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%% The Editor's Desk                                    By Robert Glover %%

Is the world coming to an end or just freezing over?  Los Angeles is
shaking violently, the eastern US has been dumped on with snow, and the
midwest is freezing solid.  It hit something like -36 in Minneapolis the
other night, and was down to -15 here in Omaha.  The Twin Cities had wind
chills in the -80 range, and ours were in the -40's.  Egad.  My car will
barely run in that kind of weather!  Spring, where are you???

I've changed jobs again, so as soon as I finish settling in at the new
one, I should be able to devote more time to the magazine.  With the
first quarter of 1994 approaching, we should see some interesting new
products appearing.  Elsewhere in this issue is a re-print of Soft-Logik's
press release for PageStream 3.0.  We hope to see a final production copy
of it sometime in March.  The latest word from Supra is that the voice-mail 
chip for their modems will appear next month, though I doubt it will have 
any direct Amiga support.  But it'll keep third party vendors busy.

Fred Fish's second CD ROM will be out shortly, and more and more games are
appearing for the CD32.  More than I expected anyway.  Maybe I'm still
used to Atari's sluggishness in terms of game releases.  I'm still waiting
for the Asteroids/Missile Command combo cartridge for my Lynx that they 
announced nearly two years ago. ;)

Hopefully, between Jaguar and CD32, we can kick the crap out of the
Japanese videogame makers Sega and Nintendo.  Nintendo's Saturn system,
which is a collaboration with SGI, isn't due out until this coming fall at
the earliest.  That gives Jaguar and CD32 a very large lead on establishing
a market.  Hopefully _marketing_ will take place in both cases, and we'll
see them do really well.  It's time America got back on top in something!

                     Rob @ AR                           |/
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