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%% CES Report                                             By Marty Chinn %%
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Greetings from Las Vegas, and welcome to Day 2 of the 1994 Winter
Consumer Electronics Show (CES). This report is brought to you by C & C
Card Factory/Video Source. As many of you know, I run a small mail order
business with some of the lowest prices for mail ordering. We handle all
systems and both American and Japanese games. First off before I start
getting into the games and information, I would like to inform you that I
am making a video of the CES and will be selling them for 12 dollars plus
3 for shipping. A total of 15. Please make a check or money order out to
Linda Chinn and send it to:

                Video Source
                973 Foxglove Dr.
                Sunnyvale, CA 94086

So far on the video is both versions of NBA Jam, Super Metroid, new SFX
games, Project Reality, VR Racing, and other new games soon to be
released. Now on to what everyone has been waiting for, the CES report.

First off, I want to apologize now for the poor writing and the
unorganized format. I'm doing this quickly because I have to get back.
The first thing that I saw when I walked in was from AT & T and it was
the Edge unit. As some of you know, the Edge allows you to play Sega
Genesis games over the phone, kind of like a modem. The game they had on
demo was VR Racing, but I am not sure if it was working or just an
example. It looks like a small console, kind of like a copier that fits
on top of the Genesis with a cartridge slot on top of the Edge. I didn't
get a chance to find out when it is coming out or how much it will costs,
but look for this information in the next two reports.

Many of you have been waiting for my report of the Atari Jaguar, so I'll
start that now. Upon finally finding the booth, I was all excited as I
saw the large sign that said Atari Jaguar, as shown on the video. I then
noticed a life size alien figure standing next to a huge screen and on
the screen was Alien Vs Predator. I started filming immediately. Well it
is a Doom like game with great texture mapping on the walls. It does have
a floor and ceiling to it as well. The scrolling was very smooth.
Graphically, I could ask for anything better. It moves a bit slower than
Doom, but nothing to complain about. In my opinion, it fell short of what
I was expecting, but then again it wasn't complete. Unfortunately I don't
think it will be out in January. Reasons are, you couldn't get hit, nor
could you control the Predator or the Alien in the game. You only had
access the soldier. It seemed as if the options were not operating
either. I couldn't change weapons or anything. Also it seemed as if there
was nothing you could pick up in the game or shoot other than another
Alien and Predator. What I did not see were the eggs. The radar on my
screen didn't work either. Maybe with all these options added in, it will
live up to what people are expecting, and don't get me wrong, this game
is very well done so far and impressive. What it needs is a final touch
to it to make it top notch and hopefully Atari will do this. Besides this
game, there were three other non released games. Checkered Flag was a big
disappointment in my opinion. Hopefully it wasn't completed. The play
control was poor and if you ran into a wall, the game ended. Basically if
you watch the video, you will see what a hard time I had controlling and
how often I crashed. Graphics were ok. Its not like VR Racing though. I
liked VR Racing on the Genesis better. Another game there was called
Brutal Sports Football. There wasn't much to it and the graphics didn't
look to spectacular. All they showed was a stadium then a character
punching out another one. That's it. The game is from a side scrolling
view. Kind of like Tecmo Super Bowl. The last game I saw was Tempest 2000
which looked to be really fun. It does well for bringing Tempest home. My
gripes are, after Atari claiming to have 15 games in February, all they
had shown were 4 new games, and the 4 that are out. Like someone
speculated, I have to agree with his number of 8 games instead of 15.
Nothing shown at the CES was spectacular for the Jaguar, and defiantly
not 64 bits of power. From the glimpses of 3DO at the CES, the 3DO looked
more powerful when Atari claims its twice as powerful. I am an owner of
the Jaguar, and love it a lot, but even as an Atari Jaguar fan, I am
greatly disappointed. So far everything is only by word and not anything
hard to go on.

Here is a list of current 3rd party companies that are working on the
Atari Jaguar. This was posted on a wall. Ocean Software Ltd.(UK),
Rebellion Software Ltd., Tradewest, Virgin Games, Activision, Id
Software, Interplay Productions Inc., Accolade, Anco Software, ASG(All
Systems Go), Beyond Games, Brainstorm, Dimension Technologies, Euro-Soft,
Gremlin Graphics Software Ltd., High Voltage Software, Krisalls Software
Ltd., ICD Inc., Loriciel S.A., Maxis Software, Micropose LTD.(UK),
Micropose Software Inc., Microids, Midnite Software, Millenium
Interactive Ltd., Phalanx Software, Retour 2048, Photosurealism,
Silmarlls, Telegames, Tiertex Ltd. Titus, Trimark Interactive, US Gold,
UBI Soft, Virgin Games(UK), Argonaut Software Ltd. Rebellon Software,
DTMC, Epic Megagames, and V-Reel Productions.

