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*** Area: AMIGA                                   Date:  7 Jan 94 18:40:13
*** From: Eric Gooch (1:209/254.0)
*** To  : All
*** Subj: Computer Artists Wanted

                          COMPUTER ARTISTS WANTED

Westwood Studios, a Las Vegas-based computer game publisher, is
looking for talented computer graphic artists who should have
extensive experience in either tile/background art, or 3D animation.
Tile/background applicants should have experience in "tile" or
"character" background art, as used in cartridge based game systems
like Sega Genesis and the Super Nintendo (SNES). 3D artist applicants
should preferably have experience with 3D Studio on the IBM, and
should be flexible as far as platforms are concerned, since they may
be working with Lightwave or Alias in the future.

Some of Westwood's past games include Eye of the Beholder I and II,
The Legend of Kyrandia, Lands of Lore, Dune II, and our most recent
adventure game, The Hand of Fate. If you feel your computer graphic
skills are of the caliber of these releases, please send your resume
along with some samples of your work to:

     VP Creative Development
     Westwood Studios
     5333 South Arville
     Suite 104
     Las Vegas, NV 89118

This is a full time position and all applicants must be willing to
relocate to the Las Vegas area. Westwood employees enjoy comprehensive
medical coverage, 401k profit sharing, competitive salary, NO STATE
INCOME TAX, stock options, paid vacations, and a magnificent view of
the Luxor.   8-)

*** Area: AMIGA                                   Date: 11 Jan 94 17:32:00
*** From: Richard Nute (1:18/9.0)
*** To  : All
*** Subj: File_id.diz

I would like to get some info from some of you who run Amiga BBS's.

We are getting ready to put a program on line here at Galaxy that will let 
you use a FILE_ID.DIZ in your uploads. The quesion is, can the Amiga BBS's
support this?????

For those of you who don't know what a FILE_ID.DIZ is, it is an ASCII file 
within an archive that will be extracted upond upload to be placed in the 
discription block. This method has been use by IBM for some time now. It 
will help in several ways.

1. Save time on long distances calles when you upload some files. You will
   not have to spend time writing in discription.

2. You will get better discriptions of files. To aften people are in a hurry
   and just type in a quick discription that means nothing to a lot of users.

        BBGT234.LHA   This is the Latst version
        KISBUT33.LHA  This works real good

   Realy, what are these files for with a discription like that...

3. It would make the Board look more professional. ie;

WABL9312.LHA    28944  01-02-94         _    _       __  ___    _
                                       /\  |\   /| || //    /\
                                      /  \ | \ /|| ||(< __  /  \
                                     /--- \|  X || || \_||/--- \
                                    /                              \
                                 º         December 02 1993           º
                                 º The World-Wide Amiga BBS List!(tm) º
                                 º     Volume 93.12 - Issue No.5      º
                                 º            The MONTHLY             º
                                 º      BBS Telephone Book!(tm)       º
                                 º 138 New Numbers Added - 3 Dropped  º
                                 º         852 Total Numbers!         º

The FILE_ID.DIZ can be put into an LHA or LZH archive by the auther or any
one uploading the files. It is a lot easier sitting off line and typing in
a discription than trying to type one in while your calling lon-distance.
If you want to do it with DMS files you will be able to store it in an LHA 
with the DIZ files. 

Well what do you all think????????????

Richard Nute

*** Area: AMIGA                                   Date: 16 Jan 94  3:53:00
*** From: Jon Peterson (1:383/25.0)
*** To  : All
*** Subj: FFish 1000th Fund

Here is the list of donors for the eighteenth week of the FFish
1000th Disk Anniv thingy.


