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%% The Amiga on The Internet - IRC                       by Robert Niles %%
%%                                              ( %%

The next time you're on the Internet and if you have access to IRC
(Inter Relay Chat). Drop by and say hi to the regulars there in the
#amiga channel. Oh, they're a little shy, but friendly. Those guys 
(and the occasional gal) are listed under some strange names such 
as xterm, RKM, oleg, Dense, Monolith, KicStart, RedWine (somehow this 
guy has an umbilical cord connected to the IRC) and many more that 
have a "Frequent Chatting Plan". 

The Amiga IRC group is under the IRC label as #amiga. "Pjotr" is the
"head-moderator" of this conference area, and he has set up a friendly
"Bot" called Mama. Mama is capable of helping you find files that are
on the Aminet, and sending those that you need. When you get on say
"Hello" to Mama and type the command "/msg mama help" for more information.

RBRUNER is one of the many people on the Amiga IRC group. He is the
author of Note-It!, a fantasic but small program that will help reduce
the amount of scaps of paper that some of us commenly have laying all
over the desk. NoteIt! is a computerized version of those little sticky
Post-Its. You can keep track of peoples names, addresses within this 
program, as well as anything else you would like. RBRUNER is also
planning on expanding it further. If you get on there, ask him about

Another member of IRC is Xed, the author of X-Comm. A nice terminal 
program that right now is still in the beta stages. Most of you have
probably already seen it, but it will be reviewed here in the near 

So get on the Amiga IRC channel and say hi. There's many more people to
chat with and they always have something interesting to chat about.
They won't bite (normally) and it's a good way to socialize and meet 
Amiga users from all over the world.