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%%      Emulation Rambler Special:  All the Emulators in the World!      %%
%%                 By Jason Compton (                 %%

Ok, not all of them.  After all, I'm only talking about the Amiga, and
I'm sure that they're not ALL here.  But there's a whole lot of them,
and I figured I'd bore everyone to death if I included it in ER proper,
so here it is, the largest single list of emulators in the world that I know

If you want to reprint it, just throw in a little "with permission" blurb
about Amiga Report and throw a "V1.0" or something on it.


All (most) of the Emulators in the World!
Originally compiled by: Angelo Carpi (
Messed around with by: Jason Compton (

Key to cost notation:
FW: No cost (PD/Freeware/Giftware/whatever)
SW: Shareware

                                IBM clone Bridgeboards:

Name                Built-in video     Approximate cost    Company/Origin

PCboard             uptomonoVGA              $200              Holland

Power PC                   ?                 $200              Supra
Note: Just an XT emulator, sorry, not what it sounds like.

2088 Bridgeboard        CGA                  $50             Commodore

Sidecar                 CGA                   ?              Commodore
Note: XT emulator for the 1000.

2286 Bridgeboard        CGA                 $100             Commodore

2386sx Bridgeboard      CGA                 $300             Commodore

486 Bridgeboard         CGA                 $900           EMC/Commodore

ATOnce/+ 286         CGA (?)                $200               Vortex

GoldenGate 386    upto16colVGA              $350               Vortex

GoldenGate 486    upto16colVGA              $900               Vortex

                                IBM Software-based

Name                    Available Video    Approx. Cost     Company/Origin

Transformer 1.2           Mono only          $35               Insignia
Note: This is taking Angelo's word.  I've seen Transformer, it's from 1986.
Somehow I doubt anyone is trying to collect on it.  Emulates a 286,
so the sysinfo programs say.

PCTask (XT)        VGA (256col with AGA)     $40            New Zealand
IBeM (XT)                  CGA                ?             New Zealand
Note: CrossPC, with the CrossDOS package, is really this program.

                                Commodore Emulators
Name                      Approx. Price      Company

C64Emulator                      ?           ReadySoft

A-64 Package 3.0                $50          Questronix

Vic-20 Emulator       No information, it's just been announced over Usenet.
Looks like it's free.

                               Atari ST Emulators

 Name                Approx. Price               Company/Origin

ATARI1                     ??                          ??

MEDUSA 2.0               dm 320                    MacroSystem

CHAMAELEON 2.1           dm 340                       Maxon

BRAINSTORM                 ??                        M.A.S.T.

AMTARI                   dm 298                        ??

ST4AMIGA                   FW                        Germany
Note: This one is software based and requires an Atari ST image file.


Name                       Price                         Company

MINIX                      $169                       Prentice Hall

NetBSD                      FW

Linux                       FW

                                Macintosh Emulators

Name                    Approx. price                 Company

A-Max 4                   See note                   ReadySoft
Note:  A-Max 4 is an upgrade to A-Max II+, a Zorro-board which did mono
Mac emulation.  As an entire new package, it could well run $500.  As an
upgrade, I believe the cost hangs around $250.

Emplant Mac v3.7          See note              Utilities Unlimited
Note: Emplant is a board available in 4 different configurations (the Mac
software is included)  Cost ranges from $280 to $400, depending on options.

                                CPM/Z80 (all believed free)

Name                     Origin

SimCPM                   Canada

ECPM                     Sweden

CPM                      U.S.A.

Z80Emulator103      Phil Brown-U.K.
Note:  This is truly an emulation of a Z80 chip, not a particular computer or

                     Assorted Emulators (all believed free)

Name                                            Origin

ZX-Spectrum 1.6                    Peter McGavin-New Zealand

QLemulator                                       U.K.

APPLE2                                           U.S.A.

Apple II+ C code                                   ?
Note: I've seen the C code for an Apple II emulator floating
compile very well on an Amiga.

GameBoy68000                                       ??
Note: The legitimacy of this is questionable, as I've never seen it run
other than Tetris.  However, someone went through the trouble to write
Tetris in Z80 code, presumably used by the program...

Wow! There you have it, the most complete list I know of.  Please
contact either Angelo or myself with comments, corrections, or
additions.  Keep the emulators warm.