Jon Peterson
Matthew L. Schultz
Chris Nelson
Asha DeVelder
Marshall Freedland
Jeremy Friesner
Michael Phipps
Eric V. Peterson                                                (Canada)
Eric Zimmer                                                     (Canada)
Fred M. Hamilton
Michael Meredith                                                (England)
David Jennings                                          (Australia)
Gary Delzer
David Gomme
Rick Russell
Jukka O. Kouppinen                                              (Finland)
Gary Simpson
Robert Sudbury
Jon Peterson (Asha's FF1000th Auction Amiga Check Pin purchase)
Mark Baker
Michael Berg                                                    (Denmark)
Sam Worf
Douglas & Susan Blakeley
Richard A. Boedi                                                (Germany
Jari Neiminen                                                   (Finland)
Richard Norman
Jukka Mustasilta  (Finland) Nifty stickers - "intel outside"
Anonymous (Finland) Envelope postmarked Vaasa with winter scene
greeting card with $20.
          Please write back and let us know who you are.  Thanks
 ****Relatively speaking, Finlanders are a grateful bunch.****

                           USERS GROUP DONATIONS

Darrin & Lisa Zimmerman (Amiga Un-Sig of Southern Michigan)
Gateway Amiga Club, Inc.
Abilene Amiga Users Group
Niagara Amiga (Users) Group N.A.G.              (Canada)
New Orleans Commodore Klub Amiga Group
Ohio Valley AUG (A $147 donation from this Group - Big Thanks
                          and a sincere Merry Christmas.)

                             COMPANY dONATIONS

Randhir J. Jesrani (CompuQuick Media Center, Columbus, OH)
Dale L. Larson (Intangible Assets Manufacturing, Drexel Hill,
PA) Intangible is a new company that has just released its' first
product by the name of Amiga Envoy. No further info available.
Dale? This gentleman also has challenged other companies that
have benefited from FFish's efforts to join the effort.


Many thanks to Robert Glover for posting these messages
from FidoNet in the Amiga Report (latest issue 201).
The drive has received numerous donations/inquiries from Europe
and Australia because of that publication. (This is getting more
international..Where's Hong Kong etc.??)

Total donations as of 1/15/94 are $890.50.  Got a ways to go
folks to purchase the (?A4000T/CD32?) but the fund drive seems
to be picking up some steam. BTW, FFish does in fact already own
an A4000 (shoot!). Suggestions? A CD32 looks to be the most
popular alternative. Please talk this up with all concerned
(Amiga users) and pass the word on to your Users Groups. If you
haven't joined the effort, slip that hand into the pocket and
pull out some bucks, put it into any envelope and send it in.
Let's show what the Amiga community is all about. Check over
some of the programs you have benefited/are benefiting from.
Register them and/or pitch in for FishFund.
Donations to: CVCUG

              FFish 1000th
              % Jon Peterson
              P.O. Box 2661
              San Angelo, TX  76902

* Reminder to everyone PLEASE!!! Pass the word at any Users
Group meetings you attend. This is to be a group effort on
behalf of all the Amiga users throughout the world. Please
donate whatever you can afford - or even better - what you
honestly think FFish's work has been worth to you through the
years. Thanks. BTW, there have been some very nice comments
to/about FFish included in the envelopes with donations.  As I
have been saving these, think I will include them along with the
donation "pot"/CD32 when the time comes. May this be a happy and
prosperous New Year for all - the year of the Amiga.

*** Area: AMIGA                                   Date:  8 Jan 94  0:34:36
*** From: Dick Pope (1:3613/3.0)
*** To  : All
*** Subj: Contents of Fish CD-Rom 02

And more from the Fish Monthly CD-ROM 02:

BIZ/DBASE Directory--
  AFile:  Database manager v1.4
  CarCosts:  Car cost pgm (formerly AutoKoster) v3
  Genealogist:  Genealogy database program v3.06 (update)
  VideoMaxe:  Video database v4.30beta (update)

BIZ/DEMO Directory--
  ExcelsiorDemo:  Demo of Excelsior BBS release 1.0

BIZ/MISC Directory--
  HomeBudget:  Home budgeting system v1.3
  ShareManager:  Personal share stock portfolio manager v2.3

COMM/FIDO Directory--
  Spot:  FidoNet tosser/editor for points v1.2b

COMM/MAIL Directory--
  Smail:  UUCP mail transport mechanism v1.10
  SplUU:  UUEncoding file splitter v1.16

COMM/MISC Directory--
  ElCheapoFax:  Send and receive faxes v24.10.93

COMM/NET Directory--
  AmiTCP:  TCP/IP for Amiga v2.2
  AmiTCP_POP:  POP client for AmiTCP/IP v1.6
  FtpDaemon:  FTP daemon for AmiTCP v1.0
  ParBENCH:  ParNET installation kit v3.1

