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1/7/94 07:53 28/1307 Harv

Commodore has a room/booth at the Winter Consumer Electronics
Show (CES) now going on in Las Vegas, NV, USA. The show runs four
days (Jan 6-9) and 80,000 people are expected to attend and visit
the 1500 or so booths spread across 2 million sq. ft. of exhibit space.

Commodore's booth is not on the main show floor but it is in the
main convention hall upstairs where many other vendors also
have room-booths. It is not invite-only, it's quite open to any
CES attendees.

I visited it briefly today (and plan to go to their press conference
Fri. morning) and chatted briefly with Jeff Porter and Lew Eggebrecht
who told me that there have so far been appx 100,000 CD32 units
sold and that CBM's Philippines plant is still cranking out
appx 20,000 per week. USA marketing is in the works.

A number of CD32s are on display in teh booth and the optional MPEG
module is there too including a display of its packaging. They were
demoing games and VideoCD stuff. There are also a couple A4000s
(I didn't see the A4000T there, but I might have missed it) and I
also noticed that Ms. Karen Jewell, who has been running the WOCA
shows for some time now, was sporting a CBM employee name tag
as well.

More to follow, including photographs which I will upload to Portal
and Aminet after i get home next week.