Games in progress are:

Return to Zork by Activision. The next generation of classic Zork
adventures makes its triumphant 64-bit debut! The closest an interactive
computer game has ever come to cinematic quality production, Return to
Zork fully showcases Jaguar's powerful graphic capabilities by combining
a mix of full-motion video live action scenes, and photo realistic
animation. This amazing 64-bit adventure is filled with danger, intrigue
and low cunning. It's loaded with fascinating puzzles, and a
revolutionary interface, an original cast of real Hollywood actors, more
than an hour of spoken dialogue and 200 CD-quality musical themes.

Doom by Id Software. Doom is an ultra-fast virtual reality showcase that
plunges you deep into a brutal 3D world filled with enough graphic
violence to earn this monster its very own warning label. As a renegade
space marine, you must utilize state-of-the-art weaponry and
technological artifacts to fend off legions of gruesome fiends, and use
your wits to solve hundreds of lethal puzzles. Dramatic, high-speed
animation and Jaguar's uncompromising multimedia realism bring this
fantastic and grisly adventure to life.

Tiny Toon Adventures by Atari. Leap inside a real cartoon! Based on the
popular Warner Bros. characters, this zany platform scroller is a true
showcase of Jaguar's rich animation capabilities. Bad boy Montana Max has
a new toy: an Acme TiToonium Converter. But the only place he can get
TiToonium is on a planet Aurica, and the removal of Titoonium is causing
grave ecological damage to the Toon-filled universe. Armed with an Acme
Crazy Net, follow Buster Bunny, Babs Bunny and Plucky Duck as they embark
on a mission to shut down the Acme TiToonium-Gold Converter--and save
planet Aurica.

European Soccer Challenge by Telegames. Goooaaaal! The Atari Lynx sports
favorite comes to the Jaguar. This proven soccer program delivers an
expanded season and playoff format, 170 teams and complete
team/individual stats. In addition, each player possesses his own
personality and performance capabilities. You even have the option to
make trades. For Sport fanatics, European Soccer Challenge is a 64-bit

Ultimate Brain Games by Telegames. The popular Lynx mind bender comes to
the 64-bit format. Test your moves against the only system qualified to
accommodate all the CPU horsepower required for a real chess challenge.
Work your way to master status on a full-scale battlefield with classic
chess--and checkers, and backgammon. There's a challenge here for every
skill level and member of the family. Extended features--such as specific
game set-up for the computer solution and digitized graphics--make this
product a must for your video game library.

Hosenose and Booger by ASG Technologies, Inc. Here's one for the sick and
twisted. Hosenose has a cold and as fate would have it, he's managed to
sneeze and suck his girlfriend Hotsnot deep into his brain. In a unique
gaming experience that fully showcases Jaguar's monster graphic
capabilities, you'll take a nose-dive into Hosenose's sinuous nasal
passages in search of the lovely yet cerebral Hotsnot. Through every
organ and orifice you'll meet a wild cast of disgusting characters,
including Mickki Mewkus, Logjam Sam, Vicki Virus, and the Evil Dr. Bile.
An off-beat animated adventure only the 64-bit power of Jaguar can

Club Drive by Atari. You've never experienced racing like this! Designed
especially for the Jaguar, Club Drive pulls you into a fully rendered 3D
environment. There are no rails here--just 70 square miles of San
Francisco to race through and explore. Go anywhere as you chase down your
opponent in a fast-paced game of tag through the craggy canyons and
frontier towns of the Old West. Crash and score as you test your wheels
in a futuristic skateboard park--for cars! Experience what it's like to
be a toy car and race through your neighbor's house, around coffee tables
and under the television. It's your chance to do things with a car Henry
Ford would've never dreamed of.

Commando by Microids. Take an in-depth, first-person perspective into the
trenches of 64-bit warfare. As the Officer in Charge of a team of crack
commandos, you'll experience all the rigors of gritty jungle combat
through the eyes of a real soldier as you patrol, set ambushes, destroy
key structures, rescue personnel...and ultimately win one for your
Commando team. Jaguar's sophisticated animation and audio processors
bring you front-line combat so real, extended play may cause flashbacks!

Dungeon Depths by Midnite Software, Inc. Long ago in an ancient,
uncivilized world, man built great castles to close himself off from the
grunts of the earth. And beneath these castles he built miles of dungeons
to imprison you and your repressed minions. Get ready for a medieval
multiple-player role-playing arcade adventure as you battle "surface
dwellers" in an effort to rise up from the clutches of the aristocracy.
With rich, vibrant graphics, this 3D textured underworld epic makes full
use of Jaguar's real-time rendering, advanced 3D texturing and high-speed
animation capabilities.