COMM/TERM Directory--
  HFT:  Small ANSI terminal program v38.30
  Terminus:  Jack Radigan's shareware terminal program v2.0d
  XprZmodem:  Shared library providing zmodem protocol v3.1 (update)

COMM/UUCP Directory--
  AGetty:  Getty-like program for the Amiga v0.218

DEV/ASM Directory--
  TBSource:  Collection of Tomi Blinnikka's A68K source files

DEV/CROSS Directory--
  CAZ:  Z80 cross-assembler v1.24b
  Dis6502:  Disassembler for 6502 family v1.0

  AsmKURS:  Some docs on asm coding

DEV/GUI Directory--
  CWeb:  Top down programming tool v3.0 (update)
  Data2Object:  Convert textfile to std object file v1.1
  FlexCat:  Create catalogs and source to handle them v1.01
  LibraryTimer:  Time speed of library functions v1.1
  P2C:  Translate Pascal into C v1.20

DISK/CACHE Directory--
  FastCache:  Fast disk-caching pgm v1.1

DISK/CDROM Directory:
  PlayCDDA:  Play CD-DA digital audio on Toshiba 3401 drives v1.0

DISK/MISC Directory--
  DevBlocks:  Pgms for low-level reading/writing/dumping of disk blocks
  FileLogger:  Floppy disk cataloging utility demo v1.31
  StatRam:  Fast, recoverable ram disk v2.2 (update)

DISK/MONI Directory--
  DED:  Disk editor v1.1

GAME/DEMO Directory--
  Frontier:  Sequel to space-trading game Elite demo
  JetStrike:  10-level sample of full JetStrike game

GAME/MISC Directory--
  AMOSAlley:  Shooting gallery reaction game
  MegaBall:  Classic Amiga action game v3.0
  ScorchedT:  Scorched tanks warfare game v0.95

*** Area: AMIGA                                   Date:  7 Jan 94 23:26:08
*** From: Dick Pope (1:3613/3.0)
*** To  : All
*** Subj: Spawning of 931-940

The latest from Fred--

Fish Disk 931--
  Comgraph:  Powerful function plotter
  DynamiteWar:  Commercial Dynablaster clone
  Modules:  M2Amiga compiler extensions

Fish Disk 932--
  DynamicSkies:  Astronomy toolbox v1.0
  Fleuch:  Cargo pickup game v2.0 (update)
  StackMon:  Monitor stack usage v1.0

Fish Disk 933--
  ConvertHAM:  Convert HAM to ILBM v1.2
  EditKeys:  Keymap editor v1.4 (update)
  GuiArc:  GUI interface for cli-based archivers v1.22 (update)
  PhxAss:  Complete macro assembler v3.60 (update)
  PhxLnk:  AmigaDos object file linker v1.35 (update)
  ShellMenus:  Create user-definable shell menus v2.7

Fish Disk 934--
  ABackup:  Powerful backup utility v4.03 (update)
  AZap:  "New generation" binary editor v2.11 (update)
  PublicManager:  Public screen tool v1.4 (update)
  ToolType:  Edit tooltypes in icons v37.206

Fish Disk 935--
  AmiCDROM:  CD-ROM disk filing system v1.7 (update)
  Badger:  Icon management utility v1.1
  ClipWindow:  Put frequently used text into clipboard v1.0
  LazyBench:  Lazy person's workbench v1.12 (update)
  MuchMore:  Text display program v3.6 (update)
  VirusChecker:  Virus checking utility v6.33 (update)

Fish Disk 936--
  BaseConvert:  GUI pgm to convert number bases v1.1
  Spooler:  Print text files in the background v2.3
  TKEd:  Intuition-based ASCII editor v1.17a (update)

Fish Disk 937--
  64Door:  C-64 terminal emulator program v1.0
  Galactoid:  Shoot-em-up game
  KingCON:  Console-handler replacement for CON: and RAW: devices v1.0
  Knit:  Convert IFF picture into a knitting pattern v1.01
  Megasquad:  Two-player game
  WhereK:  Highly configurable hard drive utility v3.0

