 3D
textured underworld epic makes full use of Jaguar's real-time rendering,
advanced 3D texturing and high-speed animation capabilities.

                     Ultra Vortex, by Beyond Games

Ultra Vortex is street fighting to the 64th power! History has seen the
rise and fall of many warriors. All fell to the power of the Vortex
Guardian, who has dominated mankind for thousands of years. It's 2045,
time again for the Testing. You and nine other able warriors have been
chosen from America's top underground gangs to fight for the right to
take on the Guardian. Drawing on the mesmerizing powers of the Vortex,
you must master deadly street fighting and martial arts skills--including
the lethal "Vortex Annihilator"...destroy a field of formidable champions
and ultimately crush the Guardian!

                     Battlewheels, by Beyond Games

Buckle up for 64 bits of metal-mashing arcade action. 2021 AD.  Humankind
has turned to an increasingly dangerous spectator sports for its
entertainment. Welcome to Battlewheels! Drive solo or team up with as
many  as eight of your buddies for a futuristic demolition derby to the
death. Custom equip your suicide vehicle from the ground up with machine
guns, missiles, flame-throwers...and compete for "kills," cash and glory
against a vicious band of road warriors-- through treacherous deserts and
ghost cities of a bygone era. Yeeehaw!

                         Evidence, by Microids

The magic of the movies meets the power of Jaguar. This 3D interactive
feature combines unbridled 64-bit technology with incredible motion
picture effects. As a young reporter wrongly charged with murder, you
must find a way to escape from prison and expose the party responsible
for putting you behind bars. Full-motion video and digital sound effects
are Evidence of a gaming experience only Jaguar can deliver.

                  Car Wars, by Midnite Software, Inc.

Earth, 2094. Advances in technology eliminated tires, refueling and, in
general, made the roads a safer place--at least within the city limits.
Outside the clean cityscapes--in the Arena, where bloodthirsty drivers
clash in massive road beasts to battle for what is yours, and what you
think should be yours--is where you do your driving. It's a futuristic
off-road carnage bonanza that takes full adventure of Jaguar's stock
graphic processors.

                     Alien vs. Predator, by Atari

Choose your weapon in a 64-bit combat challenge with the stars of these
feature film blockbusters.  Alien's machete-like tail and nasty jaws are
perfect for ripping into any predator.  Predator's sophisticated weaponry
and superior infra-red night vision make it easy to search out your
victims.  The Marine Corporal's massive arsenal and sophisticated combat
computer skills make hunting mutants easy.  Battle through miles of
texture-mapped corridors with stunning digitized character recreations.
Lightning-fast speed provides the ultimate in chase sequences.
Exceptional colors and light shading throw you in the middle of all the
limb-severing action.

                 Brutal Sports Football, by Telegames

Crush 'em, mutilate 'em, splatter 'em all over the field...It's anything
goes in Brutal Sports Football.  No more rules-just pick up the ball and
run for your life as Jaguar's five high-performance processors throw you
on the gridiron with 16 of the most unforgiving mutant teams to ever
separate a cyborg from his generator pack. Compared to this, Pro Ball is
Powder Puff.  Five methods of control, three play modes - an audio/visual
experience that will literally tear you apart.

                      Checkered Flag II, by Atari

Formula racing peaks in real-time 3D action so intense, so realistic,
your skin may actually peel back over your cheekbones. This is
eyeball-dryin' racing action only the blazing speed and power of Jaguar
can deliver.  Customize your car and hit the road against a fierce field
of speed demons.  Cars, buildings and roads are rendered in true
toe-curling 3D. 100 percent authentic effects - crashes are realistic in
both sound and imagery, with parts flying and tires screeching.  Helmet
optional, but highly recommended!

                        Tempest 2000, by Atari

Updated with heart-stopping energy, this arcade classic sweeps into the
21st Century.  Using vector graphics, rapid fire, a fully interactive
starfield and CD-quality stereo sound, the power of Jaguar teleports
Tempest 2000 into the 64th dimension.  Manipulative abilities have been
modernized with new features that include spins and twists not seen in
the original, plus an exciting upgrade to the year 2000 that spotlights
Jaguar's 3D polygon rendering capabilities.