Ultra Vortex by Beyond Games. Ultra Vortex is street fighting to the 64th
power! History has seen the rise and fall of many warriors. All fell to
the power of the Vortex Guardian, who has dominated mankind for thousands
of years. It's 2045--time again for the Testing. You and nine other able
warriors have been choosen from America's top underground gangs to fight
for the right to take on the Guardian. Drawing on the mesmerizing powers
of the Vortex, you must master deadly street fighting and martial arts
skills--including the lethal "Vortex Annihilator"...destroy a field of
formidable champions...and ultimately crush the Guardian!

Battlewheels by Beyond Games. Buckle up for 64 bits of metal-mashing
arcade action. 2021 AD. Humankind has turned to an increasingly dangerous
spectator sports for its entertainment. Welcome to Battlewheels! Drive
solo or team up with as many as eight of your buddies for a futuristic
demoltion derby to the death. Custom equip your suicide vehicle from the
ground up with machine guns, missiles, flame-throwers...and compete for
"kills," cash and glory against a vicious band of road warriors-- through
treacherous deserts and ghost cities of a bygone era. Yeeehaw!

Evidence by Microids. The magic of the movies meets the power of Jaguar.
This 3D interactive feature combines unbridled 64-bit technology with
incredible motion picture effects. As a young reporter wrongly charged
with murder, you must find a way to escape from prison and expose the
party responsible for putting you behind bars. Full-motion video and
digital sound effects are Evidence of a gaming experience only Jaguar can

Car Wars by Midnite Software, Inc. Earth, 2094. Advances in technology
eliminated tires, refueling and, in general, made the roads a safer
place--at least within the city limits. Outside the clean cityscapes--in
the Arena, where bloodthirsty drivers clahs in massive road beasts to
battle for what is yours, and what you think should be yours--is where
you do your driving. It's a futuristic off-road carnage bonanza that
takes full adventure of Jaguar's stock graphic processors.

One last final note. I will only be stopping by there again to ask a few
questions, so don't expect too much more about the Jaguar. Still read
however as you will find bits of information in future posts. Oh yeah,
one other thing, there was no Jaguar CD-ROM there on display. I will ask
information on it tomorrow though.

What is up with the Super Nintendo? There wasn't much that was impressive
or ground breaking. Super Metroid was among one of the first few games I
checked out. The game looks huge from what I played. The play control
isn't great, but its good. Its graphically perfect for a 16 bit
translation, and it feels like the original Metroid. In my opinion, it
felt more like the original than Mega Man X did with the original Mega
Man. How good is it? I didn't get a chance to get too far into it but it
looks like its going to be another hit. Great animation to the main
character. FX Trax was there in custom built cars that you could sit in
with speakers to each side of your head and a huge screen in front of
you. Very nice set up. As for the game, the SFX chip shows its power as
you race as a polygon car on a polygon background. It looks a lot better
than Star Fox did. It had very sensitive play control but great
execution. It also has a two player split screen mode but I did not get a
chance to view it. The game looks greatly improved of what I saw before
and could be a great new title. A must see to believe game. The other SFX
game that is in progress was shown but I only caught a glimpse of it so
I'll get to that tomorrow. Bugs Bunny's Rabbit Rampage had  beautiful
graphics that look even better than all of the other Loony Toon titles
made by Sunsoft. I didn't get a chance to play it so I'll talk more about
this one tomorrow. Superman died over a year ago and DC was making a
forture off it. Now DC has licensed Sunsoft to make a game called, The
Death of Superman. In the first level you are the original Superman and
it is a side scrolling fighting game, kind of like Batman. The graphics
are great, and Superman has cool special abilities and moves. Later in
the game you get to play as the other Supermen. Again, I will post more
on this game when I get a chance to play it. By now you'll notice I
didn't play too much. I played a game here and there but mostly looked
around and taped stuff. Tomorrow I plan on doing more of the playing.
Sunsoft is also releasing Speedy Gonzales. This title looks like a Sonic
type game. Maybe Sunsoft's goal is to surpass Sonic in speed. Ken Griffy
Jr. Baseball looks to be one of the best baseball games to be made. It
has great animation and speedy game play. Magazines say its supposed to
be one of the most realistic baseball games to date. I saw a home run and
the guy did a little dance to taunt the other team as he crossed home
plate. Very funny to watch, and cool. The game uses every stadium and all
the teams but I'm not sure yet if it has real players. Terminator: The
Arcade Game looks absolutly beautiful in graphics. Some of the best
graphics I've seen to date on the SNES. It is more colorful and is much
more eye appealing than the Genesis version. The last game I will brief
you about is Wolfenstein 3D. It has very smooth scaling and rotation but
the game just lags because of the censorship. It just looks odd if you're
used to the PC version. Not a bad translation though. Project Reality was
there. Well kind of. Still on SGI developing systems. If it looked like
anything I saw and what you will see in the video, good bye Jaguar and