Fish Disk 938--
  Angie:  ANBother Great Intuition Enhancer commodity v1.6
  AppISizer:  Localized version of AppIcon utility v0.68 (update)
  DPU:  Hex disk and file editor v1.5 (update)
  Filters:  GUI-based RC filter design pgm v1.2
  MN3A:  Antenna design program v1.0
  PicCon:  Use datatype libs to load any picture format v1.06
  TurboLeusch:  Create/expand workbench-based menus

Fish Disk 939--
  AddPower:  Add useful miscellaneous features to WB2.0 v37.6
  AlertHelp:  Help interpret alert messages v0.55
  ARexxSuper:  Mouse-controlled ARexx communication pgm v1.0
  CloseWB:  Close WB screen after "n" seconds v1.0
  ExtraCmds:  Set of 18 AmigaDOS commands
  IanUtils:  Some useful Assembly language tools
  Upcat:  Disk catalog program v1.2 (update)

Fish Disk 940--
  AltTab:  Small commodity to display screen titles with Alt-Tab v0.2
  BootMan:  Boot manager program v1.1
  VideoMaxe:  Video database program v04.20 (update)

*** Area: AMIGA                                   Date:  7 Jan 94 23:26:24
*** From: Dick Pope (1:3613/3.0)
*** To  : All
*** Subj: Spawning of 941-950

Contents of Fish disks 941-950:

Fish Disk 941--
  CardZ:  Patience card games v1.0
  FlipPrefs:  Create several preference files v1.0
  Guide2Doc:  Convert AmigaGuide files to normal document v1.0
  Mine:  Modula-2 implementation of Minefield game v2.0 (update)
  SOUNDEffect:  Sound sample editing program v2.10
  YAMFG:  Yet Another Mine Field Game v1.0

Fish Disk 942--
  ACalc:  Small calculator w/floating point, hex, etc.
  AS65:  2 pass cross assembler for 6502 family v2.3d
  LibraryGuide:  List of 170 different "libraries" v1.0
  WBMenu:  CLI utility to add menus to Tools menu v3.4

Fish Disk 943--
  Clock:  Simple clock pgm v2.20 (update)
  IRMaster:  Substitution of remote controls by the Amiga v1.0
  JIStoJi:  Read and print Japanese electronic text v1.5
  MCMaster:  Music cassette cover printing utility v1.2 (update)
  Mkfont:  Convert std Amiga fonts to HP soft fonts v1.0
  WBflash:  Flash WB active window v1.12

Fish Disk 944--
  AngusTitler:  Create videotitles for holiday films v4.0
  ARegress:  A program for statistical evaluation of measurements v2.0
  BlockEd:  Disk block editor v1.4
  Lhf:  Dir-utility and archiver w/CLI & Intuition interfaces v1.03
  Parcheese:  Game like the classic board game v1.7g
  PhoneDir:  Personal phone directory v1.0

Fish Disk 945--
  EmacsStarter:  A good Emacs starter release 1
  IFFConvert:  Convert IFF ILBM files v1.12 (update)
  MineRunner:  Freeware game like Lode Runner v1.0
  Orm:  Improved version of "Snake" game v1.4
  PrtSc:  PrintScreen key like MS-DOG v1.52 (update)
  Reminder:  Utility to remind you about events v1.20

Fish Disk 946--
  AmiQWK:  QWKMail format offline reader Release 2 v2.2 (update)
  DMon:  Monitor/disassembler/debugger v1.86
  fd2pragma:  Create prototypes for Aztec C compiler
  PriMan:  Style-guide compliant task priority manager v1.1 (update)
  TrashIcon:  AppIcon to delete files v2.3 (update)
  Yass:  Yet Another Screen Selector v1.1

Fish Disk 947--
  Mand2000D:  Revolutionary fractal program demo v1.102
  NewTool:  Replace default tool in project icons v37.195
  ScreenSelect:  Change screen order commodity v2.1 (update)
  SMaus:  Configurable "SUN-mouse" utility v1.24 (update)
  SteamyWindows:  Alter task priorities v1.0

Fish Disk 948--
  ADis:  68000+ disassembler v1.1
  Snoopy:  Monitor library function calls v1.4
  VirusZII:  Release II of this virus detector v1.00 (update)

Fish Disk 949--
  BBBBS:  Baud Bandit Bulletin Board System v6.5 (update)
  TitleClock:  Screen titlebar clock v2.7

