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Contact: Ellen Kazmaier                            (314) 894-8608
Director of Marketing                              (800) 829-8608

Soft-Logik Presents An In-Depth Preview Of PageStream 3.0 Amiga!

St. Louis, Missouri (September, 1993)   Soft-Logik Publishing 
Corporation will present an in-depth preview of PageStream 3.0. 
PageStream 3 is a completely new version of the #1 desktop 
publishing program on the Amiga. Adding a comprehensive list of 
features that users have requested, PageStream 3 surpasses its 

PageStream 3 is the ideal program for any desktop publishing 
project. It can be used to write letters, produce high-end color 
separations and publish complex books with multiple sections and 
chapters. The new trapping and plate control features makes 
PageStream 3.0 a leader in the emerging pre-press field.  

PageStream 3 breaks new ground with a dual paragraph and character 
style system that allows style override, style ripple and object 
styles. The new style system makes applying attributes to text and 
objects easier than ever before.  PageStream's flexible toolbox 
allows users to choose between small, large, vertical and horizontal 
toolbox layouts. There are even floating panels for fonts, colors, 
styles, macros and pages to make editing easier.
PageStream 3 offers an incredible array of document formatting 
features. Auto-kerning and auto-hyphenation have been added, and text 
styles are configurable, including changing the shadow type and offset,
and the underline method. The tab feature allows left/center/right 
alignment on any character, and dot leaders (filled tabs) can be made 
with any character.

PageStream 3.0 now supports the PANTONE(R) Color System. PageStream 3.0 
uses this industry standard to provide printed color accuracy with 
guaranteed results.  In addition to PANTONE support, PageStream 3.0 
offers support for spot and process color, and CMYK, HSV, and RGB 
color models.

PageStream has always been the import format champion with numerous 
formats supported. Import a Word Perfect file and export a Final Copy
document. Or import an IFF ILBM and export it as TIFF. Import an Adobe
Illustrator 3.0 EPS file, interpret it into a structured drawing, and 
dissolve it into component shapes and paths.

And the newly added format of translating Professional Page documents. 
Users of Gold Disk's Professional Page desktop publishing program can
now make the transition to PageStream painlessly. Converting a 
Professional Page document for use in PageStream is a simple task. 

PageStream 3 adds the power of ARexx without adding the complexity. 
ARexx scripts can be written from scratch or recorded within the 
program. Scripts can then be played back, without knowledge of ARexx
programming. PageStream 3 features are an extensive ARexx command set 
that will satisfy any power-user.

The PageStream 3.0 publishing system comes with the PageLiner 2.0 text
editor and the BME 2.0 bitmap editor. These programs are linked to 
PageStream with the included HotLinks 2.0, the Amiga data exchange 

PageStream 3.0 will be available in the first quarter of 1994 for $395. 
Customers who purchase a full copy of PageStream 2.2 after March 15, 1993,
are eligible for a free upgrade to version 3.0 by mailing their registration
card, proof of purchase and $5 for shipping and handling, to Soft-Logik.
Previous purchasers can upgrade for $125 if they own PageStream 2.0 or
higher, or for only $95 if they also own HotLinks Editions. Professional
Page owners can upgrade to PageStream for $175. (limited time offer)

PageStream 3.0 will change the way you think about publishing.

[Editor's Note:  The latest news is that PGS3 is set for release sometime
in March of 1994.  Hopefully it'll actually make it this time.  I'm
eagerly awaiting it!]