NBA Jam comparison. They had three versions there from what I noticed,
SNES, Genesis, and Game Gear. I didn't really pay attention to the Game
Gear version, so I'll talk about that tomorrow. Graphics between the two?
Damn close, but the SNES wins by being a bit sharper. I have them on
tape, back to back, and you swear its the same version throughout the
whole time. Sound was very faint, but from what I heard, the Genesis had
very well sampled speech. They could however be fuzzy since I couldn't
hear them well. It had lots of speech, and is supposed to have more
speech than the SNES version. What I did notice is the characters don't
scale like they do in the arcade. Also something about the game just
doesn't feel like the arcade. The slams don't seem to be much of an
impact as they were in the arcade, but then again, I only had limited
hands on play. One game on each version. The FMV is in the half time
screen for each version. I didn't get a chance to see the options but it
did have a save feature in the game, just like the arcade. I did like how
the SNES controller was laid out. It was either Y or X for Pass and
Steal, B or A for Shoot and Block, and R and L(?) for Turbo. Bascially my
thumb can rest on either Y or B and hit either one at will, and my index
finger rests on the R button and can also hit that at will. The Genesis
version uses A to Shoot or Block, B for Turbo, and C for Pass or Steal.
Instead of holding the controller where I use my thumb to hit the
buttons, I had to change the position of my hand so that three fingers
were resting on the pad. Its unusual for me to hold a controller that way
but not unbearable. I hope there is an option screen where you can
configure your buttons. I personally would have liked it if the A and C
button were switched. Each game is 4 players and its just not the Genesis
version like others have stated. The Genesis version plays a bit faster
than the SNES version, but not to were its unbarable to play the SNES
version. To sum it up, both are equal in overall. The SNES has better
graphics, and maybe better sound but it was too loud to compare, while
the Genesis version is faster. The play control is great on both
versions. In the end, its NBA Jam. Oh yeah before I forget, there is no
Shaq in this game.

Finally to Sega. I felt Sega had more to show than Nintendo did at the
show. One thing that I saw that blew me away was the Sega Genesis CDX.
This is a new SMALL system that will be released in March of 94. It will
retail for around 399. Now you guys are wondering what so expensive could
be so great. Well what it is, is a Sega Genesis and a Sega CD built in as
one unit, at a very small size. Say the size of your disc man. Yes that
small. Its 7.8 inches in width, by 5.5 inches in depth, by 1.8 inches in
height. Pull out your rulers and you'll see that is small. It weighs
around 1.3 pounds. Its a Genesis, Sega CD and a portable discman in one.
The discman will run on 2 AA batteries, but to play the Genesis or Sega
CD, you must use a AC adaptor. Included in this package for 399 is the
Genesis CDX unit, 6 button arcade pad, AC adaptor, Sonic CD, Ecco CD, and
Sega Classics Arcade Collection CD. Pretty well worth the price in my
opinion. Sonic 3 looked great, and had an improved 2 player mode where
the sceen is not cramped but adjusted to the size of the split screen. VR
Racing looked great. Although the graphics aren't as good as the arcade,
the speed and control make up for this. It had excellent play control, in
fact perfect play control and moved at a speedy rate. It uses the 6
button controller, and I'm unsure of how it works with a 3 button pad. It
can also be played by two players at once in a split screen mode. Lunar
fans look out. Vay by Working Designs is on its way and it blows away
Lunar from what I've seen. Beautiful cinema scenes with fighting scenes
like 7th Saga. Is it Lunar 2? I don't think so but it looks like Lunar
except updated and better. Great demo shown but wasn't playable. No sight
of Saturn.

Well I'll cut it short here. There is just so much to say and so little
time. I have glanced at everything once, I think, but haven't really had
a chance to film and play everything yet. Let alone ask questions. I will
go over some of the games I briefed today more in depth within the next
two posts. If anyone has any questions on the game, or any questions
you'd like me to find out, please privatly mail them to me as soon as
possible so I get them before I leave Sunday afternoon, also post them in
public so other people can see and so I can reply to it when I return
home. Leaving the question in mail is just like a note to me and then the
one in public will be where I answer. Welp I still have 3DO to check out
and Sony and more of each of the companies. Ta ta for now, and enjoy this
small report of the Winter 94 CES.