Fish Disk 950--
  BBDoors:  Collection of ARexx doors for BBBBS
  bbsQuick:  Offline reader for BBBBS v6.4 (update)
  BusyPointers:  Collection of busy pointers for NickPrefs
  ClockTool:  Perform operations on battery backed-up clock v1.0
  Enforcer:  Monitor illegal memory accesses v37.55 (update)
  PayAdvice:  Pay analysis program v3.00
  Sushi:  Intercept raw output of Enforcer v37.10 (update)

*** Area: OMAHA                                   Date: 14 Jan 94 12:50:59
*** From: Al Brown (1:285/35.0)
*** To  : All

I am crosposting this as I received it on IBM OS2BBS TALKLINK ADVANTIS.  It  
seems that there are some folks that are scamming the INTERNET and people that

desire access. 
<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<Begin Message>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 
----- OS2BBS CFORUM appended at 22:13:07 on 94/01/12 GMT (by SC025203 at 
AUSVM8) Subject: Warning on/from Internet 
  The following came to us via Inter/Fido/BitNet. This is informational 
only, not a recommendation, positive or negative, from IBM. 
  Strictly FYI............. 
Stephen Poole 
Service and Support - IBM Austin, TX 
Date:         Thu, 6 Jan 1994 18:47:07 -0500 
Reply-To:     IBM OS/2 Unedited Discussion List <OS2-L@HEARN.nic.SURFnet. 
Sender:       IBM OS/2 Unedited Discussion List <OS2-L@HEARN.nic.SURFnet. 
From:         Robert Bononno <bononno@ACF2.NYU.EDU> 
Subject:      warning: possible Internet scam (fwd) 
To:           Multiple recipients of list OS2-L <OS2-L@HEARN.nic.SURFnet. 
---------- Forwarded message ---------- 
Date: Thu, 06 Jan 1994 10:18:48 -0500 (EST) 
From: Melinda Massi (MHM0) <MHM0%ECC.BITNET@ACFcluster.NYU.EDU> 
To: Multiple recipients of list TECHWR-L 
Subject: warning: possible Internet scam 
If you are contemplating a private Internet account, 
read the following and be alert. Washington, DC, may 
not be the only place where this is happening. 
 -- M. Massi 
 ---------------------------- Text of forwarded message ----------------- 
> Date: Tue, 4 Jan 1994 16:18:44 -0500 
> From: Scott A. Ward 703-614-4719 <wards@AMOMEGA.ACQ.OSD.MIL> 
> To: Multiple recipients of list COMMUNET 
> Subject: Warning: International Internet Association 
A company calling itself the International Internet Association, and bill 
itself as "the largest non-profit provider of free Internet access in the 
world" has started advertizing in the Washington, D.C. area, and offering 
Internet accounts to individuals who will FAX them, among other things, a 
credit card number.  As an active member of the Member Council of the Nat 
Capital Area Public Access Network (CapAccess), I wanted to find more abo 
this organization that supposedly has offices NOT THREE BLOCKS FROM CAPAC 
Here's the result of my search for the IIA. 
1.  Their address, listed as "Suite 852 - 202 Pennsylvania Ave, N.W. Wash 
D.C. 20006", is actually a post office box at Mailboxes, Etc. 
2.  The company lists no incorporation, trademark or service-mark license 
3.  They claim your E-mail address would be <userid>  However: 
      a.  No is listed in the hosts table 
      b.  No is listed in the hosts table 
      c.  No is listed is the INTERNIC 'whois' database 
      d.  No is listed using the INTERNIC 'netfind' Internet look 
In other words, IIA.ORG does NOT, at this time, exist. 
4.  Although they apologize profusely in the application, they state that 
"Without receiving a credit card number, the IIA _cannot_ process an acco 
5.  Although I have left a message on their voice-mail system, I have rec 
no response from them.  (they also apologize in the voice mail that, due 
demand, they are operating at a 3-week backlog for applications.) 
I cannot judge an organization in advance.  However, I do think it highly 
suspicious that, to use their propaganda, "The International Internet 
Association is able to make this service available through generous priva 
donations, and the extraordinary dedication of its membership."  I can sa 
I am not convinced this organization exists, and highly discourage any In 
user from sending information until you make certain that the IIA is real 
<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<End   Message>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>